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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Top Gear Super Nintendo Cheats

Also known as "Top Racer"

South America --- MOONBATH
Japan --- GEARBOX
Germany ---
Scandinavia ---
France --- EMULATOR
Italy --- ANALYSER


Level select:
Start a game, select the "Continue Country" option, highlight the desired country, and press Start. Ignore the "Invalid Password" message and return to the main menu. Select the "Continue Country" option again, highlight the same country previously chosen, and press Start to begin game play at the location.

Race in any country:
Select UK on the course selection screen, then enter VALHALLA as a password.

Country - S. America --- Amateur - MOONBATH --- Pro - FOUR_MEG --- Champion - EDUCATED
Country - Japan --- Amateur - GEARBOX_ --- Pro - LEGEND__ --- Champion - OILCLOTH
Country - Germany --- Amateur - CAR_PARK --- Pro - THEWORLD --- Champion - WRECKAGE
Country - Scandinavia --- Amateur - ROAD_HOG --- Pro - LETSRACE --- Champion - CARACOLE
Country - France --- Amateur - EMULATOR --- Pro - ALCHEMY_ --- Champion - EPYLLION
Country - Italy --- Amateur - ANALYSER --- Pro - A_LOOPER --- Champion - GLUCAGON
Country - UK --- Amateur - HORIZONS --- Pro - SEASONAL --- Champion - KEELSON_

Japanese version professional mode passwords:
Country - Password
Scandinavia - ALCHEMY
S. America - LEGEND
France - LOOPER
Germany - LETSRACE

Hint: Extra points:
Intentionally crash into the left or right side of the finish line just before the end of a race. If done correctly, your racer will be awarded points for his current position, plus the points that would have been awarded to the following racer.

Hint: Faster pit stops:
Press Up while in the pits to refuel your car faster.

Hint: Make CPU miss the pit stop:
Go near the pit stop. If done correctly the CPU cars will miss the pit stop and run out of gas. You will get far away from CPU cars.

Hint: Review scores for long time:
When the "Result" screen appears, hold B or any other button except for Select or Start. The "Result" screen will remain visible for a long time. Release the button to return to the game again.

Hint: Fast mode:
When driving in amateur mode try to use nitros in the last lap without crashing. If done correctly you will get a new lap record.

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