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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Toy Story Super Nintendo Cheats

In the first level, go to the shelf with the army men, and crouch [hold down] down on the bottom drawer until your'e stars start spinning. [usually like 5 or 6 seconds.]


Walk to the right of level 1 to find the rubber ball located next to the chest of drawers with the bucket of army men. Jump on the ball and press Right to land on the bottom drawer. Hold Down while on the bottom drawer until Woody's health star begins to spin.

Level skip:
Enable the "Invincibility" code. Press Start to pause game play and press Select to advance to the next level. This may be done on any level.

Level Passwords
Level - Password
2 - 251324
3 - 421553
4 - 343435
5 - 151423

Hint: Extra life:
There is an extra life in the claw machine. Once you get to the continue flag, keep going straight and run past the fire crackers. Then, jump into the top corner. Keep jumping directly up until you get to the top. Walk out and get the extra life.

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