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Saturday, June 18, 2016

U.N. Squadron Super Nintendo Cheats

Gamer Difficulty Level
On the Options screen, hold A and X on Controller 2. Now, with Controller 1, change the difficulty level. A new Gamer level will be listed. Select this for a tough challenge that blows away the Hard level.

Use the F8E until you can afford an Efreet

First board
No weapons. Shoot at the tank treads and dodge the rockets.

First Air board
Hit the big Stealth with three clusters as soon you can see it. Be sure the grab the (3)power-up after the first cluster. You have to be at least half way up the screen to get it. Next, hit the Stealth with bombs until it rises too high then launch your megacrusher. Get behind the Stealth and fire away, staying between the air charges and away from the center of the Stealth

No weapons. Stay in the upper left part of the screen when you are not shooting the Sub. (I think it's worth buying the bombs just to get the board over with more quickly.)

Land carrier
Two of the small caves in the early part of the level contain power-up items: one that opens to the left contains a Smart Bomb item, and one that opens to the right contains a $5K star. You don't need weapons. Take bombs though. Get low on the deck. You can shoot out the aircraft launchers and the rocket ports, but you have to change elevation a little and dodge around. You don't have to raise up until the end. You will be below the big rocket fire. Once you have disabled everything except the big rocket launcher, raise up to just above the mountain line and fire at the top edge of the big rocket launcher. He'll die fairly soon.

Second Air board
Bombs and megacrusher. Use bombs to take the guys behind you. Get above them. You have to keep up or you're dead. Use the megacrusher on the three Stealths. They are weak now. Shoot-em-down.

Minks battleship
This guy is hard. Take all the weapons. (There's a $5K star between his stacks, and a weapon power-up on the far right end of the ship.) Fire at the small gun on the front. Raise up to the top of the screen before you get too close or the Unicorn will pass. Be sure to get the Unicorn. Try to hit the stacks until you get to the middle of the ship and then launch your megacrusher. It will knock out all the small arms in the central part of the ship. Drop bombs on the rear big guns. Get below the deck for the turn around. Raise and knock out he back small guns. If you have enough fire power you can target the two big guns and still stay away from their fire. You have to get just high enough. Once the big guns are gone, fire into the stacks (he'll flash when you hit the right spot). He'll die. You don't have to knock out the front guns.

Forest Fortress
Take all your weapons, just in case... There is a Unicorn just before the fortress, immediately after the ground-based missile launching grids, but I can't figure out exactly where it is. Get to the level where you can hit the front cannon and the aircraft launcher at the same time. You can stay here and clear out the whole front of the fortress. Don't move until you knock out the last cannon. Raise up and hit the big cannon low. Use you cluster bomb or regular bomb to take out the last aircraft. The cannon will blow up if you hit it hard. Next, hit the rocket launcher. Drop a few bombs on it at the same time you shoot at the second large cannon. Get the fuel-up at the end. Take out the rear small cannons the same way you did the front cannons. Go back to the rocket launcher and take'em out. (When you turn around for a second pass, there's an Energy power-up at almost the same height as the small turrets. Shoot the end one from the right, and it should appear.)

SR71 Blackbird
One of the rock towers contains a $5K star. Take all the weapons. Use napalm to get the rocket launchers. Use the gunpod once the air battle starts. Get below the Blackbird with the gunpod and go to work. That's all it takes.

Cave Fortress
There's a Smart Bomb item in the area with all the ledges and planes, shortly after the first vertical ascent. This one is pretty hard. I've only beat it once so far. Take cluster, phoenix, gunpod and megacrusher. Shoot down everything until the second ground machine gun then use phoenix, until you get to the vertical ascent. Before entering the column launch a megacrusher. Get up and over to the upper middle cavern, and launch a second megacrusher. Use cluster until the vertical descent where you go back to phoenix. Use all your phoenix up. Too many weapons get in the way at the end. There is a Unicorn at the upper right when you get to the one-eyed-machine. Get the Unicorn, and keep the conveyer belt clear with your gun and clusters. Shoot the crap out of the eye (up close) with the gunpod. The eye turns red and he dies.

Final level
I use phoenix, gunpod, megacrush, and cluster. Use the phoenix in the early part until you shoot the red cannon in the narrow tunnel, make sure you are on cluster at that point in time to use it to take out the blue planes that come from behind. Switch back to phoenix. Rocks will come up from the ground. You can blast them with your normal gun. Use the phoenix to take out any planes that come around and the missiles that drop from the ceiling. Next two tanks and more planes and helicopters come. You can take them out with the phoenix or clusters (or normal guns). After this you fly through a narrow winding corridor and there is a weapons recharge, get it! Use your phoenix to take out more of the dropping missiles. Keep your phoenix and use them to take out the guns that move on a grid. There will be a weapons recharge/damage recharge item in the lower right section of this area. Next you go into another narrow corridor and there is a unicorn in the cut away section on the top. After this you come to a "mini ship". I just blow him up with my normal gun dodging the missile that he shoots. Next is the mother ship. First blow up the nose-cone and then take out the top cannons with your guns and all 3 megacrushes (assuming you got the weapon recharge token). This should have blown open the middle of the ship showing you the inner mechanics and also have blown up the top tail fin. You'll now be past the ship and will want to switch to the gunpod. You'll pass under the ship. Take out the bottom tail fin with your normal gun. Then take out the first underside cannon with your gunpod. Next, blow open the underside of the ship with the gunpod. You'll now turn around and pass over the ship again. Try to shoot the front of the ship to take out as many pistons as possible, as you pass overhead use the cluster to blow up the remaining top pistons and the main piston. Finally you'll pass underneath again and use the gunpod to finish her off. If you do it right, you won't even lose the shield that you got from the unicorn.


Gamer skill level:
Highlight the "Game Level" selection under the options screen. Hold A + X on controller two, and press the D-pad on controller one to change difficulty levels until the Gamer level appears.

Easy money:
Use a fully armed A-10 Thunderbolt for the green truck missions. Constantly bomb the trucks while firing.
Note: This trick is easier when used with a controller with a turbo feature. In the second level, defeat all of the land carriers, four small missile ports, and the front aircraft launcher. Leave the one close to the big gun intact. Position yourself below the weak point and keep shooting. Planes will rise from the launcher and be destroyed. This increases your money and pointsm giving you extra lives. On occasion the big gun will take damage when it drops down -- check your game occasionally to make sure the level did not end. Allow yourself to die after gaining an extra life, and repeat this procedure for more money.

Hint: Destroying trucks:
For any of the truck levels use the Mega Crush. When you start the level, wait until you fly about three quarters of the way down to the ground (just before the big rock that sticks out of the ground appears). Use the Mega Crush and it will destroy all three trucks in two seconds.

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