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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Uniracers Super Nintendo Cheats

So you want to see the ending huh?
Well its as easy as this:at the title screen hold L and R and Down then press b(it might be Y im not exactly positive)

Easy Silver / Gold Medals
Once each level is completed for the first time you will recive a bronze medal and if you try at the level again you will be required to race silva instead of bronzen. Beating silva is more difficult than bronzen due to the racer being faster. However if you go to the bottom of the pick track screen you will see silver shown. This can be changed to bronze by pressing b. When this is selected you will be racing for a silver medal only against bronzen. The only thing that will not change is the number of tricks required for a silver/gold medal. Therefore you will have to be good at your tricks to advance and not racing faster racers!


Code notes:
Warning: Some versions of this game may not work correctly after any of the following codes have been activated.

View end sequence:
Hold Down + L + R and press B when the one and two player options appear at the title screen.

Anti-Sega comment:
Enter SONIC or SEGA as a player name.

Make other racers sick:
Enter FAE_DINE, where "_" indicates a space, as a player name. The other racers will become sick when they are passed.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter WSVTQ as a password.

Enter HVZSM as a password.

Unlimited lives:
Enter JTTSJ as a password.

Level skip:
Enter CTGXF as a password.

Name message:
Enter SATAN as a player name and a "NOT COOL ENOUGH" message will appear.

Deleted saved data:
Hold Left + L + R + A at the title screen, then select the "Wipe RAM" option.

Turbo start:
Hold Y before the race begins, and release after starting.

Easy gold medal:
Earn a bronze medal. Proceed until reaching the silver medal race, then re-play the bronze medal race. Complete with a score higher than the first bronze medal race to earn a silver medal on this race. Reach the gold medal race, then re-play the silver medal race. Complete with a score higher than the first silver medal race to win a gold medal.

League mode with one player:
Enter two players into the league. After creating the league, delete the second player. Your player will now be the only one in the league.

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