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Monday, July 21, 2014

Battle Blaze Super Nintendo Cheats

Infinite Credits
Enter the following code at the Title Screen:
Hold Select then Hold Start, release Select.
Then at the Options Screen Hold L and Press Up + X - Left + Y - Down + B - Right + A then release L.
Doing this correctly will give you infinite credits

Extra Mode
On the Title screen, hold Select and press Start to access the Options screen. Then, press and hold R and enter the following: simultaneously press Up and X , Then Right and A, then Down and B and finally Left and Y. If you enter this correctly, the screen will switch to the Extra Play Mode. Use the Control Pad to change options.


Cheat mode:
Hold Select and press Start at the title screen. The options screen will appear. Hold R and press Up + X, Right + A, Down + B, Left + Y. The cheat mode screen will appear allowing switching to a two player game, use of any fighter, and selecting the background music and graphics.

Unlimited continues:
Hold Select and press Start at the title screen. The options screen will appear. Hold L and press Up + X, Left + Y, Down + B, Right + A. A credit option screen will appear allowing selection of one, three, five, or an unlimited number of continues.

Hint: Jump move:
Jump and while you are in the air, press Down, Y. Any character can do this trick, but each person does a different move for it. This trick does double the damage of the regular Y attack.

Hint: Move:
Go up directly next to an enemy and press Y.

Hint: Kerrel or Lang: Slash:
Press Forward(2), Y.

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