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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jelly Boy Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Status --- Password
Aztec Adventure completed --- 9YYP1H 2TXQ6F BQP934 CSGCQP
Desert Zone completed --- 9YYP25 LVXQ6F BQP935 9W5CQY
Ice Zone completed --- 9YYGLH 2TXQ6F BQP9KH CSGCQT
Sky World completed --- 9YYP25 LVRV6F BQP935 9W690Y
Space World completed --- 9YYP25 TTXQ6F BQP935 99GCQF
Toy Land completed --- 9VQZLH 2TXQGF BQQCKH CSGCQR

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