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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja Super Nintendo Cheats

Unlimited Burgers
Enter the following password:

v x Z + + l h : @ Y n n 3 + !
$ T + K K h G : ! < + ! + X @

Note: You can still get passwords from the game after starting with this one without ending the code as long as you do not buy any food. Your Hamburgers will be used up, but when you hit zero, the number will go back to 99.

Warlock Zone 1
Before you leave town collect coins by attacking enemies. Power up your sandals to level three. Also, buy some pizza and bombs. After you leave the ghost town, go half way through the next level and you will find a stone which can be pushed to reveal a secret tunnel. You will need the powered up sandals to get the treasures.

Boss #1 Mystical Ghost
To defeat this boss you will need to shoot coins at the disks she shoots at you. The disks will then deflect back at her. She will be defeated in no time.

Warlock Zone 2
Beware of the sleeping dogs. When you reach the first "store", go right; then cross the river with your level three sandals. You will now see a hut, where you will be able to play a game for one hundred gold coins. Go down, then all the way to the left, then go down to reach the lantern boss. The lantern boss has the statue of the cat. Shoot the lantern men, then enter the hut.

Boss #2 Lantern Head
He is holding the statue of the cat prisoner. To defeat this boss jump up on the ledge while shooting coins at all the lanterns. When all the lanterns are destroyed go for the lantern head.

Warlock Zone 3
You will begin this level on a bridge. Go inside the amusement park. Play some games and make some money. Keep going north until you reach another bridge. You will now see a large red head.

Boss #3 Large Red Head
Stand behind the boss and use one of your weapons to defeat him. If you stay behind him you will not take any damage. Now go to Otafue.

Warlock Zone 4
Talk to everyone in the beach houses. At the First store you see, you will be able to buy "1-up's". When you cross the bridge do not shoot the deer. When you exit the bridge, go all the way to the right and up to reach the palace. The boss is inside the palace. If you find the house with the question mark on the door in town go inside. Pay the fortune teller and when you exit you will collect two hundred coins.

Boss #4 Sumo Wrestlers & Giant Face
Use the yo-yo, coins, or pipe on the sumo wrestlers heads. Watch the pattern of the lighted ball; avoid it by either jumping over it or lying down. When the wrestlers are defeated a giant face will appear. Attack the face with the yo-yo or the rod. Hit the face from underneath or from it's side. Move from corner to corner to avoid his flattening attack. If you have plenty of coins, jump and shoot the face from either the left or right corner until he is defeated.

Warlock Zone 5
After you cross the bridge, rest in the Inn if you are hurt. There are stores inside all of the empty caves. Attack the pigs and buy stuff at the stores. After visiting the stores, go up and avoid the bomb throwers. You will now be in front of a large door. When you enter the palace you will need to defeat the ninjas by throwing coins at them. At the end of the palace you will meet ninjas that are on a kite.

Boss #5 Ninjas On A Kite
The ninjas are holding the ninja Yai hostage. When they jump down to meet you, attack them with your yo-yo or golden pipe. The last ninja can be defeated by jumping and shooting coins at him.

Warlock Zone 6
In the first store you encounter you will find the "pass". Collect coins and buy the pass. Then go left and up. Repeat this process until you reach the big bear. Give the big bear the pass. Go left and shoot coins at the monkeys. Go up jumping from ledge to ledge. Watch out for the birds. Shoot the jumping swordsman on the bridge with your coins. When you get to the waterfall jump from stone to stone until you reach the top. Be sure to get the elephant icon from the blue jar. To get behind the waterfall stay on a stone longer than usual. Now jump up and go to the left.

Boss #6 Samurai
Shoot the box that the boss is carrying with coins. Avoid the feathers. To defeat him hit him with your yo-yo or golden pipe. If you still have coins use them. Try to keep some distance between yourself and the boss. He will try to land on you.

Warlock Zone 7
You will begin in a town. Go all the way to the left until you see an archway, then enter it. Now get on the boat and go all the way to right to find the boss.

Boss #7 The Dragon
Hit the dragon's head with coins to defeat him. You can also use your other weapons, but you will take more damage.

Warlock Zone 8
Keep going up until you reach the palace. Hit the last two statues on the right to reveal hidden rooms. If you have level three sandals you will be able to collect the treasure. Now go back up, go through the main palace entry. Visit the shops. The shop to the left of the large entrance, is the shop in which the translator book can be bought. When you have the book go through the large entrance and talk to the king. Now go back to the statues and hit the one's to the left, the middle one is the secret passage. You will cross three bridges. Now go up the ladder's, and work your way to the upper right hand corner. Hit the cat statue's head to continue right. You will now be on an elevator. Dodge the bombs that the bubbles drop. Attack the hammer throwers, then jump from ledge to ledge. When you reach the end you will see the totem pole boss.

Boss #8 Totem pole
When the boss starts to move towards you jump over the lower section. Then turn to face it and shoot coins at the section you just jumped over. Repeat this process for each section until the boss is defeated.

Warlock Zone 9
When you get out of the cell, find the king and talk to him. Then return to your cell and use the pipe on the north wall to open the hidden door. Next use the pipe to destroy the red blocks in front of you. Now jump from roof top to roof top. Be sure to open the blue jars. After you talk to the ninja Yai go right. Now jump up to the ladder and climb it. When you see the clouds, jump up from cloud to cloud. At the flying fortress defeat the two guards, then enter the door. Go right and you will encounter a mini boss.

Mini Boss #1 The Lantern Man
This boss will shoot at you if you stand still. To defeat him jump up on the ledges and shoot coins at the lanterns. If you run out of coins you will need to jump up onto to the lantern man's ledges. Then attack him with your staff.

Mini Boss #2 Big Face
Stand at the lower right hand corner of the screen and face the "big face". Jump and shoot coins at him or hit him with your staff. He will be defeated in no time and you will not be harmed.

Boss # 9-1 The Big Cat
You will need to attack the cat first. Move to the left side of the screen and hit the arrows with your staff. If done properly the arrows will deflect into the cat's body. When the cat charges, stay close to his foot and follow him back to the right side of the screen. Then go to the left and hit the arrows to deflect them once again. Repeat this process until the cat is defeated.

Boss # 9-2 The Samurai
Once the cat is defeated you will need to defeat the samurai. To defeat the samurai stay at the lower left hand corner of the screen When he rolls. When he stops rolling move towards him and hit him with your staff or coins. Periodically you will to come out of the lower left hand corner to ensure that the samurai stops rolling. Repeat the procedure of hiding in the lower left hand corner of the screen and then attacking when he stops rolling until he is defeated. Once he is defeated the princess will be safe.


Unlimited hamburgers:
Enter vxZ++ lh:@Y nn3+1 $T+KK hG:!< +!+X@ r as a password. Note: Buying food after entering this code will disable its effects.

Always win at least $50 in lottery:
Rapidly tap B during the lottery drawing.

Extra supplies:
Enter 6[Heart]KjG RVGG! yBgMR %[Triangle]G:: v>G=[Heart] GRPG[Heart] ? as a password on the logbook entry screen. This password is intentionally invalid. Do not erase the invalid password. Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to return to the beginning of the page. Enter rzT$> L1>X9 q+TD[Triangle] ZR>?? q/>zD >[Triangle]H>z : as a password over the invalid password. Game play will begin at level 9 with Kid Ying. Press A on controller two to start Dr. Yang with extra items.

Gradius mini-game:
A Gradius mini-game can be played at one of the carnival booths.

Zone Passwords
Zone: 1
Kid Ying: [Triangle]L&lpl
Dr. Yang: VyNKKK
Two-player: 12-;/:2

Zone: 2
Kid Ying: h8HTYK
Dr. Yang: 1t">D<
Two-player: :jz20";

Zone: 3
Kid Ying: +ZH676
Dr. Yang: vYH%9%
Two-player: zV102!/

Zone: 4
Kid Ying: zdh1[Triangle]1
Dr. Yang: 66V!?!
Two-player: n[Heart]xBGby

Zone: 5
Kid Ying:
Dr. Yang: K4dJgJ
Two-player: &5L=[Heart]@5

Zone: 6
Kid Ying: W:qLXL
Dr. Yang: dzg+P+
Two-player: QPwmk5R

Zone: 7
Kid Ying: PJ?VxV
Dr. Yang: L[Triangle]MQqQ
Two-player: !Kqyp-"

Zone: 8
Kid Ying: Z+
Dr. Yang: j/>?$?
Two-player: [Triangle]?lkm9J

Zone: 9
Kid Ying: q
Dr. Yang: DNb$%$
Two-player: t#[Triangle]97Rv

Hint: Bonus cave:
Locate the building that has two or three doors on level 4. Press A + Up to reach the window between the doors and access a bonus cave.

Hint: Magic refill:
Go to the fairy that is hidden in the waterfall near the entrance to Zora's waterfall. Approach the pond and throw in an empty bottle. The fairy will fill it with magic before return it to your character.

Hint: Getting the Gold Cats:
To get over the sets of rocks with three layers, you must buy Straw Sandals. Buy at least 10 Sandals. Go to the first level and jump under the bell. There will be a stone pillar there. Hit it with your sword and jump in. At the end of the tunnel are three layers of rocks. Jump over them with your Sandals and you will get a Gold Cat.

Hint: Secret rooms:
There are several secret rooms in the game. They may be found by hitting various walls and obstacles in the correct location to open passages that lead to chambers filled with power-ups.

Level 1
Hit the wall just right of the Hara Temple entrance to reveal a $100 head.

Level 2
Hit one of the pier columns on the far side of the bridge to reveal another power-up.

Level 3
Hit the right side of the Amusement Park entrance at the beginning of the level for a $100 lollipop. Hit the right side of the bridge at the end of the level for a power-up.

Warlock Zone 1
Hit the stone marker located directly below the big bell to reveal a hole. Jump into the hole to reach a room filled with rocks and special items. At least three pairs of Straw Sandals are needed to jump over the rocks to reach the items.

Warlock Zone 2
Find the locked door just to the east of the sauna. Break it open with a weapon and enter to find another hidden treasure room.

Warlock Zone 4
Hit one of the walls on the side of a house in the village.

Warlock Zone 6
Hitting a location on the wall in the village between two stacks of boxes.

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