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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Super Nintendo Cheats

How to Beat Ganon
First, after you fall down the hole in the Pyramid of Power, wait for Ganon to stop talking, then, while he's spining his trident around, attack him with your sword as many times as possible. Next, wait for him to teleport to another location and repeat the process. After you have hit him three or four times, he will start spining his trident around and fireballs will start spining around him. Hit Ganon while they are only circling around his body then get away from him because the fireballs will start spining around most of the room. Then, the fireballs will turn into firebats, to avoid (most) of them, get out the hookshot, while you are using the hookshot, you are invincible. If one of the bats hit you, it will do two hearts damage. After that, Ganon will have one of the firebats spin around him puting down flames. You need to hit him at least once while he is doing this. When the firebat is spining around Ganon, he will jump up and the outer tiles will break off. He !
will repeat this until all of the outer parts of the 'arena' are gone. Then, he will have the lamps on the bottom corners put out while he teleports and shoots out a firebat that leaves flames behind it. You can't see Ganon at the time, so you need to get out the Firerod and relight the lamps (or you can use The Lamp if you are low on magic power, but you need to be quick because if you get knocked off the edge by Ganon or the firebat, you will have to start all over again.) After the lamps are relit, attack Ganon with your sword. He will freeze and you need to shoot him with a silver arrow (If you do not have a silver arrow you get the from the fat ferrie on the Pyramid of Power, where the huge crack is, just throw in your bow and arrow...if you don't have that place blown up then you get the Super Bomb from the bomb shop, Link's house in the light world, and you can only get the Super Bomb after you have the Fifth and Sixth crystal.) After you have shot him with the silver a!
rrow, he will turn out the lights again and you need to light them back up and repeat the process four times before Ganon will die. After that, just sit back and enjoy the ending.


Final Boss Tactics
When you get to the last boss, here's how to defeat him. Hit him a couple of times with your sword. He should throw his dagger at you. Try to avoid it. Do this another time. The third time you do this, he will twirl his dagger. Little fireballs will form around it. The balls will expand. Soon they will turn to fire bats. These bats take away 2 hearts. Try to avoid them. Keep hitting him with your sword. Do this step 3 times. When you finish, his dagger will be gone. Now his usual attack will be a power stomp that lets out a fire bat, that will make fire balls in its path. When he stomps, the floor will cave in on one side. If you drop through this, there will be 2 chests with treasures to help you. He'll stomp 4 times. Then the lights will go out. The 2 torches at the end of the room will go out. Light them with your torch or fire rod to see him. Hit him with your sword, then he will freeze. Quickly equip your bow and silver arrows. Shoot him once. The lights will go out again. Light them a second time to see him again, and hit him with your sword again. Equip your bow and shoot him with a silver arrow. Do this 1 or 2 more times and he will be defeated. A door will open and a bridge will appear. Go in the door to receive the tri-force. You have conquered the game!

Get the 4th Magic Jar
Beside the desert in the light world, there is a man who sits by a sign and he says to leave him alone. When you are nearing the end of the game in the dark world, in the village in one of the demolished houses, there will be a chest. You can't open it, so bring it to that guy in the light world who wants to be left alone. He turns out to be a theif and he will pick the lock for you, and inside the chest is the last magic jar.

Get the Magic Powder
In the light world, when you are in the dark forest, you will see a rotted mushroom, you are allowed to put it in your item stash. It doesn't do anything, but take it and go to the witch who is brewing something beside the potion shop. Give the mushroom to her and she will say that she will give you something in return. So go in the shop, and beside the little guy sitting there, is a bag of magic powder.

Infinite Rupees
Go to lake hylia near where the icerod was found lift the large grey stone to find a passage inside are 20 rupees under pots go outside and come back in. The rupees are there again.

Items from the Fat Ferry
Near the end of the game in the dark world, you will see in the pyramid that there is a crack in it for a bomb to blow up. An ordinary bomb wo'nt do the trick, but a super bomb will.

Go to the guy near the village selling bombs. He will have a big green one to sell to you, go and buy it, but be carefull, since it is so big, you cant carry it, you have to drag it to the pyramid.

When you get to the pyramid, releace the bomb in front of the crack. It will blow a hole in the wall. Enter to meeet the fat fairy who will tell you to throw items into the pond. The only items you can throw in are your master sword, your arrows, and an empty magic jar. She will give you a #4 sword, silver arrows, and fill your empty jars with magic potion.

The Flute and the Duck
Once you have the flute, if you play it in front of the weather vane in Kakariko, the duck will come and help you. He can transport you to many locations. Here they are:

Death Mountain
#2 Witch's Hut
Kakariko Village
#4 Link's Cottage
#5 Warp Tile South of Eastern Palace
#6 Warp Tile in Desert
#7 Swamp Ruins
#8 South of Lake Hylia

Farie Fountain Tricks
There is a bunch of cool stuff you can get at the Three special Farie Fountains. They are listed here:

1. Get the Flippers from Zora, then go to
Lake Hylia. Swim to the island in the center, and go into the cave there. you will see a pool of water. Walk up to it and press B repediatly. It will ask if you want to throw rupees in. Say yes, and throw in a certain amount(it works faster if you throw in 100 rupees each time). Keep doing this and you will see a big farie appear. She will make it so you can carry more arrows or bombs. Once you get to 60 or so, you can't do this trick anymore, but it's good for you arrow-happy people out there.

2. *Note* You need Zora's Flippers to do this.
Head up to Zora's Falls, but don't go in it. Instead, swim over to a water to the left. You can walk through the center of it. You will come to a pool of water. Walk up to it and press B. It will ask if you want to throw something into the pool. Say yes, and you can select an item in your inventory to throw into the pool. After you throw an item in, a Big Farie will appear, and ask you if it's yours. Say yes, and you get it back. This doesn't seem really special, but try throwing your sheild into the pool. When the farie ask if it's yours, say yes, and your small sheild will be upgraded to the Red sheild, which can be bought at a shop in the dark world much later in the game, in the middle of nowhere, and it cost 500 rupees. So best to get it now. The Red Sheild is good since it repels small fire balls. Next, throw your boomerang into to the pool. After saying its yours, you will get it back... only that its upgraded to the Magic Boomerang, which flys faster and has longer ran!
ge. Still havn't had enough? Throw an empty bottle in, and the farie will fill it up with Magic Potion for free. Neato!

3. In the Dark World, after you get crystals 5 and 6, go to the bomb shop, which is Link's House in the Light World. The guy there will have a Super Bomb for sale. Buy it, and head toward Ganon's Pyramid. But be careful! Jumping off any cliffs or pressing B will activate the Super Bomb, and you have to go buy another one. Once you reach the Ganon's Pyramid, start walking up it. You will see a big crack in the wall, go over to it, and activate the bomb by pressing B. The explosion will blow open the crack. Go inside. Once again, you will come to a pool of water. Just like the other on, you will be able to toss stuff in, sometimes getting an upgrade. This time, throw in the bow, and you will get silver arrows, neccesary to defeat Ganon(Who is about as about as fat as the farie you talk to). Next, throw your sword in, when you get it back, it will be upgraded to the Gold Sword, the highest level.

Get 20 rupees from picture
When you are in the village,go to the house with the lady that has an orange dress.When you get inside pull on the Mario Picture and 4 blue rupees should pop out.

Get the quake medallion
In the dark world go to the man selling stuff which in the light world it would be the witches hut.But don't go in instead go over to the right and go up and lift the object and follow the path. After a ways you will see a sign that is warning you not to throw anything in the circle of stones. Go to the left and you will see the circle of stones pick up the skull beside the circle and throw it in and a beast will come up and say if you leave him alone he will give you a presant. After he throws out the medallion go grab it. If you throw the skull in there again he will just spit a fireball at you.


Chris Houlihan room:
Start your game at the Sanctuary and immediately run south with your Pegasus Shoes until you are outside. Then, run south and stop before you hit the barrier. Proceed to run west until you are able to run south. When you run south, you should be in a heavily wooded area with guards. Navigate this area and find the entrance to the castle grounds. While still running, go around the castle grounds to the hole where you fall into at the beginning of the game. If done correctly and fast enough, you should be in a room with 45 blue rupees and a Saharasla tab that says: "My name is Chris Houlihan" and "Let's keep this between you and me." Note: This may require several attempts.

Hint: Blue shield:
This trick requires that the second (red) shield. Find the enemy that sticks out its tongue and can take your power-ups. When you kill that enemy you will get the last power up that it stole from you. This enemy can be found in various places, such as in the forest, in the Dark World. Set Ether as your special attack, Allow the enemy take your red shield (this may take a few tries since it takes items at random). When the tongue is still out and the shield is half way to the enemy, use Ether to freeze it. Kill the enemy and to get your shield back. Your shield will appear blue and remain that color even after moving to a new screen.

Hint: Blue rupees:
Get the Master Sword, then return to Hyrule Castle. Chop down any bushes and weeds, and kill all enemies outside the castle. Return to the secret entrance which your character fell into at the start of the game and jump in to reach a room full of Blue rupees.

Hint: Rupees from bronze plate:
In the town, there are two houses with women patrolling in front . Sneak into the house on the eastern side of the town. A bronze plate will be hanging on the back wall. Go up to it and pull it to get either 4 green, blue, or red rupees.

Hint: Extra bombs or arrows:
Go to the Pond Of Happiness in the lower right corner of the map and throw in rupees until a fairy appears. She will ask if you want to carry more bombs or arrows. Select which ever you prefer, as you can repeat this until up to 50 bombs and 70 arrows are accumulated. Note :A large number rupees are required.

Hint: Super bomb:
Complete the Ice Palace followed by the Misery Mire Maze. Go to your house in the Dark World and buy the orange and white bomb.

If you defeat the Bosses in Palaces 5 and 6 first, you can get the Super Bomb. This will allow you to get the fourth sword and the Silver Arrows, Because you can go to Palace 7, you can also get the Big Shield. Of course, you cannot get the red mail until you defeat the other Bosses.

Hint: Flying bomb:
This trick requires arrows and bombs. Equip the bombs and arrows. Then, press the button to release a bomb and try to release the arrow at the same time. This will create an exploding flying bomb.

Hint: Treasure trees:
Go to different trees and charge in to them. For example, there is a tree in the village next to the underground hut. Run in to it, and 20 rupees will appear. Go into a house, exit, and do it again. This is a good way to get unlimited rupees. The following is a list of items that you can get from the trees: magic, apples (health), bees, faires, money, and bombs.

Hint: No Hookshot needed:
After you get the Hammer from the first dungeon in the Dark World, you can already get to the third or fourth level without the Hookshot. First, get the Hammer and return to the Light World. The exact location does not matter. Go to the town. On the northern side of the town are two direct entrances to the northwest of the town that lead to the Lost Woods (the forest area). If you take the entrance that is second from the left, you will see a heavy rock blocking your path. Take the entrance furthest west and find a back way into the entrance that is to the right of the one furthest west (this should not be difficult). When you come out, walk down to find wooden pegs that you can use the Hammer on. Once you get past those, you are behind the heavy rock. When you pick up the light rock in the middle of the area, there will be a teleportation pad that will take you to the Dark World. You will be in the town that you originally would not have been able to reach without the Hookshot.

Hint: Easy wins:
When you get the Boomerang, use it to freeze enemies until you can defeat them. Note: This may not work on the Bosses of the castles where you get the pennants.

Hint: Easy health:
Go in the house on the mountain that belongs to the old man who gave you the magic mirror. Talk to him to get full health. Then, go to the stairs behind him and lift up the pot. Leave the house and go into the cave to the right. Go back in and repeat as many times as desired.

Hint: Defeating Agahnim:
When you first encounter Aganhim, he has three attacks: Fireball, Ice and Lightning. When he goes to the upper middle section of the room, it indicates that he will release Lightning. To avoid getting hit, go to his left or right side (but do not touch him).

Hint: Defeating Ganon:
When you fall in the hole that the bat made, Ganon will be there. Before he can talk to you, strike him with your Golden Sword. After your conversation, approach him and strike him six or seven times while dodging his trident. He will teleport. Instead of throwing his trident, he will release about eight small fireballs that turn into fire bats. Use the Cane Of Byrna or the Magic Cape to attack him instead of dodging around. You must do this over ten times. He will teleport again. If you fail to attack him first, he will release a fire bat that will make a spiral of flames. If you hit him first, he will make a quake on the ground. The upper left floor will collapse. Do this four times. The border floor will become a hole. He will tell you that you can fight the Secret Technique of Darkness. After that, the lights will go off. Use the Firerod or Lamp to light the lamp stands. Then, immediately strike him. Then, immediately change your item to Silver Arrows. You can hit him two times if you are quick enough. It takes four arrows to destroy Ganon. If you were slow in stunning him, just light the stands if the fire goes out. You can defeat Ganon even you do not have medicine.

Hint: Defeating Moldorm:
Although Moldorm in the Mountain Tower is extremely difficult to defeat, if you use the Dash Attack, you can run right through his body taking no damage. If you line it up correctly, you can attack his tail. This makes him much easier to defeat. Make sure to stop running before you get to the edge.

Moldorm starts out very slow and does not go after you. When he moves in a straight line, hit his tail. He will now slowly go after you if you get too close to him, but only for a short time. Hit his tail again to get him. Repeat this three or four more times to defeat him. Note: You will know when you are close to defeating him when he hardly ever moves in a straight line; and on the last hit he gets way faster and never goes in a straight line.

Hint: Defeating Trinexx:
To defeat Trinexx very easily, you must first have the following: at least one Fairy, The Staff Of Byrna, Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Golden Sword, and the 1/2 Magic Meter. Once you get to Trinexx, it helps having as many hearts as possible. Start by taking out the Cold Head. Hit it once with the Fire Rod then at least three times with the Golden Sword. It should then go back to normal. If done correctly, hit it with the Fire Rod one more time to take it out. If not, keep doing it until it is gone. Then, do the same thing with the Fire Head, except use the Ice Rod instead of the Fire Rod. After both of the heads are taken out, wait until Trinexx's shell is broken. It will break on its own. Having the 1/2 Magic Meter will allow you to a good amount of magic remaining. Use the Staff Of Byrna to make yourself invincible, then get Trinexx while he is slithering on the floor, up against the southern part of the room. Hit him with your sword a few times. If done correctly, Trinexx should be down in a very short amount of time. You are free to leave after getting the Heart Container and the seventh maiden (Zelda).

Hint: Defeating the Bosses in Crystal 1 and Crystal 2:
Go to Crystal 1. You must have at least 110 rupees. Get the Hammer and leave. Go to Crystal 3. Get the Firerod and leave. Then, go to Crystal 4. Get the Titan's Mitt and leave. Next, finish Crystal 5. After it, purchase the Super Bomb at the Bomb Shop. Go to the pyramid to blow up the crack. Then, turn your arrow into Silver Arrows. Go back to Crystal 1. Blow the mask off the Boss. Afterwards you must hit the Green Crystal in his forehead. It will be gone with just one shot of the Silver Arrows. Then, go to Crystal 2.Get the Hookshot and go to the Boss. Kill the cotton-like enemies with the Hookshot and Sword. Wait for him to disappear and reappear again. Equip the Silver Arrows. With just a shot of it, it will die instantly. The Silver Arrows also kills the Bosses in the Final Dungeon (i.e., the Bosses of the First and Second Pendants Dungeons) in just a single shot; six arrows for the six statues and three arrows for the three worms.

Hint: Defeating the Ice Palace Boss:
In the deepest level of the Ice Palace, there is a monster of ice and snow. While encased in ice, nothing can harm it except for the Fire Rod, and it takes a lot of magic to break the the crust. Alternately, use the Bombos Medallion just once and immediately shatter the ice, enabling the sword to damage it.

Hint: Easy Ice Palace:
Before you go into Ice Palace, go to Misery Mire and get the Cane -- you can also complete that area if desired. Then, enter the Ice Palace and go to the room where you have to push the block onto the switch to enter the door.. You now can just use the cane instead of doing that.

At the part of the dungeon where you need to push the block on the switch to keep the door open (a few rooms before the Boss.), simply use the Cane of Somoria on it. The cane is found in Dark World level 6.

Hint: Dungeon 6:
The Hookshot is not needed to get inside Dungeon 6. Move behind the block in the beginning, then dash into it. While your character is in the air moving to the right, hold Right until reaching the other side. The same technique may be followed to exit the dungeon by using the other block.

Hint: Easy rupees:
Go to the Lost Woods immediately above where the lumberjacks are located to find a tunnel. Enter it to discover three chests. The man there will offer to open one of the chests for 100 rupees. One chest contains 20 rupees, but both of the other cheats contain 300 rupees. Note: This may only be done once.

Get 100 rupees by any method. Go to the forest and enter at the top by the wood cutter's house. Then, keep going forward and you will find a log. Enter it. When you are inside, pay the man to open a treasure chest. Open the middle one. You will get 300 rupees. Exit and do it again until you get 999 rupees.

Go to the house in eastern Kokiriko Village where the lady is guarding. Go into the house , pull on the picture, and collect the rupees. Leave and dash into the tree in north-eastern Kokariko Village. After that, kill all of the guards and enter the house again. Pull on the picture and you should get 80 rupees. Note: You can only do this trick after defeating the wizard (Agahnim) for the first time.

Go to the very bottom by where you get the second pennant. Go to the little building where you drain the water. Go inside pull the right lever towards you ti drain the water. Go back outside. There should be fishes flopping around . Pick one up and carry it to the water. Throw it into the water. It will jump out of the water, thank you, and throw you a red rupee. Repeat the process until you get 999 rupees.

After getting the bug net and the whistle warp to section 8 on the map, follow the path to the healing cave with the fairies. Dash into the statue and retrieve the bee that appears (the Good Bee) and take it to the villager in Kaikaro Village where you bought the bottles. Unleash the bee and he will pay 100 rupees for it. This trick can be repeated as many times as desired.

While in the Light World use the flute and go to number 7 on the map. Walk south as far as you can, then go west and pick up the white or black rock. Walk north until you reach the thief that has opened a treasure chest for you and has given you a bottle. Next, walk south then go west a slighlty then south even more until you reach two big white rocks. Lift up the southern one and you will find a pair of stairs leading down. Walk down them and you will see a man who says ''Check out the cave east of Lake Hylia. Strange and wonderful things live in it...'' Then, pick up all the bottles around him and you will get a total of 50 rupees. Go out and walk back in. Repeat this process until you have as many rupees desired.

Hint: Rupees or bees:
If you receive the Pegasus Boots, run into some trees that are not connected with other trees. You will either get some rupees or some bees that chase you.

Hint: Selling bee for rupees:
You can sell the Good Bee from the cave next to the Ice Rod cave (go inside, dash into the Fairy Statue and catch the bee that appears). Get the bee, go to the man who sells you the bottle in the village next to the castle, and release the bee. When it touches him, he will give you about 100 rupees. This trick cannot be repeated.

Hint: Angry helper bee:
If you release your helper bee in the area with the weathercock, it will fly away. When you retrieve it from his statue, he will sting you. It appears that he did not think it was funny to be asked to attack an inanimate object. Note: The helper bee will not attack another bee.

Hint: Transformations:
Go to the village. Enter the house to the left, with the patrolling lady. One of the pots contains a chicken. Throw magic dust on it to it turn into a lady. The green characters in Light World near the witches hut will turn into hotdogs, and the soldiers will turn into sand bags.

If you throw magic potion on a bee it will turn into a fairy.

If you throw magic powder on an orange fireball that takes away hearts and magic, it will turn into a fairy.

The magic powder can be used to turn the spinning enemies that take both hearts and energy into a fairy. However, this does not work on the ones that guard the switch to open the chest to the big key in Palace 1 in the Light World. The magic powder will also turn the obnoxious little dust spinners that make you become a bunny into a fairy.

Hint: Different swords:
Silver Sword
This is the sword obtained from your uncle at the beginning, when you go in the castle.

Master Sword
This is the sword you get when you collect the three pendants. Once you have them, go to the top of the Lost Woods. Press A + L after getting the Master Sword, then go back to the castle and show it to Zelda.

Tempered Sword
You get this sword after obtaining the golden glove in level 4. Then, save the Smith brother by the Library in the Dark World. Warp into the Light World, go to the Smith house, and they will temper your sword.

Golden Sword
This is the ultimate sword. You have to complete every level, except for level 7, in the Dark World. Then, go to your house in the Dark World and they should sell you a big bomb for 100 rupees. Take the bomb to the golden pyramid and blow up the large brown square with the big crack.

Hint: Silver Arrows:
Throw your bow in the pool where the Golden Sword was obtained to get Silver Arrows.

Hint: Magic Boomerang:
Obtain the Super Bomb after completing four dungeons. Then, go to the Bomb Shop where Link's House is in the Dark World. Purchase the Bomb. Take the Bomb to the crack in the Pyramid and blow up the wall. Enter the hole and throw your sword first (only if the sword is level 3), followed by your arrows, and finally the boomerang. You will receive the Gold Sword, Silver Arrows, and the Magic Boomerang. Note: The boomerang should turn a reddish-orange color.

Hint: Get Magic Boomerang earlier:
Buy your Water Boots from the shopkeeper at the top of the map for 500 rupees. Then, swim down to see another waterfall. Go inside, put in your shield and boomerang, and they should upgrade.

Hint: Get Red Shield without entering Dark World:
You can get the red shield without entering the Dark World or paying 500 Rupees. After you get Zora's Flippers, go to the Mysterious Pond behind the waterfall. When you are asked to throw something in, answer "Yes". Throw in the small shield. When the fairy asks you if it is yours, answer "Yes" and she will give you the Red Shield.

Hint: Dark World temple:
Use the following trick when in the Dark World, in temples where there are the yellow things that turn you into the rabbit underneath skull bottles. If you hookshot them to check if it is one, it will pull you towards it is free of those. If it does not pull you towards it, do not pick it up.

Hint: Get the lamp in Hyrule Castle:
When you start, do not open the chest in Link's house. Instead, just leave. When link gets the sword and shield, go to the next staircase then go right. Open the chest in Hyrule Castle to get the lamp instead of five rupees.

Hint: Use Fire Rod without magic:
When you have the fire rod, you can use it even if you have no magic. Just keep tapping the button if you have a little bit, and you will regenerate magic.

Hint: Free life and magic medicine:
Use the net to catch a small fairy and keep it in a bottle. Go to the Waterfall Of Wishing and throw in an empty bottle. This trick can be repeated.

Hint: One half magic cost:
Once you have the Hammer and Magic Powder (from the mushroom in the Master Forest which you give to the Witch), go to the Blacksmith's House. Pound the stake near the door, then jump off the ledge into the well. Once inside, get the items under the pots and proceed upward, as the left door will dump you in town. You will see a green pedestal filled with red liquid, which you must sprinkle with Magic Powder. A bat will fly out and will "punish" you by halving your magic cost (the number 1/2 is also added to your magic meter).

Hint: Ether Medallion:
To find the Ether Medallion, you need the Master Sword and the Book of Mudora. Go to the tower where you obtained the third Pendant. Go to the left, cross a bridge, and find the statue with some of the old Hyrule writing on it. Use the Book to translate it and you should get the Ether Medallion.

Hint: Quake Medallion:
To find the Quake Medallion, you need to be in the Dark World and have the Power Gloves or Titan Mitts. Go to the area similar to where the Waterfall Of Wishing is located (where you can toss in your small shield and get a red one). You should see a ring of stones, and a skull and bush to the right. Pick up the skull and throw it in the middle of the ring. A big fish should appear and give you the Quake Medallion. Do not try to throw something in again, unless you want a fireball in the face. If you leave the screen, return, and throw something in, some fish bones will jump out of the water.

Hint: Moon Pearl:
On the fifth floor of the tower on Death Mountain, you will find four balls of fire spinning in a line. Beside it is a little star. Step on it. The holes in the ground will change. Go to the door that leads up and you will find a hole in the middle of the ground. Fall in it from the top. It will put you directly in front of the chest.

Hint: Get all seven Crystals:
When you first start in the Dark World, go to the Palace Of Darkness. Get the hammer and leave. Go to Water Palace, get the Hookshot, then leave. Go to the Thieves' Town Palace, get the Titan's Mitt and leave. Go to Misery Mire, get the Cane and leave. Finally, go to Turtle Rock and complete the entire thing. When you get out, you will have all seven Crystals.

Hint: Fourth Bottle mystery:
You can find the Fourth Bottle after you have the Magic Mirror and are able to pick up heavy rocks. Go to the Swordsmith's house in the Light World. He will ask you to find his partner. Go to the Dark World. Go to the bottom of the village to find a little man surrounded by rocks. Rescue him and take him to his partner in the Light World. Have your sword tempered. Go to the Dark World. Go the Swordsmith's house and find the purple chest. Take it with you, but do not leave it by pressing A. Take it to the Light World with you and visit the old man by the sign (near where you received the second pendant). He will open the chest that has the Fourth Bottle.

Hint: Receiving magic in a bottle without buying one:
If you have empty bottles, go to the Mysteries Pond. Throw a bottle in the "pond". You will receive your bottle back with magic.

Hint: The Three Pendants:
Pendant 1
Starting at your house, go right and up. Look on the map and go to the building on the right. Enter it to get the bow and arrows.

Pendant 2
Go to the desert. You need the Book of Mudora. When you are in that temple you can get the gloves.

Pendant 3
Go to Death Mountain. You need the Magic Mirror. When you are in that temple you can get the Moon Pearl.

Hint: Bottles:
In the village where you see the man with four bottles, talk to him, and he will give you bottles.
Go to the long house where the man talks about his daughter. Exit the house, go to the other side, and enter. It appear that you can do so, but you can.
Save the Smith's brother in the Dark World library. When you get to the Smith's house in the Dark World, a chest will be there. Go to the man who tells you to leave him alone. He will open the chest for you. Press A to leave the chest. But even after moving to a different screen, the chest will be where you left it.
After you have obtained the flippers, cross the bridge and go down. Keep going until you see somewhere that you can enter. Then, swim under the bridge and talk to the man.

Hint: Entering dungeons:
Hyrule Castle: From where you start, go to the part where that man tells you to get some sleep. Go right and up. In one of the bushes is a passageway.

Eastern Palace: From your house, go right, up, right, and up. Solve the maze to enter.

Desert Palace: Go to the library and dash at the shelf. Go to the desert and use the Book of Mudora to enter.

Death Mountain Palace: Open one of the things on top of the mountain and turn into Mr. Bunny. Go to the dirt that is a different color and use Magic Mirror.

Hyrule 2: Go into Hyrule Castle and go left then down. Go to where the Force Field is located, near the eye. Kill it with the Master Sword.

Palace of Darkness: Make sure you have at least 110 rupees. Proceed until you see a monkey that says he wants 10 rupees. Give them to him and go to the entrance. Then, pay him 100 rupees.

Swamp Palace: Go to the Light World near the cave where you drain the water. Drain the water then go to the Dark World and enter.

Skull Woods: Go into the Dark World and go to the entrance to the woods. Use the hammer and open the 8 stone.

Thieves' Town: Use the same method as before, but go into the village in the Dark World. Go to where the duck would be, and pull on the fork.

Ice Palace: Go to the island in the Light World that requires 5 or 20 rupees to be thrown. Pull the black stone and go to the Dark World.

Misery Mire: Use the flute to go to destination 6. Pull the black stone and enter the desert in Dark World. If you have not gotten the Ether yet, it is to the left of the Death Mountain Palace dungeon. All you need is the Master Sword and the Book Of Mudora. Use your Ether on the Ether icon on the floor.

Turtle Rock: Use the same method for the Death Mountain Palace and go to the right. Use the hammer and continue going right. When you see a big black stone blocking three hammer objects, pick it up. Hammer the things down in order. If done correctly, a Dark World portal will open. Enter and use the quake.

Gannon's Tower: After exiting Turtle Rock, go to where the Death Mountain Palace dungeon would be.

Hint: Chicken attack:
Corner a chicken in town and keep slashing it with the sword. After awhile a group of chickens will attack you. Note: If this is done twice, you will die and have to start from a saved game.

Find any chicken (even dead ones in the Dark World) outside of a house. Corner it, then use any available item to attack it. Keep hitting it until you are suddenly attacked by flying deadly chickens. The amount of time you need to wait depends on the item you use. The more powerful, the less the wait. To flee from the attack, leave the area into a new screen, or pick up the chicken.

Hint: Avoid tile damage:
In the rooms with the tiles that fly at you, stand in the doorway you came in from, facing towards the room. You will not lose any hearts because the tiles will just break on your shield.

Hint: Extra lives in dungeons:
Use the magic powder on the white-and-red flying skulls to transform them into fairies.

Hint: Four way fireball shooters:
In some dungeons there are small yellow boxes that shoot fireballs. To avoid getting hit, do not stand in the path of a fireball and swipe your sword. The fireball shooters will only shoot if you swipe your sword. Also, it only will fire out of the side that you are closest to. Note: These are the yellow boxes, and not the boxes that have faces on them.

Hint: Advance to the Fourth Dark World level:
This trick can be done as early as after completing the First Dark World dungeon. Note: The enemies in this level are very difficult if encountered earlier in the game without the preparations the other dungeons will provide. After you have gained the Magic Hammer, enter the Lost Woods by the farthest left entrance in Kakariko village. Once inside, turn right, then exit. Bash the two different spikes. Under the stone is a portal. The only point of entering early is getting the Big Key and Golden Gloves very early, saving the Smith, and getting the Level 3 sword before even entering the second dungeon. This makes the rest of the game up to the fifth or sixth dungeon much easier.

Hint: Get into The Dark World before getting the Master Sword:
This trick will only work if you have the Moon Pearl, but you do not need the third Pendant. At the top of the mountain in the Light World is a warp to the Dark World. Use this, then travel down to where the bridge would be. Squeeze very close to it, then use the Mirror to travel to the Light World. Do the lightest button-tap possible, then wait for the portal to bring you back. Do not move. Use the mirror again, and when you are in the Light World, walk into the fence. Facing the fence, charge your sword and slowly move back into the portal. You should now be on the edge of the cliff. Move right to jump off, then walk to where you see a lava break and a rock next to each other (at the bottom of the screen.) Move in between them and move down. The screen should move to you on a hill in the Dark World.

Hint: Quick way to Gannon's Tower in the Dark World:
Go to the first temple in the Dark World. Get three fairies from the temple. Use the mirror and leave Use it again and save the game. Quit, then start game again. Go to mountain and warp to the Dark World. Jump off the cliff and go in the cave Use the hammer to kill the creatures and run through the spikes to reach Gannon's Tower.

Hint: Disappearing sweeping woman:
When you have the Magic Powder you can make the old woman that is sweeping the village disappear.

Hint: Get magic for defeating enemies:
Use the Ether Medallion to freeze enemies. Then, pound them with the Magic Hammer. You have a better chance that a magic container will appear after you pound them.

Hint: Arrow shooting game:
In the house in the Village Of Outcasts where the arrow shooting game is located, find the gap with the biggest space. Use this to shoot targets easily. You can get a maximum of 62 Rupees.

Hint: More money:
Go to the village and enter the house with the patrolling young lady. Go up to the painting on the back wall and pull on it. Hold on until coins appear.

Go in the Desert of Mystery, very close to where you obtained the second pendant. There are two big rocks after you obtained the Power Gloves. They are in the same temple as the second Pendent. Pick up the rock that is behind the first rock. There should be steps there. Go down to find a man surrounded by pots. You will find five rupees under every pot. Exit, then re-enter until you obtain as many rupees as needed.

Go to Turtle Rock in the Dark World. Pull on the right paw and wait for coins.

Hint: More money for fish:
Once you drain the lake to get the heart piece you can pick up the fish in the swamp. You can either bring him up to the other pond and throw him in, or bring him all the way to the village and sell him to the man who sold you the bottle. Bringing him to the other pond will only result in 20 rupees, but selling him to the man will give you 100.

Hint: Hidden bee:
There is a secret bee that will never fly away from you. Go to the cave where the Ice Rod is obtained. In the cave next to that one is a statue of a fairy. Run into it and the bee will appear.

Hint: Enter Thieves Town shed:
The shed at the bottom of Thieves Town can be opened with a bomb. Go to the front of the building and bomb the front of it Once inside, you can find all the bombs you may need. You may reenter the shed as often as desired to replenish you lost bombs and arrows.

Hint: Catching the running man in the village:
The man in the village that runs away from you can be caught. Just use the Running Boots to catch up with him.

Hint: Potion from Fairy:
Go to the waterfall where the magic boomerang is obtained. Throw in an empty bottle. Tell the Fairy that you dropped in the bottle. She will reward your honesty with a free magic potion.

Hint: Fairy from pot:
Sprinkle Magic Powder on some skull-shaped pots in some of the Dark World dungeons to get a Fairy.

Hint: Unlimited Fairies:
Note: You must have the Glove Of Power (the ability to lift rocks) to do this trick. Start at Link's house, just outside the door. Go exactly one screen west on that path. You will need to cut or lift bushes in your way. Once there, you will reach the edge of a ledge. Jump off the northern side and walk north. You will see a large rock. Lift it and throw it aside, revealing a passageway. Inside are four small Fairies. You can walk into them to heal yourself, or catch them with a bug catcher. Walk outside, then back in. The Fairies will be there again.

Find a bee hive or a single bee and. Use the Magic Powder on it. If you hit it, then it will transform into a Fairy. This is very useful, as you can just return to a known a bee hive location when needed.

When you first meet the lumberjacks near the thieves' forest, they are cutting down a tree which they say feels weird. If you return to this spot after your first visit to the Dark World, or when the Lumberjacks leave, you will find the same tree which now looks as if it has a lip near the bottom. If you use the boots to run into this lip, the branches will disintegrate, leaving a hole for you to fall into. Inside, if you go up the ladder and down the other side, are four faeries flying around. They will regenerate when you leave by the door and return through the tree.

Hint: Bug catching net:
The bug catching net can be used as an alternative to reflect magic back at Agahnim.

Hint: Run over holes:
Note: this trick requires the Pegasus Boots. Hold A and dash to run over the hole.

Hint: Finding the flute:
To find the flute for the strange person on a stump, throw your boomerang quickly. Before it returns take out your shovel then press the A. It should make your boomerang dig a long line of holes.

Hint: Getting the cape without the Titans Mitt:
You must at least have the Mirror, the Hookshot, the Boots and the Moon Pearl. Go to the Dark World graveyard and move to the location where the grave that held the cape was in the Light World. Since there are bushes you do not need your glove. Go to the corner of that little spot and use the Mirror. It will transport you to that same area in the Light World. Now you can simply ram the grave get the cape. Then go back to the warp point to get back out.

Hint: Shake the screen:
In the Dark World, up in the top left corner of the town is a small piece of jump-able cliff obstructed by a fence. Go into that hole and walk south (down). While walking south, walk east (right). This should shake the screen.

Hint: Link with yellow clothes:
In the Dark world, when you go to the first castle, just get the hammer and leave. Complete Castle 2, Castle 4,Castle 3,Castle 6, and then finally return and complete Castle 1. You have to defeat the monsters in every castle quickly. Then, go to Castle 5 and open the large chest to get yellow clothes instead of blue clothes.

Hint: Mario series references:
Look at the "plates/paintings" in the back of the patrolled houses of Kakariko Village. They are no ordinary "plates/paintings" at all, but in fact paintings of the head of Mario.

Inside Turtle Rock there is a room with two Chain Chomps. They bounce over the room and then dash at you.

Hint: Teleport (Emulator ROM):
Hold [Cursor Up] + [Cursor Down] or [Cursor Left] + [Cursor Right]. If done correctly, you should start to moonwalk. Go through a door while in this state and keep holding the keys. You should be in the exact opposite side of the room that you started in. Note: This trick only works in dungeons.

Glitch: Flashing Link:
When in a room where you can raise blocks, stand on a lowered block and use your boomerang to hit the Orb. Link will start flashing and just walk forward to get off.

Glitch: Ganon will not die:
It requires four Silver Arrows to destroy Ganon. After you hit Ganon with your sword, equip your Silver Arrows. When you release the fourth and final shot, instead of letting the arrow deliver him to his doom, change your item to any of the three medallions (Bombos, Ether or Quake). Then, time the arrow to hit him. When it hits Ganon, use the medallion you selected. Surprisingly, Ganon will not die. Instead, the fight will continue indefinitely.

After you defeat Ganon, instead of going to the Triforce, fall into the hole and go back at the top of the pyramid. Then, fall again. You will fight Ganon again even though you have already killed him.

Glitch: Immortal thief:
All the thieves in the Lost Woods and in the Village of Outcasts are always unhurt no matter what item you use to hurt him. For example, using the Boomerang and the Hookshot will just pull him away. If you used the items in the second row of your weapon arsenal, he will not be affected by the magic.

Glitch: Invisible bed maker:
At the very beginning of the game when Link is in bed and the man says that he is going out and Link is supposed to stay home, get out of bed. The bed will be messed up. Go outside and then back in. The bed will mysteriously be made, but no one was in the house after Link left.

Glitch: Invisible sword:
Select the flute, then hold B. When the duck is touching you, release B. There will be a swirling yellow light where you were standing.

Glitch: Invisible pathway trick:
The Ether Medallion can be used as an alternative to see partially the invisible pathways. For thriftiness of magic, use the Cane of Somaria.

Glitch: Get the Cane of Byrna without using medicine:
You can have the Cane of Byrna early in the Dark World even if you have no reserve medicine. You must have the Magic Cape, Power Gloves/Titan's Mitt, Magic Hammer and the 1/2 Magic Meter. Your Hearts must be above eight (ten recommended), and you must have no damage. Go to the first portal that you used to enter the third Pendant. Then, go south and fall down. Enter the cave. Pound the stakes with the Magic Hammer. Set the Magic Cape. Then, walk to the spikes (without using the Magic Cape). Count eight hits at you. After that, use the Magic Cape. Walk as fast as you can. Lift the obstacle at the end. When you reach the ground, disable the Magic Cape. Then, collect the eight jars. Each contains a heart. Then, get the Cane of Byrna. Then, use the Magic Cape to get outside. You can now defeat the Bosses from Crystal 4 to Crystal 7 easier.

Glitch: Bombos Medallion trick:
At the lair of the Boss in Crystal 5, use the Bombos Medallion to instantly blow off the ice covering of the Boss instead of using Firerod.

Glitch: Quake Medallion trick:
The Quake Medallion can be used to defeat the little creatures in the Death Mountain that turn to statues when you hit them. They will turn to sandbags.

Glitch: Shoot boomerang while charging the sword:
First, have the boomerang and any type of sword. Then, hold B and at anytime press Y to shoot the boomerang.

Glitch: More keys:
On Gannon's Tower go to the far left set of stairs. Get the key and go back up, but do not open the door. Go to the far right set of stairs, and you will have an extra key. Do not open the first locked door you see.

Glitch: Eternal torch:
Enter a room with four torches in a dungeon. Light three of them, then immediately when the second one is going out, light the fourth one. If timed correctly, the second torch will never go out.

Glitch: Mystery flute:
At the start of the game, do not get the flute. Complete all the temples and at the end of the game in Gannon's castle, fight and defeat him. He will turn into a bat and fly away, and you will call the bird from nowhere with the flute you never got.

Glitch: Hovering pots:
Pick up a pot and start to walk down the stairs. Throw the pot while walking. The pot will hover until you get to the bottom of the stairs.

Glitch: New background sound:
At the beginning of the game, leave the house and re-enter. The background sound will change. The one you will hear is the background sound when you first enter Kakariko Village.

Glitch: Soldiers with wrong colors:
Go to the Dark World where the forest is in the Light World near the arrow. Go down the wall and go to the left. You should see a crystal-like bush. Cut down a bush, go to the center of it, and warp to up near the entrance to a cave. Wear the magic cape, touch the bomb planted, and go to the top end but do not drop. If done correctly, you should see an enemy that is purple with pink feet in the Light World. If not, start over and repeat the steps. Note :You must have the Titans Mitt to pick up the black rock and open the Dark World warp. Also, if you leave the area it will be back to normal

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