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Friday, June 19, 2015

Mech Warrior 3050 Super Nintendo Cheats

Ammo Unlimted
Enter the password M1R0G3.

Mission Passwords
Mission 1 - BMBRMN
Mission 2 - 65C816
Mission 3 - B1GBND
Mission 4 - FSPRNG
Mission 5 - YHWX11


Play as enemy Mech:
Press Down, A, X on the Tiburon screen, and enter XTRM3K as a password.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter M1R0G3 as a password.

Enable the "Unlimited ammunition" code and each of the five level passwords. Then, enter MKWFLL as a password.

Level Passwords
Level - Password
2 - 65C816
3 - B1GBND
5 - YHWX11

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