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Friday, November 13, 2015

Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball Super Nintendo Cheats

Super Season
Enter LZFMJY RBZVJS FY7WFX 6CBBN5 as a password to be in first place by 33 games.


Status --- Password
Minnesota Hounds in first place by 33 games, automatic pennant win --- LZFMJY RBZVJS FY7WFX 6CBBN5
7 games remaining, tied for first --- CGDPNW RBO2S5 LC8O9C CMBBGS
3 games remaining, in first place by four games  --- *G5M34 GLO2XN NK819C CMBB6M
NL East Champions, at the start of the league championship against Cincinnati --- DHDWON SLO59N NMR29C CMBBTM
2-2 in the league championship against Cincinnati --- GDBQZV FVBBBB BBBBBG CMBBCJ
NL League Champions, at the start of the World Championship against Kansas City --- KB5BZV FBCBBB BBBBBG CMBBHD
3-1 in the World Championships against Kansas City --- GBDFWZ F3BBBB BBBBBL CMBBG*

Glitch: Umpire in the stands:
If you are in the field and a runner gets on base, repeatedly run back and forth over the base the runner is on. The umpire for that base will slowly move into the stands.

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