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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 2 Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Dragon Mare:
Pick the scenario where "Aged Liu Bei hides" and choose Liu Bei. Try to hire Xu Zhu from Cao Cao, and if Zhuge Liang says he can be hired, do it. If you accomplish this, raise your troops and defeat Cao Cao (and behead him). The screen will flash various colors and a yellow horse will appear. It will say "you have obtained the Dragon Mare", which is a very good horse because it raises your general's War stat.

Hint: Skip death omens:
If your ruler or one of your officers has seen an evil omen (indicating that they will die the following year), take that person to war in December, the year before he dies. Wait until the remaining thirty days of battle then win the war. If done correctly, that person will live for that extra year, which is a good way to keep Sun Jian, Huang Zhong, Zhou Yu, and other people if you need their abilities for awhile.

Hint: Losing no money in battles:
Whenever you have a lot of gold and are losing a battle to an enemy, you can make that enemy win no gold at all. Use the View tactic, and keep viewing until you run out of gold. By doing this, your enemies will not win the large amount of gold that you had. You should easily recover the gold by high people's loyalty over time.

Hint: Fire tactic:
During battle, you can start a fire any time, even during storms. To do this, you go to the "Fire attack" command. Select the target you want to set on fire. Then, press Start instead of A. This is best used against the enemy in the castle while your men are surrounding him.

Hint: War spoils:
If you set your level to 2 or 3, you can receive war spoils around Jing provinces and eastern Shu.

When playing the first level you can get spoils by playing with two players and taking turns in attacking province 10. Every time you attack, you will get a different spoil of war. Obviously, you can get the spoils of war with one player by taking the province and withdrawing everyone except a weak general with low training/soldiers. Then, take it back and repeat.

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