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Monday, November 30, 2015

Secret of Mana Super Nintendo Cheats

Get back into Potos Village
After you are banished from Potos village, and have both the Sprite and the girl on your team, goto the guy who says, " You are hereby banished from Potos village." Hit select several times while pushing towards him and you will morph through him and into Potos Village!

Avoid Magic Damage
When one of your character gets a spell cast on him/her use the midge mallet twice and that character will revieve no damage.

Defeat Dark Lich the Easy Way
In many walkthroughs for SoM, they always want you to do complicated stuff when it comes to killing the second to last boss, the Dark Lich. Instead, just have a couple fairie walnuts and when the Dark Lich appears, just start pummeling him with the Lumina spell. Right after you cast it, keep checking on when you can use another one of the girl's spells. When her spells become active again, use the Lumina again. Repeat. If the girl's MP gets low, have the Sprite use a fairie walnut on her. If all goes well, you should be able to defeat the Dark Lich without getting a scratch and before he even has a chance to do anything!

Easy way to beat the last boss
To beat the last boss without losing one point of life use the "mimibelt". When the boss attacking you have to transform yourself just before you get hit and then nothing will happen to you. You have to repeat this move before every attack.

Hidden Areas
The first one I found is a salesperson selling some good items in the Castle of Tansicia (is that how you spell it?). Go to the room with the bridge. You can already see him. Do this:

1. Go behind the bar.
2. You should be able to walk into a wall behind there.
3. Make your way around into the room.
4. You can still talk to the person while you're standing on the ground.

Note: This second one is completely pointless, even though it's fun.

Haven't you always wanted to work at a hotel? Here's your chance! Just do this!

1. Go to the inn at Matango.
2. Walk into the wall on the left side.
3. Make your way around to stand at the counter!

Infinite Life
Once you have to have four of each type of healing item, you use them all one by one. When you're done you will have infanite life.

Get fired out of the cannon 50 times.

Level 9 Sword
You can get the lv 9 sword without using the mana spell.

You need the lv 8 sword and Flammie.
Near the
Ice Palace there will be a very small island next to it. Land on it.
If you go up and see neko when you land talk to him and save the game.
Hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds, which will reset the game.
Start a new game and keep playing until you meet the 1st Mantis boss.
During the battle (not when they are talking and not after you win) hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds again.
Select the game where you saved it at neko.
When you start the data you will be in the hole where the mantis boss is.
Kill it (which shouldn't be that hard) and you will get a power up for the sword.
Go to
Watts and you can get the Mana Sword.
Note: Do not try this more than once, it will mess up your data. Also you should make an extra data because you might mess up and the you wont be able to use the data anymore.

Mana Sword the REAL way
If you are thinking that the other 'mana sword gaining techniques' are dodgy, fear not. Go to the Mana fortress and kill as many enemies as it takes to get a chest. It will usually contain useless things, but eventually (after ages) you will get an orb. It may not be the final orb of the sword, if not it will be the orb for another weapon. Repeat until finally successful.

Super-powered spells
This trick takes patience to do. Every time you get a Mana Seed, you will be able to increase your magic's level. But, you have to use the magic a lot to make it increase (which takes a while). Once you get your magic spells in level 7, they will start to be super-powered. They will not do it every time, but you will know when they do. Once the spells get into level 8, the spells will be super-powered other spells will be super-powered.

Unlimited Weapon Orbs
Go to any chest in a dungeon that has an orb and open it, then use the magic rope to teleport to the entrance of the dungeon. Go to the nearest watt and have him forge the weapon. then return to the chest where you found the orb and another of the same type of orb will be there. repeat this process as many times as you'd like. (note: Do not forge your weapon past its highest phase or it will be turned back to it's very first stage i.e. if you forge your sword to its 9th and final stage the forge it once more it will become the rusty blade.)


In-game reset:
Hold L + R + Select and press Start during game play.

Hint: Longer lasting moogling:
First moogle a person, then turn them into a midget. This is particularly effective in preventing CPU controlled players from stealing your character's skills.

Hint: Sleep as a little person:
Use the Midge Mallet on everyone, then stay at an Inn.

Hint: Go back into Potos:
Three people need to be alive. Walk to the man at the gate and keep pushing Select until reaching the other side. Note: It can be very hard to go back.

Hint: Hidden face:
Look at the map to the east of the ice country. A very small speck will appear at that location. Fly there with Flammie to see a face.

Hint: Hidden store:
Go to the room with the bridge in the Castle of Tasnica. You can enter in the south wall, behind the bar. Walk through this wall and speak to the man at the other side to buy some good items.

Hint: Getting all remaining weapon Orbs:
Go to the Mana Fortress on the floating island and start hacking down the enemies. After awhile (may take quite some time), an enemy will drop an Orb in a chest that goes to one of your weapons.

Once you can fly to the airborne Mana Fortress, fight the Dark Stalkers and other monsters to get an Axe Orb. You can do this more than once if needed. You can also get other orbs later.

Hint: Getting the 9th Sword Orb and Mana Sword:
First, collect all eight Sword Orbs. Go to the Ice Country. There should be a small circular island just off the coast. When you land there, Flammie Neko should be there. Then save the game with him. Hold L + R + Start + Select to reset the game. Start a new game at the opening screen and get to the Mantis Ant. You should kill as few Rabites as possible on the way there. Hold L + R + Start + Select to reset the game again. This time, load your old game. The game should resume at the Mantis Ant with your party at your high levels. Hit the Mantis Ant once to kill it. You will receive another Sword Orb. Jema will pull you out and tell you to visit the Water Temple. Call Flammie and upgrade your sword. It will become the Mana Sword, and become the strongest weapon. You will still need to cast the Mana Sword spell for the final enemy. Note: This trick will erase the file that it is used in.

Hint: Get the last Spear Orb:
Go to the flying Mana Palace and go into it. A little ways in, you will encounter some Tsunamis. Fight them and you will eventually get the last Spear's Orb.

Hint: Get specific Orbs:
At the Mana Fortress, you can get a variety of different Weapon Orbs, mainly the Boomerang, Axe, Spear, and Whip. For the Boomerang or Spear, kill a numerous amount of Tsunamies. Kill Dark Stalkers or Master Ninjas to obtain a Sword or a Axe. Kill Heck Hounds for a Whip or a Bow. Note :If you obtain an Orb that you have nine of, the game could either freeze, or if you forge it, will start at level 1.

Hint: Get multiple orbs:
This trick requires two controllers. When you find a treasure that you think is an orb, clear the room of enemies so that you will not be attacked. Next, press Start on controller two to activate your second player. Have player two stand to the right or left side while you take the opposite side. Then, using controllers one and two, simultaneously and repeatedly press Attack until the box disappears. If done correctly, the game should say you got the orb twice. This does not seem to work on boxes earned from enemies.

Hint: Amulet Rings:
The easiest way to get this accessory (95) is to go to the airborne palace and fight Tsunamis. They drop treasure chests easily, and you can get a lot of them very fast. If you get too much of them, you can sell them for money.

Hint: Faerie Cloak:
When you are at the Mana Fortress, go through it until you meet up with some Terminators (big golden soldiers). Keep killing them until you get the Faerie Cloak. It is the best armor for the sprite and the girl.

Hint: Faerie Ring:
To get the Faerie Ring, accessory (100), kill enemies in Mana Fortress. Note: This may take a while.

Hint: Griffin Cap:
Fight many Griffin Claws in the forest where the Mana Tree is found.

Hint: Midge Mallet:
Talk to the elder Dwarf after the Water Palace is attacked by the empire. It can be used to transform to and from the Mini condition.

Hint: Moogle Belt:
Have Flamie take you to a turtle-shaped island. Once there, a man dressed like a merchant will give you a Sea Hare Tail. Have Flamie take you to the desert town and speak to the leader. He will give you the Moogle Belt, which can be used to transform your characters to and from the Moogle condition

Hint: Vampire Cape:
The Vampire Cape is the best armor for the sprite. To obtain it, go to the airborne Mana Fortress and fight the Captain Ducks. Eventually you will get a treasure chest that contains the Vampire Cape.

Hint: Level up magic:
When you get the elemental Syphlid, leave the Wind Temple and go past where you fought Spring Beak and past the Sprite Village (empty village). As soon as you are back in the forest, immediately turn left and travel until you get near some rocks that are shaped like a diamond. There are about six rocks in all, with four forming a diamond. When you start to get very close, some of the pink rabbits will start hopping towards you. Back up slightly to avoid getting hit and to prevent your uncontrolled characters from hitting them. Since they cannot get to you because of the rocks, immediately start chain-casting spells (cast a spell, wait for the corresponding elemental to appear, then cast another spell as soon as it disappears) Just keep doing this to dramatically raise Undhine, Gnome, and Syphlid. If you run out of magic, just walk back to the right and head for the Wind Temple. The old man there will automatically refill your HP and MP. This trick also works when you get the other elementals. As you raise their levels, it takes longer so it may seem slow when trying to build up to levels 7 and 8. However, by then you should have enough MPs to survive.

To level up your healing magic for the girl faster, just use it all on everyone. Go to Luka, sleep for free, and repeat.

Use the following trick to level up magic without the need to be used on an enemy (such as cure/speed, etc.). Go to the Water Palace and walk up to the top. You can use all of your magic, get healed, then use your magic again, until you level it up all the way. This will not work with moves such as Acid Rain because there are no enemies to use your moves on. However, it is useful for upgrading the other skills.

Hint: Fire combo:
When you get Salamando from the resort, you can level him up quickly by using any of the girl's fire spells (except Fire Sword), and any of the sprite's fire spells. First, cast the girl's fire spell, then as soon as Salamando appears, cast the sprite's fire spell. If done correctly, the enemy will suffer damage in the 100s and as Salamado gets stronger, you can hit an enemy with up to 999 damage.

Hint: Immunity to magic:
Whenever you see the message on top of the screen saying that the enemy is casting a spell, quickly enter the menu and have the girl cast Undine's Remedy spell. If timed correctly, Remedy will have your characters glowing blue while the enemy's spell would be doing damage, and all you will end up losing is the 1 MP it costs to cast the spell.

Hint: Dual chain-spellcasting:
This trick demands a lot of timing skill and is more effective after you get the elemental Salamando, as the Girl also starts dishing out magical damage. Start with either the Sprite or the Girl and cast a spell. Quickly use the "Ally Menu" button to switch to the other magic-caster, and cast away. The first elemental will appear, then the second. Both will release the spell and vanish. As they vanish, hit the "Ally Menu" button twice to come back to the first magic-caster. Cast, as in a normal chain-casting, and hit the "Ally Menu" button twice to switch to the other spellcaster again. If you are fast enough, you can keep two spell-chains going until you run out of MP. This allows you to dish out 999 damage to Bosses faster, or to use the Girl's Effect magic to soften them up while the Sprite chaincasts damage. It is extra effective when facing the later Drop/Morph type monsters, and the monsters that spawn other smaller monsters, as you can keep them being blasted. This prevents them from multiplying and swarming you.

Hint: Defeating the Mana Beast:
It can take a long time to defeat the Mana Beast, because of its 9999 HP. The moment he turns into a fireball, tell the female heroine to cast Cure Water (Undine), and hold B on the last push. This will allow you to be immune to this attack, and let you power up your sword to level 8. This way, you can hit him two times with a level 8 charge up.

When the Mana Beast is about to hit everyone, use the Moogle Belt on all your characters. Then, use it once again to restore everyone.

Hint: Avoiding Treasure traps:
After you have gotten Sylphid, every time you find a chest from an enemy use Analyzer from the girl on the Treasure Chest and it will start to glow. This eliminates any traps, and you will always find an item inside. You can also use this to level up Sylphid by using it continually on it.

Hint: Motionless monster:
This trick can only be done if there is a cloud-like creature around (for example Dark Funk, La Funk, or creatures you cannot hit with a weapon) and you have the Luna magic. Once one of these unhittable creatures is above a barrier such as a wall (or a tree in the case of the Ice Country), have the Sprite cast Change Form. The creature will turn into a different creature that cannot go through barriers like the clouds can. If it is on a barrier, it will not be able to move and you will have no problem dealing with it. This works best if it is transformed into a Green Slime, which will keep multiplying as long as you keep one alive. This is useful when powering up weapons.

Hint: Ocean desert:
This trick is difficult to do. You must have the Luna Palace on your right and you must be facing exactly North on Flammie. Fly as fast and as low as possible, holding B. The first place Flammie will land will be the desert. It will be a portion with stars on the ground. Without moving, use the Flammie Drum. Flammie will pick you up and you will find yourself directly above the ocean. Note: If you are a fraction of an inch off, you will not land at the correct place.

Hint: Hidden corridor in Matango Inn:
Go to the far right and go down. You will find a hidden path outside the room's walls.

Hint: Use specials that you do not have:
Power up something to its highest level and switch it with another weapon while still holding Attack button. The other weapon must be equipped to another person. You can then use the special of a weapon that you did not level up high enough to use.

Hint: Easy experience:
To gain fast experience on the Mana Fortress, kill Tsunamis. Because they can reproduce, always leave one alive. Tsunamis will give you 3,700 experience points.

Hint: Magic spells:
If you get each magic spell between levels 8:00 and 8:99, each of them will have a different effect. Note: The higher the level, the more often it will do the effect. Some are better to watch than others. They are as follows:

Fireball: Three red-orange dragons attack all enemies.
Lava Wave: Larger lava pools appear and make a spraying noise.
Freeze: Eight giant ice cubes hit one enemy.
HP Absorb: Bigger absorb balls; absorbs more HP.
Dark Force: Collects more Darkforce Orbs, bigger explosion.
Dispel Magic: (nothing special).
Thunderbolt: Three thicker and brighter thunderbolts hit an enemy.
Confuse: Does the usual effect twice.
MP Absorb: Same as HP Absorb.
Burst: Bigger Explosion.

Hint: Face in water:
When you can get onto the Mana Fortress, immediately leave and fly south-southwest and look in the water. You will see a small bump. Get lower and you will be able to make out a face in the water. Alternately, open your map on Flammie by pressing Start and press R and look for a small bump in the very top-right corner of the screen. Go there to see a face in the water.

Glitch: Music does not change:
This trick is extremely difficult and requires Flammie. Fly above the Luna Palace and position Flammie just slightly to the right of the NE sign. Start flying as fast as possible, and get as low as possible after you clear the desert. Keep holding B. Soon, you will land in the city in Ice Country where you found Salamando. However, the music will be the same as when you were flying.

Glitch: Get back into original town:
Press Start + Select in front of the woman in front of gate then press Up/Left or Up/Right.

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