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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Seiken Densetsu 3 Super Nintendo Cheats

Equiping Items
Having trouble equiping weapons and armor? To equip them, first enter the main menu and press Select to change between players. Now you should be able to Equip things on your partners!

Music Test
To access the Music Test Screen in Seiken Densetsu 3, hold down the Left and Right buttons (not the directional buttons, but the ones on the top edge of the game controller) and then hit the Reset button to restart the system. The Music Test Screen should magically appear!

Note: This also works on some of the emulators. Just hold down the buttons that you have assigned to the Left and Right buttons described above and select reset. Enjoy the music!


Sound test:
Hold L + R + Start + Select and reset the SNES system.

Best classes:
Hawkeye (Hawk)
1. Light
2. Light-Light

1. Light
2. Light-Light

1. Light
2. Light-Light/Light-Dark

1. Light
2. Light-Dark

Rieze (Lise)
1. Dark
2. Dark-Dark

Special attacks:
Hawkeye (Hawk)
Dark class: Silhouette Slice
Dark-Light class: Shadow Dive
Light: Flying Shallow Toss
Dark: Silhouette Slice
Light-Light: Dance of Roses
Light-Dark: Thousand Slice
Dark-Dark: Split-Image Slice

Light class: Whirlwind Kick, Tornado Throw
Dark class: Water moon Slice, Bastard Slam
Dark-Light class: Suzaku Sky Dance, Vertibach
Light-Dark: Genbu 100 Kick, Blow Impact
Light-Light: Byakko Shockwave, Stardust Bomb
Dark-Dark: Seiyouu Death Fist, Dead Crush

Light: 3 Step Cut
Dark: Whirlwind Sword
Dark-Light: Vacuum Sword
Dark-Dark: Eruption Sword
Light-Light: Flashing sword
Magic Circle

Light: Pink Typhoon
Dark: Star Attack
Dark-Light: 10 ton Ball
Dark-Dark: Hot Shot
Light-Dark: Dancing Rod
Light-Light: Spiral Rod

Rieze (Lise)
Light: Vacuum Surge Spear
Light-light: Light Shot Spear
Light-Dark: Falling Star
Dark-Light: Dragon Tooth Spear
Dark: Flying Heaven Spear
Dark-Dark: Hundred Flower Dance

Carlie (Charlotte)
Light: Jump
Dark: Dash
Light-Light: Chop Chop
Light-Dark: Boom Boom
Dark-Light: Craaaazy
Dark-Dark: Huge Huge

Boss stats:
Full Metal Hagger
Cave of Waterfall
LV: 4
HP: 1500
Element: Light
Weakness: Dark
Magic attacks: Holy Ball

Machine Golems
Cleft of Earth
LV: 4
HP: 605 each
Level recommended: 7-8
Weakness: Wind
Special Attacks: Rocket Punch, Drill Missle

Jewel Eater
Dwarf Tunnel
HP: 3380
Element: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Special attack : Power Punch
Magic attacks: Gem Missle, Earth Slide, Slow Down

Corridor of Wind
HP: 1808
Element: Wind
Weakness: Earth
Special Attack: Feather Needle
Magic attacks: Air Blast, Thunderbolt

Lv: 12
HP: 3065
Weakness: Water
Special attack: Melt Wave, Summon Gate

Bill & Ben
LV: 12
HP: 900
Special attack: Shadow Dive, Shuriken
Magic attack: Water Jutsu, Earth Jutsu

Ghost Ship
LV: 21
HP: ???
Element: Dark
Weakness: Light
Special attack: Black Rain, Ghost road, Silence
Magic attacks: Evil Gate

Beast Lugar
Moon Reading Tower
LV: 21
HP: 3461
Element: Moon
Weakness: Fire
Special attack: Suzaku Sky Dance, Dead Crush, Bastard Slam, Seiyou Death Fist
Magic: Moon Saber

Lamp Flower Forest
HP: 8245
Element: Tree
Weakness: Wind
Special attacks: Spined Kelp, Hammer bean
Magic attacks: Sleep Flower

The Mana Beasts:
Fiegmund (Ice)
The Ice Wall Maze
LV: 29
HP: 10750
Weakness: Fire
Special attack: Ice Cradle, Icicle
Magic attacks: Freeze, Acid Storm

Zan Bie( Fire)
Valley of Flames
HP: 9292
Weakness: Water
Special attacks: Giga Burn, Lava Wave, Heat beam
Magic attacks: Exploder, Fire Saber

Corridor of Wind
LV: 29
HP: 21136
Element: Wind
Weakness: Earth
Special attacks: Air Slasher, Thunder Ball
Magic attacks: Thunderstorm, Air Blast

Moon Reading Tower
LV: 29
HP: 9839
Element: Moon
Weakness: Fire
Special attacks: Spiral Moon, Gravitation Press

Lampflower Forest
HP: 13483
Element: Tree
Weakness: Wind
Special attacks: Kill Stinger, Grenade Bomb
Magic attacks: Posion Bubble, Sleep Flower
Note: This is the easiest one.

Land Umber
Valley of Gemstone
LV: 29
HP: 7652
Element: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Special attacks: Hyper Cannon, Earthquake, Crush Ball
Magic: Stone Cloud, Diamond Missle, Earth Slide

Light Gazer
Ancient Ruins of Light
LV: 29
HP: 10932
Element: Light
Weakness: Dark
Special Attacks: Prisoner, Geyser Blast
Magic attacks: Saint Beam, Holy Ball

Zable Far
HP: 9999 (Right/Left: 5052)
Element: Dark
Weakness: Light
Special attacks: Hell Cross, Dark Blazon
Magic attacks: Dark Force, Evil Gate, Death Spell, Dispel Magic

Hawkeye (Hawk)/Rieze (Lise)
HP: 15947
Weakness: Fire
Special attacks:
Ghost Road, Psycho Wave
Magic attacks: Evil Gate, Dark Force, Death Spell

HP: 15947
Weakness: Fire
Special attacks: Unknown
Magic attacks: Change Form, Moon Saber, and more

Final Boss
Arch Demon
HP: 53499
Weakness: Variable (changes)
Special attacks: Hell
Magic attacks: All

Darkshine Knight
HP: 17132
Special attack: Whirlwind Sword, Vacuum Sword, Eruption Sword

HP: 14722
Magic Attacks: Holy Ball, Lucent Beam, Gem Missle, Earth Slide, Fire
Ball, Exploder, Ice Smash, Acid Rain, Evil Gate, Dark
Force, Air Blast, Thunderbolt and more

Final Boss
Dragon Emperor
HP: 55551
Special attack: Unknown
Magic attack: Unknown

HP: 12606
Magic Attacks: Holy Ball, Death Rouette and more

HP: 11543
Magic Attacks: Saint Beam, Holy Ball, Black Curse and more

Final Boss
Dark Lich
HP: 49846
Weakness: Variable: changes.
Magic Attacks: Lucent Beam, Death Spell, Tree Saber, Speed Up, Power Up, Dark Force

Hint: Double special:
To do your first level special attack two times consecutively, hold A then hold B. If done correctly, you will do your special, hit an enemy, then do it again, hitting the enemy (if close enough).

Hint: Getting ??? Seeds:
Fight Boulders in the Forest Of Illusion at night. They have a body with moon and star pictures on them. You should fight them last to get the seeds. They drop them very often. Alternately, fight Papa Potos at the Ruins Of Light.

Hint: Defeating Black Rabite:
It is strongly recommended that you have Duran as your primary (leading) character, and at Paladin class (light/light). You can have any other characters as your second and third party members, although Carlie is usually ideal as the third. If you have Angela as your party leader, make sure one of your other party members is Duran (Paladin class). Prepare by making sure you have nine of each of the following items in your inventory. You may not necessarily use them all, but it is better to be safe than sorry: Paladin's Proof, Lord's Proof, Poto Oil, Angel's Grail, and Mama Poto Oil. Any other items can be used as fillers, as long as they are appropriate for the battle (for example, Holy Water Vial, Bottle of Salt, Drake's Scale, etc.). Next, set all of your characters' battle behaviors so as they only use level 1 techs. This is recommended because Black Rabite will not use any spells or techs against you, other than those it uses when its health has been taken down to a certain amount, unless you use spells and/or any level 2 or level 3 techs against it. Also, before you enter the area where Black Rabite resides, make sure all your party members' health and mana are full. It is also recommended that all members of your party be at least level 55 or higher before taking on Black Rabite. Even though Black Rabite is a level 99 creature, it is still possible to take it down, even if your characters' levels are not at 99. Keep in mind that the Black Rabite has 65,500 HP. When you engage in battle with the Black Rabite, it will always start by casting Dark Force against your entire party. After that, use Heal Light or a healing item on all allies, then use a Paladin's Proof, or cast Saint Saber on all allies. Then, attack Black Rabite constantly, remembering to use your level 1 tech as soon as your count-up gauge turns green. Hopefully, you will not need to heal very often during this part. After Black Rabite has sustained a certain amount of damage, it will use a chain of spells and techs in rapid succession. First, it will use Psychowave to put you and your allies at a distance from it. Quickly use a heal item before Black Rabite gets a chance to make its next move. Note: Do not cast Heal Light, as this could be delayed by the rest of Black Rabite's attacks that follow after this one. Then, it will use Flash, turning everyone in your party into Moogles. Do not be tempted to use any status healing items, such as Mama Poto's Oil, just yet. Next, it will cast three dark-type spells on itself in this order: Black Rain, Evil Gate, and Dark Force (effectively healing it, because it absorbs dark-type attacks). Finally, it will use either Spiral Moon (dealing moon-type damage and lowering your max HP) or Hell Cross. This is the time to use a Mama Poto Oil (or Bottle of Salt, if available) on your party, immediately followed by a healing item. Then, continue to assault the Black Rabite, remembering to use level 1 techs only. Make sure you heal your party whenever necessary; when the Black Rabite's health reaches a critical point, it will cast Ancient (the most powerful spell in the game) against your party. Heal immediately after this, then continue attacking the Black Rabite until it dies. This approach should allow you defeat Black Rabite in about ten minutes. If you are lucky, you will be rewarded with a chest containing the Moogle Badge.

Hint: Defeating God Beast Dolan:
Try Angela's (dark class) spells. Diamond Missile does 50% more damage than Fireball to him.

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