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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shadowrun Super Nintendo Cheats

In-game reset:
Press Select + Start + L + R during game play.

Alternate pointer:
Select the gun as if ready to shoot. Pause game play, exit the menu, then press B, A. after returning to the game screen. The pointer will change from a crosshair to a hand.

Hint: Location of the Lone Star Badge:
First, go to the Club and ask the bartender for some Iced Tea, but do not drink it. Go to the angry patron and give him the tea. Talk to him and he will mention "Grinder". Ask him about Grinder to learn "Lone Star". Go to the fencer, who sells grenades, and ask about "Lone Star". You can now get the badge for 150.

Hint: Defusing the Cortex Bomb:
After getting the Cortex Bomb activated by the street-doc, go to the Monorail Station and go to Old Town Station. Exit the Monorail Station by the door that is straight ahead to end up in a market. Cross the highway and follow the sidewalk down to the right. You will reach another market. Run into the building to your left, since hitmen will be shooting at your character. Ask the secretary about street doc and she will let you into the doc's office. Ask him about the Cortex Bomb and he will defuse it for you. A lot of money is required because the operation is expensive.

Hint: Extra armor:
After you have defused the Cortex Bomb, go back to the doctor before or after you kill Drake (but only when you have entered the volcano). Also, you may need to purchase the two Cyberware Upgrades. He should have new Cyberware that raises Jake's armor class by two, regardless of what he is wearing.

Hint: Karma (emulator):
Note: The Zsnes emulator is required for this trick. In the Darkblade basement where all the ghouls keep coming up, position Jake somewhere between a coffin and where the ghouls spawn from. Configure your controller or keyboard with a turbo button for shoot and position the crosshairs where the ghouls try and attack you, but get stuck on the other side of the coffin. Tape the button you assigned for shoot and the ~ key. The ~ key speeds up game play. Allow the game to remain in this state for about five minutes. You should have upwards of 100 karma.

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