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Monday, January 18, 2016

Star Ocean Super Nintendo Cheats

Unlimited Charm Accessories
*Milly is required for this
At the town of
Sylvlant, do a Private Action (Press Y outside the town). As soon as it begins, leave the town. Milly will give you the Charm accessory. If you do this gain you will get another Charm. Do this as many times as you want for Charm after Charm. Only Ratix can equip charm, so you only need two.


Hint: Programmer's room:
After you have completed the game, reload your saved game and have somebody use the Oracle specialty. You will be sent to a secret area. Each door takes you to a room where you can talk to members of the game's development staff. To exit, take the passage on the lower left or right corner. The lower right corner will take you to the Revorse Tower. The lower left corner will take you to Tatoroy.

Hint: The last dungeon:
Make sure that you have defeated Cyril and have made it to the final save point in Fienal. Turn back and head out to Fun City. Go to the stadium, and talk to the weird old man by the back. He will say "Do you want me to recover your memories?". Answer "Yes" both times and you will be teleported back to Expel. When you leave Arlia, your trusty Synard will be waiting. Fly over to the unexplored island and enter the Cave of Trials. Beware -- this dungeon has monsters that range in levels from 100 to 300.

Hint: Eternal Sphere:
Customize a Long Edge and a Mithril to make the Eternal Sphere.

Hint: Santa's Boots:
After you gain access to the Cave Of Trials, go to Arlia and enter the honeymooner's house. They have a son now, and you can pick pocket the Santa's boots from him. Save the game before attempting this, in case you fail. Note: The Santa's Boots normally cost 20,000,000 FOL.

Hint: Shortcake:
You must have a kid (Preis or Leon). At level 7 or higher in cooking, they will make Shortcake (every once in a while, about every three times).

Hint: Higher levels:
Enter a time when starting a new game. You will more likely to surpass level 99 during the game.

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