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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Super Ninja Boy Super Nintendo Cheats

Super passwords:
Enter RZ as a password to start at Level 7 with $999,999, 100 medals and the yellow aura.
Enter NR as a password for 32 level ups, extra lives, extra money, extra medals, and a foreign level.
Enter KR as a password to start with Moo with 100 medals, good equipment, Big Bot, the submarine, and more extras. Alternatively, enter KR!STEN as a password.
Enter CB as a password to begin with about 25% of the game completed.

Sound test:
Enter NS as a password.

Information mode:
Enter RS as a password to view the animation sequences with text.

Messenger mode:
Enter TZ as a password to view the text without the animation sequences.

Extra items:
Obtain a password from the game. Enter the first six characters of that password and drop the rest. More items may appear from time to time.

Mystery Land:
Enter the following password to start at Mystery Land:
;NPGXW (or N)

To begin at Kingland, enter XJX as a password. Enter and you will get an error. Then, enter JXJ as a password to get another error. Finally, enter XJX again to start at Kingland at level 16 with two Auraballs and six spells.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Super Metroid Super Nintendo Cheats

One Time Use Screw Attack
In order to do this you must have the "Charge Beam". Charge your weapon and make Samus spin while she is jumping, she will be invulnerable to one enemy attack.

Beam Shield
In order to do this you must have the following: Charge Beam, Power Bomb, and at leats one other beam ability besides the normal one (Ice Beam, Spaser Beam, Wave Beam, or Plasma Beam). Select ONE of your beams (Note: the normal one will not work), and the Power Bombs. Charge the beam until a "shield" flies around you. Every use will cost 1 Power Bomb.

Lots of bombs
In order for this trick to work you have to have the charge beam and the bombs. Charge up your laser and then change into the morphing ball. Allot of bombs will appear.


Energy refill:
Note: This code requires the default controller setting to be selected. Collect a minimum of ten missiles, ten super missiles, and eleven power bombs. Perform the following actions when the life meter has less than fifty points and the reserve energy tanks are empty. Roll into a ball and press Select(3). Hold X (a power bomb will be released), then hold L + R + Down. With all buttons held, the screen will turn white when the power bomb explodes. The energy tanks will be now be refilled.

Hint: Metroid baiting:
When encountered by a standard Metroid (not the super-enhanced baby or the things in Maridia), use a Power Bomb on it. For novices, Freeze your Metroid first, although it is not necessary. Sensing that the first Metroid is in danger, all remaining Metroids in the room will come your way. Fortunately, it takes three actual hits with power bombs (which may connect twice with one bomb) to destroy a Metroid (without the Ice Beam). When your melee with the room's Metroids is finished, you will notice that they are not in their usual hiding places. Regarding the power bomb healing technique, it requires at least 10 missiles, at least 11 super missiles, at least 11 power bombs and 29 or less energy units (not including reserve tanks). This trick is difficult, but may be done with practice.

Hint: Another weapon:
There is another weapon that can be used besides the missile/bomb/laser variety. The Charge Beam and a Power Bomb are required. First, deactivate the Wave and Spazer settings if necessary. Next, select the Power Bombs and charge up the laser. It will activate at full charge. There are three types of this weapon, picked by weapon selection.

Charge alone: Five regular bombs tossed in a weak spread; only works if the weapon is fully charged, and then you transform into the ball.

Ice/Charge: Four ice balls spin around Samus and freeze anything they touch

Plasma/Charge: Four green pulses fly in an outward spiral

Select the Power Bomb and have the Charge Gun activated through the start menu. Select any of the other weapons alone using charge and you will get a new type of attack:

Charge with Wave: Four circular objects will clash into each other while following Samus and destroy any object that it touches.

Charge with Spazer: Five or so yellow lasers will bounce up and down the screen parallel to each other damaging other enemies

Hint: Defeating Botwoon:
Shoot him in the head.

Hint: Defeating Chozo:
Shoot him at the head. The only way to kill him is with a Charged Beam.

Hint: Defeating Crocomire:
Keep shooting him in the mouth, With a Missile, he will step back one step, with a Charged Beam he will step back two steps, and with a Super Missile he will stand back three steps. Keep making him step back until he falls.

Hint: Defeating Draygoon:
Destroy the gun emplacements on the walls when you enter Draygoon's Arena. Then, allow Draygoon to pick you up. Hook on to the destroyed emplacements with the Grappling Beam when they come into view and Draygoon will fall in no time. Note: Make sure you have a lot of energy, as some will be drained during the battle.

Select the Grappling Beam, and let him pick you up. First, kill the things that shoot. Then, shoot your Grappling Beam in one of those things while he has you and he will die.

Hint: Defeating Hatchling:
Let him take life from you. Shoot him once.

Hint: Defeating Kraid:
Shoot him in the eye with Regular Beam, Missile or Super Missile. His eye will turn yellow. Then, shoot him in the mouth with Missile or Super Missile. It takes four hits to kill him with the Super Missiles.

Hint: Defeating Metroid:
Note: This trick requires Freeze Beam and Super Missiles. First, freeze the Metroid then shoot it with a Super Missile. This will kill it in one hit, and it should return energy and Super Missiles (sometimes). Note: This does not work on the Super Metroid.

Hint: Defeating Mother Brain:
Keep shooting her on the head. She will start getting mad and take your energy. She will try to do it again, but the hatchling will take her energy and give it to you, in addition to the Hyper Beam which is just like Missiles.

Just before Mother Brain unleashes the laser brain attack on you (as it is charging), quickly go to the samus Screen and switch off the Varia and Gravity suits. Then, let her hit you. You will notice that your life goes down much quicker. When Mother Brain gets to the point where she is going to attack you normally again, switch back into them. You will be able to fight her instead of sitting there. As she charges up again just before the Super Metroid appears, get very close to her. You will still be in the down position as normal, but as she thrashes about she will hit you and will knock you into a standing position again, where you can fight her. When the Super Metroid attaches to you, keep high in the corner using the screw attack. When Mother Brain comes back to life, the Super Metroid will release you and stay in the same place in the high corner, allowing you to attack the revived Mother Brain. Mother Brain will not attack you at all. She will go for the Metroid, but her blue ring shots will go underneath Mother Brain. Keep plugging away at her with the Charge Beam until the game freezes. It will stay that way for five to ten minutes before returning to normal. This time when you get the Hyperbeam, it will take one or two shots to kill her.

Hint: Defeating Phantoom:
Shoot him when his eye is open, but not with a Super Missile as it could be dangerous.

Hint: Defeating Ridley:
Shoot him anywhere except for the tail during your first encounter. For the second encounter, it is the same as the first, but he has gotten stronger. Shoot him with missiles.

When you are fighting Ridley for the first time do not worry about hitting him. He goes away once your life is in the danger zone and starts beeping.

Note: This trick requires a lot of Power Bombs. Morph into a ball each time Ridley swoops down and use a Power Bomb. It will anger him. By the time you run out of Power Bombs, Ridley should be changing colors slightly. Start attacking him with Super Missiles and he should start turning red faster than normal. Keep shooting him until he dies. If you run out of Super Missiles, use Missiles to get the job done.

When you first see him at the space colony. hold Beam + Angle Up through the entire fight. When Ridley uses his fireball attack, jump over them. When Ridley gets close to you, he is about to use his tail whip attack. Jump over to the door then jump to avoid his tail. When he charges at you, run to the right side of the room and press Down to kneel; he will spin his tail around the room. Continue this until he drops the Metroid larva.

At any time while fighting Ridley for the second time you can become invincible. Jump through him while using the screw attack. Note: You will only get hurt if you touch his tail.

Hint: Defeating Spore-Spawn:
Curl up into a ball at the far left. When he opens his mouth, shoot it with a Missile.

Hint: Skip Spire-Spawn battle:
Get the Morph Ball and defeat the Living Chozo Statue. Make sure you are in Crateria. Go to the farthest left elevator that leads to Brinstar. Go through the red door as far down as you can without using Power Bombs. You should now be in a pinkish colored room and have skipped Spore-Spawn. You can then continue as if you had defeated Spore-Spawn.

Hint: Reaching the last level:
Defeat the following Bosses: Kraid, Phantoom, Draygoon, and Ridley. Then, go back to your ship. Go to the left and go through the blue door. Continue going left through the blocks with bombs or the screw attack. Go down the long room with the green monsters in it. Go through the right door and go to the gold statue. Each of the jewels should shine, then turn the statue gray. It will then fall, and you will be able to enter the last level.

Hint: Maridia secret expansion room:
On the far right is a room with Super Missile and Missile expansions.

Hint: Get Screw Attack early:
You must have Charge Beam. Charge it up to full (hold Shoot button and do not release) and do a spinning jump while charged (hold Left or Right + Jump). If done correctly, you will turn yellow while jumping. This kills anything it touches, except Bosses.

Hint: Get Powerbombs early :
Note: This is a very hard, but possible trick. It requires good wall jumping skills and a lot of patience. First, get at least five Super Missiles. Go to the area in Brinstar where you get the X-ray. Head up to the top-most part of that room. Use your Super Missiles to kill the floating red armadillos. Then, you must wall jump to the top-most part of the shaft and shoot the block in the center. It should disappear. Fall down to the top ledge and jump back up there as fast as possible -- it will not stay open for very long. You must get up and jump onto one of the exposed ledges. Jump off that up onto the ledge near the door. You will now be able to get Powerbombs.

Hint: Get the Spazer Beam early:
When you reach the area with the Spazer, shoot the ceiling so that the brick part of the it disappears. Then, do a wall jump and get up. You can go get the Spazer without having the high jump boots. This saves some time, and makes the enemies easier to defeat.

Hint: Get Speed Booster early:
In the room with the bubbles in Norfare, go up on the ledge by the door to the save room. Hold Dash and jump across the room. When you get to the wall, wall jump up to the ledge to get the Speed Booster early.

Hint: Spring Ball:
After getting the space jump (or before if you have a good wall jump ability), go to a hall where they are two blue hatches in Maridia. Use the right one and try not to fall in the quicksand. After that, there is a passage where you use the Grip Beam. Use it on that and it would suddenly break. Jump up in that hole. Use the space or wall jump to get up and find a blue hatch with a strange machine and a wall. Use a Power Bomb but do not destroy the machine. Back off from it and the machine will start breaking the sand wall. After it destroys it all, open a blue hatch and enter it. Morph ball and go down on a passage. You will se a Chozo statue, and inside, the Spring Ball. This useful item will allow to do morph ball jump.

Hint: X-ray Visor:
The X-ray Visor is optional, but is extremely useful in finding hidden passages and items. It is located in Brinstar The Grappling Beam is required.

Use the following trick to get the X-ray Visor before you get the Grappling Beam. First, jump through, then into the first pit. Next, run and jump up onto the ledge. You will get hurt, but run across the spikes until you get to the second pit. There is a single location where you can stand without spikes. Stay there and wait until a flying shell-like creature flies by. Freeze it, jump onto it, and get onto the platform. You can now get the X-ray Visor before getting the Grappling Beam.

It is possible to get the X-Ray Scope without the Grapple Beam. All you actually need is the Ice Beam and Speed Booster (for its extra speed before going into full effect). Go into the room and continue with it downhill. Get directly next to the wall on the right, then run to the left. Jump while running and wall jump off the ledge and onto the higher row of spikes. At the end, freeze the flier and jump by the door and get the X-Ray Scope.

Hint: Save your friends:
This trick allows you to save your friends when the planet is blowing up at the end. After defeating Mother Brain and escape from Tourain, you will return to Crateria in the tall room. Go all the way up to leave the room. Go up some more, then go right to reach the door which leads you to your ship. Instead of going there, go down to the place where you need to be the ball. Then, you can enter a door down there. Once inside, you have to go through a long room before entering another door. This takes you into the room where you first got the bombs and where you fought the statue in the beginning of the game. In this room are the creatures that showed you how to jump from wall to wall and the bird creature that showed you how to jump using the speed boots. Shoot at the bottom of the wall on the right and it will open, and the creatures will leave. Return to your ship and complete the game. After it shows the planet exploding, look closely to the right of the cloud where the planet was located. You should see a small dot shoot out of the cloud and go off the screen. That dot is the escaping creatures.

Hint: Samus with a bathing suit:
Complete the game in under three hours to see Samus wearing bathing suit and blonde-dyed hair.

Hint: Change Beam appearance:
Use the special charge attacks (with the Power Bombs). After the attack is unleashed, switch your active Beams to change how it looks. You can even stop using that type of Beam. For example, use Ice Beam to get the four ice crystals, then switch to Plasma Beam to get four plasma crystals.

Hint: Jump until you hit a wall:
In order to do this trick, you must have Speed Booster. When you get to a large, vertical, open room, run until you reach top speed (when you get blurry). Then, press Down + A without stopping. If done correctly, Samus should roll up in a ball then rocket upwards in a blur, like when she is running at top speed.

Hint: Wall jumping:
To get many items early, you can wall jump. However you only need one wall. If done correctly, you can wall jump up one vertical wall. When you initiate a wall jump, jump off the wall, then almost immediately go back for the same wall, and wall jump again. This trick does not allow for much height off each jump, but with practice you can wall jump up a wall that is not perfectly straight, allowing you to get numerous expansions and suit upgrades before you have the necessary tools to do so.

Hint: Free the bird:
When the bird teaches you to perform the rocket jump in Brinstar, go back down and get charged up for a rocket jump. When the bird arrives to try to bust through the ceiling himself, jump about a half second before he does, directly where he is standing. If done correctly, you will break through the center two blocks of that ceiling, and it will seal just after the bird follows you out. This confuses the bird, who will either look to the left and right repeatedly, or continue to run back and forth, trying to rocket jump through the next ceiling.

Hint: Hidden area:
Go to the place where your ship is located and do the Speed Booster. Note: If you have the Space Jump, you do not have to do the Speed Booster. Go to the far left of your screen where the mountain is located. Stand on where the mountain curves in and set a Power Bomb or a Bomb out. You see land start to disappear. Go in there. Enter the door that you find. Be careful though here -- there is hot lava that can burn you. When you get to the end of it all, you will find a statue with a Reserve Tank.

Go to your ship at the surface of the planet. Then, go left until you see the rock wall above the passage where you first entered the planet at the beginning of the game. This is where you will have to fly upwards with your Speed Boots. You should fly quite a bit before hitting rock. Then, go left while falling until you land on the rock. Next, go to the very edge of the cliff without falling off. Curl up into a ball and release a Power Bomb. There should be a passage that is now open below you in the face of the cliff. Drop off the ledge while holding Left and go into the passage. Note: If you are attempting to enter these chambers, be sure to have at least fifteen Power Bombs. Walk left through the passage that you made and go though the door at the end. You will need to get through a chamber filled halfway with lava. Use Power Bombs to break through the walls. When you get to the end of these chambers, there should be a platform with a Reserve Tank on it. Pick it up. After getting the reserve tank, curl into a ball and use a Power Bomb. This will open another passage under the platform where the reserve tank was located. Go through it in ball mode and continue through the passage. At the end of the second passage, there will be a door. Go through it. You will find yourself in a passage full of bricks. Shoot once or twice and the bricks will break. If you have the scanner, use it and you will see a drop off in the floor. Go down through the drop off and there will be a chamber with two missile packs on either side of the room behind a wall that you can break by shooting it. Note: You must be quick in shooting one of the walls and getting into it because you are falling. You can only get one missile pack at a time. After getting one of the two missile packs, go back into the middle of the chamber and fall to the bottom. Then, use a Power Bomb to break the wall beside you. You will find yourself in the chamber full of green enemies which you entered near the beginning of the game.

Hint: See animals during ending:
At the end of the game after you defeat Mother Brain, there is the destruction sequence. Get to the top of the room that never ends (go out of the tall room in the crater and go up to the room where you fought the first Chozo). Once you get into that room, you will see the creatures that have helped you through your journey, then shoot the right wall of the room and it will fall apart. You then wait moment and the animals will eventually leave. When you see your ship flying away, after it shows the planet exploding look to the right. You can see a little blue dot zoom away. That is the animals.

Glitch :Easy Crocomire Norfair section:
Get the High Jump Boots and the Speed Booster, not the Power Bombs (it takes more time with them). Go to the spiked room with the Wave Beam in it. Jump to the end of the spikes and get injured. When you are flashing, run a short distance and jump. You now have the Wave Beam, but no Grappling Beam.

Glitch: Shadow jump:
Defeat Crocomire, then locate your Grappling Hook. You must also have the Speed Boost also. Start running with your Speed Boost and have your Grappling Hook ready. Then, jump at the edge or closer and hang on to the ceiling with your Grappling Hook. If done correctly, you should see her shadow follow her like another Samus going inside of her. Then, get your energy tank, jump and hang on the ceiling, then swing forward let go and hang on without getting hurt. You will see the same thing happen.

Glitch: Wrong Beam color:
In a room with a Beam, for example the Ice Beam room, shoot your Purple or Yellow Beam out -- but first shoot the Ice Beam so it appears. Shoot and get the Beam very fast. With the Ice Beam, the Yellow or Purple Beam will turn blue, but you did not have the Ice Beam when you shot it.

Glitch: Skip end Boss:
You do not need the screw attack to win the game (or fight the second Chozo statue). When you enter deep Norfair and the music changes, go to the right in the room where you need the screw attack to break through. Go to the end, bomb the wall down or use a power bomb (easier). In the room where they think you just finished fighting the second Chozo, go in the room to the left to get the screw attack. It is a big help not fighting the second Chozo to save time (and completing the game in less than three hours).

Glitch: Finish game quickly:
This is mainly a glitch that executes the time bomb escape at the end of the game. Once you have the Charge Beam, Spazer, and Plasma Beams, go to your ship on Crateria and save in the event that the glitch freezes the game. Go to the door on the left side of the room and charge your beam. While charged, pause game play and turn on everything except for the Plasma Beam. Move over to one of the boot power-ups you acquired and press Left + A. If done correctly, the Plasma Beam should have been highlighted with another icon that has "VAR" next to it. Resume the game while holding Shoot to keep the shot charged. Put the gun in the door and release, then turn around and shoot again. If the game starts becoming very slow, enter the door. The destruction sequence will appear, and you can board your ship and finish the game.

Glitch: Use weapon once:
Hold the "Cancel" button and press Select. Instead of one of the missiles, bombs, etc. getting just highlighted, it will flash and you can still use something but only once (when it is flashing) then it will switch back to normal.

Glitch: Murder Beam:
Note: Only use this trick for Bosses. It will freeze your game if done elsewhere. Once you have all five Beam options, equip the Charge, Ice, Wave, and Spazer options for your gun. Before executing this trick, be sure to have a full charge. Highlight one of the boot power-ups in your equip menu. Press Left + A at exactly that moment. If done correctly, You will see "VAR" appear next to Plazma and the Spazer will not be disabled. If not, try again. When you release the charge button, there should be a floating ball of energy that does continuous damage to the Boss.

Note: If you use the "Ice Shield" Power Bomb Charge Combo, then while it is around you switch to the "Murder Beam", something odd will happen. You will be surrounded by almost invisible, rotating, Murder Beam particles. It does the same amount of damage dealt as the Murder Beam does, but is the form of the Ice Shield.

Glitch: Suicide Beam:
Note: This will either kill you or freeze your game depending on where you are. Equip all five beams (do not charge up), then disable the Wave option. Exit the menu, and fire.

Glitch: Strange Beam:
Once you have all four or five beams (at least the Ice, Wave, Charge, Spazer or Plasma beams are required) and power bombs, do a special beam combo. Do this by highlighting the power bombs and charging one beam only. Immediately after the beam combo, press Start. Equip all of the beams except for the Spazer and Plasma together, as doing so might freeze your game. Press Start, and around you will be for squares, each with two cylinders.

Glitch: Door opener:
Set up for the "Murder Beam" glitch (again with no charge), except this time disable the Charge and Ice Options. Then, exit the menu and fire. You should hear the firing noise of the basic Beam, but you will see nothing. You can do no damage to enemies this way, but you can open doors if you are close.

Glitch: Murder shield:
Note: This only works on one side. During the Mother Brain fight (before the giant body comes up), use the "Murder Beam" glitch while standing on the platform. It will be invisible, but the "acid heated Cheerios" will be immediately frozen and destroyed if they come in contact with the Murder Shield.

Glitch: Get everything:
Note: You need all five beams in order for this to work. Go to old Tourian and go to the room with acid. Do the VAR beam, but do not charge up. Stand near the door and shoot, then shoot in the other direction. The game with slow down and the bar above will glitch. Run to the door and the place will be misty. Turn off Spazer to keep the game from freezing. Save the game and reset. Play it and you will be at the start with everything. To do this with the ZSNES emulator, go to old Tourian and go to Mother Brain's old lair. Then, do what was described above. Hit the door and it will become misty as described earlier.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super Nintendo Cheats

To play mini games
Hold select and press X,X,Y,B,A.

Extra bonus level and game
When you get a 100% on every level in every world, those two question mark boxes will appear with an extra bonus level and a bonus game.

Secret Bonus Levels
Get perfect scores on all 6 worlds to receive fabulous bonus games and extra levels:
World 1: Drawing Lots and "Poochy Ain't Stupid"
World 2: Scratch and Match and "Hit That Switch"
World 3: Flip Cards and "More Monkey Madness"
World 4: Match Cards and "The Impossible? Maze"
World 5: Roulette and "Kamek's Revenge"
World 6: Slot Machine and "Castles-Masterpiece Set"


Bonus game:
Hold Select and press X(2), Y, B, A on any stage select (map) screen. The bonus game will begin when Select is released.

999 lives:
Enter World 4-1 find the two long pipes that are hanging upside down. Kill the Piranha Plants, then swallow Shy Guys until accumulating six eggs. Grab a Koopa Troopa, and stand on the pipe that previously held the lower Piranha Plant. Spit out the shell between the two lower pipes. As the shell bounces back and forth, throw away an egg. Shy Guys will appear from the other pipe and will be hit by the shell until extra lives appear.

Perfect score:
Six stars will appear on the title screen if a perfect score is obtained.

Two player battle code:
Locate the level with a door that leads to a room with a chomping ball and chain, at one of the castles on the sixth part of the game. Enter the room, press Start, then select a power block. It should kill the enemy and create a new door. Enter the new door to get the cheat code for a two player battle game.

Bonus level and bonus game:
To earn a bonus game and bonus level, earn 100% in all levels in any world. There is a different bonus level and bonus game in each world. Try them repeatedly to earn a lot of different items.

World 1: Card Match
World 2: Scratch N' Match
World 3: Flip The Slots
World 4: Memory Match
World 5: Roulette
World 6: Slot Machine

Infinite Yoshi flight:
Jump and hold Jump, so that Yoshi floats for a few seconds. As soon as Yoshi begins to drop, release and press Jump again. Yoshi will keep flying as long as you keep releasing and pressing Jump in this manner.

Alternate title screen:
Get a 100% game completion to have a night time version of the title screen.

Hint: Restore health and lives with Bosses:
When fighting a Boss or main monster you can kill yourself and return with perfect health and all your lives. To do this you hold, every button except for Start on the controller for two to three seconds, then press Start. Note: You must have all your lives for this trick to work.

Hint: Extra life Koopa:
Press Y to pick up the first shell. Throw it at the Koopa and it will go on and hit all the other Koopas. The last Koopa is an extra life Koopa.

Hint: Easy Stars:
Enable the "Bonus game" code. Choose the popping game and win. You will receive a 20+ star icon. Repeat this as many times as needed. You can also receive other items in the other bonus games.

Hint: Defeating Big Bowser:
When you defeat the mini-Bowser, it will turn big. Target the big egg at its head, then press A. Do this eight times quickly and he will be defeated.

Hint: Defeating Naval Piranha Plant:
When you arrive in the Boss room where that small plant is located, step on the first block on the platform, then shoot a egg at him. However, do not go further than the first block on the platform or Kamek will appear and turn that small plant to a huge monster.

Hint: Kill shooting flowers:
Stand besides a shooting flower until its smiling face pops out. When it does, quickly eat a yellow ball and spit it out again. Do this repeatedly until all of the balls are gone. When this is done, every time its head pops out, it should be empty and harmless.

Hint: World 1-7: Easy lives:
Pick up a Rollie-Pollie Guy with your tounge. Do not turn him into an egg or spit him out for anyone until you get to the pipe that spits out Shy-Guys. Once there, spit the Rollie-Pollie Guy out into a 1 (square) hole on the right of the pipe. Once placed, jump onto the platform above and to the right of it. Let the Shy-Guys jump out of the pipe and onto the Rollie-Pollie Guy. Points will accumulate and will eventually give you 1-Ups continually. After a few hours, you will have 999 lives.

Hint: World 1-7: Coins:
At the beginning of the level when you see the two flashing brown eggs, get them. Shoot the brown eggs at the two brown spike opponent next to the silver spike opponent and to get two red coins.

Hint: World 1-9: Easy lives:
Grab a Melon Bug (the bug that curls when you approach) and take him to the Shy-Guy Pipe (where the Shy Guys appear from). Look up and shoot the bug. If done correctly, the bug should fall in the tiny space on the right side of the pipe, between it and landscape. Stand on the elevated surface and make sure you have no eggs. The Shy Guys will pop out towards you, but hit the bug. You will keep getting extra lives until you have 100. Then, get a perfect completion on World 5 and you will get the roulette game. If you get the X3; you will get 300 lives.

Hint: World 2-3: Use Star through rest of level:
In World 2-3, What's Gusty Taste Like?, collect the Star and run as far as you can, killing the enemies. Go back and wait for the Star to come towards you. Once it bounces back in another area, collect it and run through the rest of the level, and more Stars will be created. At the end of the level, you can collect Coins and Stars from the brick below the last Star. If you do not want to stop, run back to the left and back to the right again. The Star will appear again.

Hint: World 3-1: Hidden area
There is a location in the water in World 3-1 where you can go beneath a land mass to access a hidden area, by jumping off of a giant spring arrow. If you curve to the side and go above the normal hidden entrance, you should enter an area where you will be falling towards nothing. Keep going right (stay in the air as long as possible) until you reach the edge. You will be teleported to World 1-1 (and gain credit toward World 3-1) where you can gain more red coins and hearts than the maximum. It will only go to the top, but it will be 10 times easier to perfect the level.

Hint: World 3-1: Warp to World 5:
On World 3-1, select any character and fall down the waterfall. There is a door at the bottom. Go inside and find the potion. Throw it near the vase and go inside. Enter the vase, which will warp you to World 5.

Hint: World 4-1: Easy lives:
Go up the first steep hill until you get to three pipes and a Koopa walking around. Two will have Piranha plants and one will be a Shy-Guy generator. Throw away an egg so Shy-Guys will start jumping out. Kill the two Piranha plants, eat the Koopa and stand on the pipe. Spit the Koopa shell towards the Shy-Guys. The shell will bounce between the two pipes, knocking out the Shy-Guys. As soon as ten Shy-Guys are knocked out, you will start getting a 1-Up for each consecutive Shy-Guy. The shell will keep bouncing around, killing the Shy-Guys that pop out. You can get up to 999 lives this way.

Hint: World 4-8: Defeating the monstrous Koopa:
When you see the Koopa turn into a giant Koopa, wait for him to pull himself up or quickly throw an egg on its head. Then, throw eggs on its head three times. This will send him to the ground. While he is on the ground, Ground Pound him before he recovers. Repeat this process three times to defeat it. Note: To obtain more eggs, jump onto his shell or on its head. Eggs will be spit out.

Hint: World 5-4: Free mini-games:
Go to a door on your left. Use a POW block or "?" and go to the door and get the secret code. This code will give you free mini-games when you go to the level selection screen.

Hint: World 6-3: Hidden area:
In the second area of World 6-3, jump and touch the left side of the first spinning log, then float to the right and move up against the wall.

Hint: Naval Piranha's Lair: Full stars:
After you go underground in the pipes with water in them, you will reach a place where you hit the arrows with eggs, and you can get the stuff above the water. One of the info blocks always gives you two stars whenever you hit it with an egg. Since there is an egg block near by, you can do this until you have 30 Stars.

Hint: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy: Unlimited lives:
Grab a Melon Bug (the creature that rolls up into a ball) and go to the pipe with Shy Guys jumping out of it. Spit the Melon Bug close to the pipe on the left-hand side. When Shy Guys jump out, after a while you will get a "1-Up" for each time a Shy Guy hits the Melon Bug when it is in its melon form.

Hint: Welcome To Cloud World: Followed by eggs:
In this level or any other that has a large fat creature with many following behind it, Ground Pound the large one and the baby ones will follow you as eggs. When you throw one, it will loop and come back to you.

Glitch: Yoshi does flips:
When you find an enemy that you cannot defeat by jumping on them, repeatedly Ground Pound them. It will look as if Yoshi is doing flips on the enemy. Note:You must do this very fast.

Glitch: World 11-1: Free roaming Poochy:
In World 1-11, "Poochy Ain't Stupid", you can have Poochy free roaming without the scrolling course. At the start of the level, keep jumping on Bats without hitting the "scrolling course barrier" until you get on top of the wall to the wall that is to the left of you at the start of the level. Once on top, jump and keep doing Yoshi's "flutter" or "floating" move until you reach what appears to be an island. Land on it. Then, jump off to the right, fluttering until you reach an island surrounded by lava. Poochy should see you and run over. You now can go through the entire course without the scrolling course freely. The only drawback is if you go under the "island" (second wall), you will hit the "scrolling course barrier", then must ride Poochy to the end of the course.

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Super Mario World Super Nintendo Cheats

Classic Music
In the "Special Zone", wait about 5 minutes and listen to the music. It should start playing variations of the original Mario Bros. song!

Extra Lives - First Ghost House
In the first ghost house, fly up to the upper left corner. You will see a ledge. Run to the right and you will fall. Ghosts will try to hurt you but keep on going. At the end of the ledge you will fall and there will be four extra guys. You will have to hit the boxes to get them. Go though the door. There will be a Moon (3 lives.) After you beat it there will be a level above the ghost house. Go to it. In it there is five boxes. The two left ones contain, flowers. The two right ones contain feathers. The middle one has Yoshi. If you already have Yoshi then it will be an extra life. To exit, run off the screen.

Extra Lives - Forest of Illusion 1
For a total of fourteen lives do this. Go to forest of illusions 1 and get to the half-way mark and then keep going untill you see a box with changing powerups. Now wait until you see a feather in the box. Then hit it and it should change into a star. If you get the star, run and kill all the creatures that come out of the yellow blocks untill you start getting lives. The turtles and other guys are worth one life and the wigglers are worth two lives. You can get 99 lives much faster this way.

Extra Lives - Vanilla Secret 2
Enter Vanilla Secret 2 and get to the half-way mark without killing any Koopa Troopers or the green jumping guys. Keep on going until you reach a pit with a lot of spinny orange guys. There will be yellow blocks right above the pit. Hit the blocks until you get a silver "P" switch.

Carry this switch a little past the half way mark until you reach two pipes with red guys jumping out of them. Put down the "P" switch, step on it, and run back to the start of the level. While your running there will be a lot of silver coins on the way. Get all the silver coins you can and you will gain 50+ lives!

Important: Be sure not to kill the Koopa Troopers (or the green junping guys) on the way to the "P" swich, those guys turn into the coins that give you the lives.

Extra Lives - Yoshi's Island 1
Get a cape and go to Yoshi's Island 1. There is an area with one Rex on the hill and three more below it. After killing them all, fly up and you'll find a Moon worth 3 lives sitting in the clouds.

Replay Castles
To replay any castle or fortress you've completed, hold L + R when entering.

Unlimited Lives
Go to the "Top Secret" level. Then, get the Yoshi from the block in the middle. Then, leave the stage. Finally, keep going in and out of the stage, getting the middle block every time. A 1up should keep coming out of it.

Unlock the Star Roads
Star Road 1:
Beat Donut Plains 1 the special way by getting the key.
There is now a spot in the water. Beat it by getting the key.
Then you go down to a Ghost House.
Proceed to first door. Go left until you find a P.
Take P back to door standing in mid air.
Don't enter door! Rather, jump up to the middle block above door. A bean stalk will come out.
Follow bean stalk up to ledge.
Cross ledge to blue door - hurry because the door will disappear soon.
Enter blue door and defeat Big Boo to get to
Star Road.

Star Road 2:
Beat Vanilla Dome 1 by using the key.
Vanilla Secret 1 will appear - follow it.
Make your way up until coming to a spring pod.
Take spring pod to blue blocks. These are special blocks and must be filled in first. Put spring pad on the blue blocks.
Jump up - there will be a green pipe on your left.
Enter pipe and proceed to finish line. Your
Star Road will appear.

Star Road 3:
Proceed to Forest of Illusion 1 and beat it using the key.
Proceed to the fortress and beat it.

Star Road 4:
Find the
Cheesecake Bridge's secret exit.
Beat the water stage that appears.
Star Road will appear on a nearby island.

Star Road 5:
Find the secret exit in Valley of Bowser 4.
A pathway will open up to the
Star Road.

Star Road 6:
Find the secret exit in Star World 5.
A secret
Star Road will open up, revealing 8 special levels.

Warp to Bowser Castle
On the last Star Road, press B. This will put you in the Valley of Bowser without beating castle #7.

How to get to 3rd Star Road Entrance
In the "Cheese Bridge Area" level, you must be equipped with a cape. Near the end (before the last set of saws) fly up using the log bridge as a runway. What you have to do is actually fly UNDER the goal (press right), then lift yourself back up so you don't go below the screen and die(press left to stabilize Mario). After reaching the platform behind the goal, fly to the right again to reach a second goal. You will be rewarded with 1-Ups, then gain entrance to a tough level called Soda Lake (the ONLY level in the entire game with underwater "Missile Bills") after beating this level then it's off to Star Road #3.

"Gem" Mario
Using your Game Genie, enter 0032-6DAD as a code. This will turn Mario's face an "emerald" appearance and Mario's hat and outfit will become "ruby"-like. Both Mario and Luigi will look the same, and you can't tell if Mario or Luigi has Fire Power.

How to find the green blue and red switches
Green Switch- In Donut Plains 2 there are some tunnels on the ceiling one of them leads to a place where there is a key hidden.
Red Switch- It is located in the Vanilla Dome. In Vanilla Dome 2 there is a secret area of water that you can get to by using the blue 'p' switch.
Blue Switch- In Forest of Illusion 2 there is a hidden key towards the end of the level.

Changes Made after beating the Special Zone
After you beat the special zone everything on the world map will change colors and some of the enimies will appear different as well.

Getting to the Special World
In Star World 5 there is a key hidden towards the end of the level. You must have flying power to reach it. If you have found all four switches then the key will be much easier to get to. After you get to an area where there are 4 or 5 upsidedown pipes kill all of the enimies and fly off of the ground to the left. Go straight up there should be a small hole that you can fly through the key is just to the right of the hole.

Backdoor of Bowsers Castle
You can get to the backdoor of Bowsers Castle by finding a secret key in The Valley of Bowser 2 towards the end of that level you come out of a pipe and land on a yellow floor which starts to rise as soon as you step on it dash to the end of the first yellow floor and wait on the very edge. There will be a section of the floor sticking out so that you can jump on it. Jump on the yellow floor sticking out and jump up to the left off-screen. Keep going left there will be a key waiting for you on the other side.

Chocolate Secret
In Chocolate Island 2 get to the end of the first 2 screens quick enough and you will get access to an area were there is a key.

Re-enter Castles and Fortresses
On the map screen, stand on a defeated castle or fortress, and press L and R simultaneously to re-enter it.

Negative gravity
With Yoshi, you can slide uphill! While on a hill, just press diagonally down and either left or right, and he will slide in either direction.

Musical Coins
In the row of five Music Blocks in Funky, the first two blocks keep giving you Coins for however long you can stay on top of them. Unfortunately, as soon as you touch the top of one of them, an invisible block forms on top of the Coin-giving Music Blocks, forcing you to the left and off the row of blocks. (The same invisible blocks prevent you from jumping on the blocks again for more Coins...) Try this: when you first jump onto the blocks, if you keep holding Right, Mario will stop at the end of the row of blocks and keep collecting Coins until you stop holding Right or time runs out, whichever comes first. Note: If you are "big" Mario, you'll have to duck and jump onto the blocks.

5 for 5
Sometimes you'll come across vertical chambers with five platforms, each with three ? Blocks on them (the first one in the game is found up the first pipe in Donut Plains 1). Two Coins, and one 1-Up are placed randomly in the ? Blocks for each platform. If you don't hit the block containing the 1-Up last, the blocks will "expire" and you won't get the 1-Up. However, if you're Caped Mario, you can get the 1-Up each and every time. Starting from the left, spin-jump and smack the lower-left corner of each block with your cape. The last block in each platform will always yield a 1-Up!

Recycle P-Switches
Stomp a P-Switch, then quickly have Yoshi eat the bottom. Spit it out, and the switch will be restored! With this method, you can reuse the P-Switch as many times as you like.

Close encounter
If Mario stands one block-width away from a solid object and kicks a shell at it, the shell will ricochet off the object and pass through Mario without causing injury.

Cool lava
Vertical walls of lava are harmless. Experiment in Vanilla Dome 3.

Two for the price of one
If you put two items down on almost the exact same space, you can pick both items up at once by holding X or Y as you walk into them. You can throw both items up at a block that contains a item, and you'll get two of them! Or pass through the Goalposts, and you'll get rewarded for both items.

Put an item down where Yoshi is standing. Hold X or Y as you jump onto Yoshi. If the item was in the right spot, you'll now be carrying the item while riding Yoshi!

Quick points
Either be Fiery Mario with a Cape Feather in reserve, or Caped Mario with a Fire Flower in reserve. Find a high platform, get directly under your item reserve box, and keep pressing Select. You'll get 1000 points every time you get the Cape Feather.

Multiple 1-Ups
For each enemy you stomp without touching the ground, you'll earn more and more points, and eventually 1-Ups. The score for each enemy stomped will be: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, then 1-Ups for each enemy thereafter. Remember: Fences and vines don't count as ground! Similarly, when you kill enemies with a Shell, from invincibility, or when you go through Goalposts, the score for each enemy increases the same way. But when you activate a Gray P-Switch, Gray Coins collected will increase up to 8000 points, then a 1-Up, a 2-Up, and 3-Ups for any more you get.

Mega 1-Ups: Vanilla Secret 2
Get the Gray P-Switch from the second block by those Spinys, and take it back to the Midway Gate. Stomp it, and run to the left. All those Winged Koopa Troopas from the beginning become Gray Coins! Getting over 50 extra lives at once in this level is not uncommon.

Mario's fireballs can take out three Koopa Kids: Morton, Ludwig, and Roy. This kills them nice and fast...

Stay on the Special World map screen for a while, and eventually a steel-drum version of the famous Super Mario Bros. theme will play.

The magic number
For an extra 1-Up at the Goalposts, match the the tens and ones digits of the time remaining to the tens digit of the number of stars you got from breaking the tape.

Example #1: 133 left on timer, and 30 stars from the Goalposts.
Example #2: 200 left on timer, and 4 stars (equivalent to 04 stars) from the Goalposts.

Eight it up
When you get 100 stars total from breaking the tape at the Goalposts, you'll enter a bonus game. Look at the item that's in the middle, and keep pressing Start to see where it shows up in the other blocks. Then go to that spot, and when the blocks come directly above you, jump. You'll get the item you want every time, and eight 1-Ups every game!

Coin formations
Some groups of Coins take the shape of arrows. If you find one of these "coined arrows," follow it! The Coins at the end of Funky spell: YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!


Hidden level:
Note: The following only is available in the PAL, European version of the game. Complete (and save) all the 96 levels on each one of the three memory files. The number "96" will be blue if you have an European version, otherwise three stars should appear beside them. Power off the SNES and turn it on again. Do not press any buttons and wait for the demo to play. It should be different. Mario dies and you will be able to play the title screen level. This is a shorter version of "Groovy", with no exit gate.

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select during game play.

Strange Mario walk:
Quickly hold L + R + X + Y + Up when the Princess is freed in the final level. Mario will walk strangely during the ending credits.

Never lose a life:
To be able to do this trick, you must have completed the current level previously. When you are falling, press Start + Select in mid-air. You will exit the level and not die.

Strange Mario jump:
Duck, then jump to have Mario jump while crouching.

High jumps:
Jump with Yoshi, then spin jump off Yoshi.

To get extra height on Yoshi jumps while wearing the Cape, run and jump to do a high jump, but at the peak of that jump, jump again.

Climb and carry item:
Stand next to a vine with an item. Hold Up and release Y to throw the object into the air, and quickly climb the vine while holding Y. Mario will automatically catch the item as it falls, and may continue to climb the vine.

Uphill Yoshi slide:
Face toward a slope and press Down and Left or Right to slide upward.

Break blocks with Yoshi:
When you press A on a block (not the "?" or the "!" block), you can break it. If you are on Yoshi, and he is on top of the breakable block, press A. You should be flying off Yoshi. As you go down, try to go on Yoshi again. If accomplished, you should be on Yoshi breaking blocks.

With a Yoshi and a Feather, stand on some blocks that you can break. Hold A and you will spin off Yoshi. Then, land on Yoshi and you will start to break blocks. In the air, press A and you will spin very high.

Red Yoshi:
Red Yoshi always spits out fireballs, whatever the color shell in its mouth. You need to be big Yoshi first before you can do this.

Blue Yoshi:
Blue Yoshi can fly for a fixed length of time, whatever the color of the shells in its mouth. You need to be big Yoshi first before you can do this.

Yellow Yoshi:
Yellow Yoshi throws out sand clouds for a fixed length of time when he jumps, whatever the color shell in its mouth. You need to be big Yoshi first before you can do this.

Large Yoshi:
Eat every fruit in one level while riding Yoshi.

Instant large Yoshi:
In the Star Road levels, grab and hold a baby Yoshi then immediately feed it a Star (the item that makes Mario invincible for a brief period of time). It will instantly grow into a big Yoshi. This is especially useful when you need to act fast and you do not have time to feed it six enemies.

Yoshi with Luigi:
When Luigi is on Yoshi, it has the power to swallow a greater variety of enemies to spit out than with Mario.

Instant large Mario:
Go to Star World 3 and have a Yoshi. Run toward the egg, and it should hatch into a 1-Up mushroom. Run at it before it reaches the goal. When you run into the goal, it should go above your head and become a mushroom. It should touch you when points are added for time. You will instantly become big.

Bomber Mario:
Get a Cape and pick up a Shell. Start flying, then drop it.

Fly further:
When you get a Cape and have taken flight, wait until Mario slowly drops. Then, press Back to make him go into the air a little bit higher while advancing forward. He will then start to fall, but you can repeat this as many times as needed to get past difficult parts or to get secret items in the sky. If you have good timing and accuracy, you can actually fly past an entire level.

Get a Caped Mario and a Yoshi. Go to a level where you can get a blue shell in Yoshi's mouth. Press and hold Y to get the shell in your mouth. Keep Y held so you will run, then press B. You will fly as usual with the Cape, but Yoshi will flap his wings as well. You can go higher, faster, and further in the air.

Enter a castle again:
To enter a castle that has already been completed (except for the Valley Fortress and bonus rounds), go to the castle and press L + R.

All exits marked as complete:
There are a total of 96 exit points throughout the game. After you find all of these exits, save the game, reset, then go to the area that lists the three files. You will then see a number 96 with a star by it, next to the file you completed the game with. Note: Make sure you have completed the Star Worlds by using the secret and non-secret exits. Also do this with the other worlds that have secret exits.

Boss skip:
After completing Soda Lake, go to the Star and warp. Then, complete the road until you reach the Star in the bottom right corner. This will takes you directly to Bowser. You can skip a maximum of six Bosses with this trick.

Switch lives:
When at the map in two player mode, press L or R to exchange the number of lives with the other player. The other player will die. You can also bring back a player with no remaining lives this way.

Hint: Secret pathways:
There are different level colors (yellow and red) in the game. Red indicates that it leads to a secret pathway. Yellow indicates that it leads to a regular pathway.

Hint: Extra lives:
Find Yoshi and place a power-up that is not already in use in the item box. Enter a previously completed course and find a berry that is positioned just above Yoshi's mouth. Press Select to drop the power-up from the item box. Have Yoshi jump so that he eats the berry and the power-up at the same time. The game will freeze and the coin total will increase rapidly. Press Start + Select to exit the level after accumulating ninety-nine lives.

Go to the Forest of Illusion 1 with a cape, Locate the section with the caterpillars on the logs. Instead of killing the caterpillars, jump up and hold Y + B and try to land the first caterpillar on the head so it's hat falls off. Repeat this for the second and third caterpillars. After hitting the third caterpillar, return to the first caterpillar (his hat will be back on). Repeat this procedure until symbols begin appearing above the caterpillar's heads. Use this trick to collect coins, lives and points, but make sure you do not run out of time.

Go to Vanilla Doom Secret Area 3. Move past the middle of the area to find a location where if Mario pushes a yellow block, a P will appear. Use this P at the middle of the area, then return to the beginning of the area. All the turtles should have been changed into gray coins. Collect all the coins to gain more than sixty lives.

Go to Yoshi's Island 2. At the beginning of the level, pick up the shell and throw it at all the Koopas on the platform. Hit all the question blocks and a few will result in extra lives. Then, get to the midpoint of the level and go down the first blue pipe after this point. Take the blue blocks and throw them at the flying question blocks, or if you have Yoshi, make him jump, then jump off him at the blocks. After getting the extra life, go out and backtrack -- the extra life will still be there. Return as many times as needed to collect it again.

Complete the Forest of Illusion 1. Reach the midpoint and hit the flashing block when it becomes a feather. Wait for it to become a Starman, and then collect it. Then, continue on through the level and kill everything that appears. After the Starman expires, press Start and press Select to exit out the stage. Then, return to start at the midpoint. Get the Starman again, kill everything, and repeat until 99 lives are obtained.

Go to the Forest Of Illusion 4. When first starting, jump on the green turtle shell and take it to the pipe to the right. Jump and take the extra kufe from the Laiktu. Kick it at the pipe and it will bounce back and forth. The Laiktu in the pipe and in the cloud will throw Spikeys in the pit. Stand there and jump over an occasional Spikey until 99 lives are collected. Note: Make sure that time does not run out during the trick.

Go to either the first Koopa Castle, Iggy, or the fourth, Ludwig Von Koopa. Get to the area where you climb on the fences. As long as you do not touch the ground, you should jump on (not punch) the climbing turtles. After jumping on several, you will get extra lives. The fourth castle is a better place for this trick because it is bigger and have some turtles that regenerate.

Once you have unlocked secret area above the Donut Ghost House #1, get Yoshi, then go to the secret area. Keep going in the area again and go to the "?" where you get Yoshi. You will see a extra life appear. Repeat as many times as needed.

Complete all of the Special levels in Star Road. Also, it is preferred that you have already completed the level involved in this trick. The level is right after the Ghost House in Vanilla Dome. Enter the level and make your way to the half-way marker, making sure to break the tape between the posts. This will make the trick much easier to perform. Now, continue through the level a bit further. You will see a yellow masked Koopa on a platform. Bounce on it to knock it out of its shell, but make sure that it does not fall off of the platform. Allow it to get back into the shell so it starts spinning wildly. Jump onto the tall, narrow platform to the right of the platform that the yellow masked Koopa is on and remain there. The yellow masked Koopa will spin off of the platform it was originally on and will fall onto the ground to the left of the tall, narrow platform and will continuously smash against it. Since the Bullet Bills in the level have pre-set paths, they will not hit you from the position that you are in. Instead, most of them will hit the spinning shell. After the shell hits several Bullet Bills, you will begin gaining two extra lives at a time. If you have already completed the level, wait until the timer has about five to ten seconds remaining. Then, press Start to pause game play, and then press Select to exit the level. If you have not accumulated the desired amount of lives, re-enter the level. You will start at the half-way marker. Repeat the trick until you have the maximum number of lives.

Go to the Forest Of Illusion 1 and get the star out of the box near the half way point. Run and kill all the enemies on the way to the end of the level. Repeat this to get up to 99 lives.

Go to the first Ghost House. Get a feather then go a few feet forward. Run back to the beginning and fly up. This will take you to a walkway. Follow it all the way to the end then go through the door that will take you to a world. You can go there without losing lives or your turn if you are playing with two players. You can get unlimited feathers and flower power and Yoshi. If you need more men, get Yoshi then exit and hit the box he came from. This will give you an extra life. You can keep doing this as long desired.

Hint: Power-up mushrooms:
When a red mushroom appears, remember that it always goes to the right.

Hint: Berries:
1. Red Berry: Get Yoshi to eat ten of these. Yoshi will lay an egg; a red mushroom lies inside.
2. Pink Berry: Get Yoshi to eat two of these. Yoshi will lay an egg; a cloud appears and throws smiley coins at you. Collect all the ones it throws out to get a green mushroom.
3. Green Berry: you Only need to eat one of these for its effect. These will add some extra seconds to your timer. You can find Green Berries in the last level, Funky, of special world.

Hint: Secret keys:
1.) Donut Plains 1: Take a Yoshi (unless you complete the green switch palace) and a Cape Feather. Go near the end of course and fly up the row of green blocks.
2.) Donut Plains 2: Proceed until you see a short pipe. Go up the pipe (as big Mario) and break the blocks. Get the shell, throw it at the highest block, and climb the vine.
3.) Vanilla Dome 1: Take a Yoshi (unless you hit the red switch) and Cape. Get to the red blocks and jump. While in the air, jump off Yoshi and aim for the yellow block. (Repeat aiming for the top of the block.) Climb the vine.
4.)Vanilla Dome 2: Go on top of the second block that normally has a flower. Jump onto the high platform. Grab and carry the P-switch to the block barrier. Stomp on it and go down the hole that now has coins on the roof. Fall onto the platform, get the key, and swim to the keyhole.

Hint: Defeating Football Players:
When the Football Players charge you, hit them in the head. As soon as they finish being dizzy, hit them in the head again. This will either slow them down if you do not have Yoshi, or knock them out if you do. Never try to get rid of two football players at the same time.

Get Mario a cape from any level. When you get close to a Football Player, on land or in air, press Y. This will quickly defeat the football player. You can do this with any of the sports players.

Hint: Defeating Bowser:
Wait until Bowser tosses a pair of MechaKoopas at you. Knock one out, then grab it and toss it up at Bowser. To do this, press X to pick it up, hold X and press Up, then release X. If timed correctly, it will hit Bowser in the head. After hitting Bowser twice, he will fly away. Small fireballs will fall from the top of the screen -- avoid them. When Bowser returns, the Princess will appear and toss either a mushroom or a flower at you. Bowser's floating thing will flip upside down, and a ball of blue will fall out and roll at you. Jump over it -- you cannot stand on it. He will eventually toss more MechaKoopas at you. Use the same method done earlier. After hitting him twice, Bowser will fly away again. More fireballs will fall from the top, the Princess will toss something at you, and Bowser will return again. This time, he will bounce around madly on the floor with his flying clown propeller. Do not touch the propeller. Eventually, he will stop and either flip upside down and drop a ball at you, or toss more MechaKoopas at you. Toss the MechaKoopas back at him. After hitting him three times, he will fly away and the Princess will fall out of the sky.

When facing Bowser, press A instead of B to jump over the blue ball. You can bounce off of it instead of dying.

Hint: Moon star:
On the map that features that various levels that can be selected, enter the cave. To the right is a level where you ride on skeleton heads on lava the entire time. In the middle there is a piece of land with two yellow tunnels. Inside is a turtle and a cape. Get the cape and run on the left side of the tunnels until you have enough power to fly to the ceiling. Go all the way to the left to find a compartment area with a moon item. Get it and you will have three or four lives.

Hint: Star Worlds:
1. Go to Donut Plains. Hit the green switch, then just go right and up the "!"s at the end. Otherwise, you have to fly. Put the key in the hole. You can now go underwater to a red dot on the map . In this level, go to the P switch and carry it to the next "?". Hit it and then the "?". Put the key in the nearby keyhole. A secret ghost house will appear. Enter it, and locate the room with the door with no platform underneath of it. Get the P switch (to the left) and bring it there. Hop on it. Do not go through any door. Stand directly in front of it and jump. A vine will appear. Quickly climb the vine to reach a platform with a secret blue door. Enter and defeat the Big Boo three times with the blue bricks to open the Star Road.
2. Go to Vanilla Dome 1. You need the red switch; it appears later on in Vanilla Dome. Go to Dome 1 and keep going right up the red "!"s and to the key. Go to Vanilla Secret 1 (which just appeared) and have Yoshi. Find the pipe coming out of the left wall near the top. Use a spring to go up. Jump off Yoshi's back and into the pipe.
3. Finish Soda Lake.
4. Complete Forest Of Illusion 4 the secret way. You must go down a blue pipe near a P switch and complete the Fortress.
5. Use Yoshi to get the key at the end of Valley of Bowser 4.

Hint: Easy Star Roads and Star Worlds:
To have access to other places in the game easier, unlock the Star Worlds early. To do this, exit Donut Secret House to the first Star Road. Enter the first Star World, and complete the key section which will allow you access to Star World 2 where you can find the Blue/Purple Yoshi. You can now complete all levels of the Star Road, even the fifth world, without having all the color blocks up. You can even complete the "Special" area. The Purple Yoshi will become invaluable in the "Special" area.

Hint: Castle 2: Bonus area:
Enter castle number 2 with a cape, avoid the Thwimps, and fly up through the small opening in the ceiling on the left. This will take you to a bonus area.

Hint: Cheese Bridge: Second exit:
On the Cheese Bridge level, get Yoshi though the entire stage but do not exit. Jump below it and jump off Yoshi so that you are behind the exit. Then, fly a bit to find another exit. This will give you the ability to go to Soda Lake and also allows you use the Star in the middle of the world.

Hint: Cheese Bridge: Skip first part:
Get all the way back and run with Yoshi and a cape. At the end of the platform, jump and keep Jump held. You will fly off screen then come down and hit a saw. You will hit another, then you will miss one. However, at the last second a saw will appear and you will automatically jump off of it.

Hint: Cheese Bridge: Purple Yoshi:
Without raising one up, go to Cheese Bridge and get Yoshi's wings. When you are at the bonus stage, just drop and you will have a Purple Yoshi.

Hint: Cheese Bridge: Get a soda:
Go to Cheese Bridge area with Yoshi. Get to the end by hopping on the saws, but do not use Yoshi wings. At the last platform before the exit, run from left to right and run off the platform. When you get past the Exit Tape, press A to jump off Yoshi as he falls to his doom. Keep running to reach a moon and another exit. Now climb down the vine to the soda.

Hint: Chocolate Island 2: Special secret:
Spend under 50 seconds in the first two sections combined to reach the flat land with the secret key.

Hint: Chocolate Island 3: Fortress:
With Yoshi, eat the blue turtle at the end and fly under the win.

To get to Chocolate Fortress, go to the end of the level and do not go through the finish line. Note: A Cape is required. Jump over the finish line and jump into the sky. You will have a very long jump automatically. There will be a new finish line. Go through it.

Hint: Donut Ghost House: Secret area:
Enter the Donut Ghost House in Donut Plains with flying power. After entering, fly directly above where the door is located to reach a walkway. Move all the way across the walkway and fall at the end to reach four yellow blocks and a door. Enter the door to reach a ending goal. Walk into it to get to a top secret area which Mario can enter at any time to get Yoshi, fire power, and flying power.

Hint: Donut Plains 1: Get rid of baseballs and spores:
You can get rid of the baseballs that the football players throw and the little spores that the plants eject by spinning your cape around. The spores and baseballs will make a tiny cloud, then disappear.

Hint: Donut Plains 1: Get to secret without finding the Green Switch Palace:
Near the end, when four caped enemies fly at you at different heights, knock out the bottom one to get his cape. Go back a bit, then hit the top one (not with your cape, they are too short). Go back to the end of that "runway" and fly up until you go past the top of the screen. You should see: a green tunnel protruding from the top of the level, then a key along with a keyhole next to it. Land here. Pick up the key the same way as you would pick up a shell. March over to the keyhole with key in hand. (If you have Yoshi, make him eat the key, then walk up to the keyhole. It will open and take you inside.)

Hint: Donut Plains 1: Get Caped Mario or Luigi fast:
Jump on the first red caped Troopa. Once you get the Feather, do not step on the shell-less Troopa. Return to where you saw the caped Troopa. It will be there again. Step on it to get another Feather.

Hint: Donut Plains 1: Hold item in your hands while on Yoshi:
Get a Cape and get on any color Yoshi. Go to Donut Plains 1. Wait until you get to the platform near the end, where some flying Koopas fly at you in a vertical row. Dodge them, then stand on the top platform and fly up to the zone with a key and keyhole above you. This may require a few attempts. Then, go to the yellow pipe that is vertical, with a horizontal one below it. Set your Yoshi in the corner. Go back up and get the key. Jump over the keyhole with it, and drop it in the exact same spot where your Yoshi is located. Jump down and hold Y. if done correctly, you will now be sitting on Yoshi, holding the key in your hands.

Hint: Donut Plains 1: Extra lives:
Enter the first blue tunnel. Complete the game of chance by pegging each block. You may get some extra lives here if you are lucky. After completing the game of chance, enter the blue tunnel going downward. You will then see "coin heaven". Collect all of the coins using your cape, but watch your time. Repeat this as often as desired. Note: If you have a Yoshi, you will lose it.

Hint: Donut Plains 2: Faster way to Bowser:
Get to Donut Plains 2. Go to the area with the pipes, jump up, and go though the last pipe in the line. Put the key in the hole and go and push the green button. Go back to Donut Plains 1 and get a feather. Keep going until reaching the green wall. Run up the wall with the feather and put the key in the hole. Go to the level that is now open. Get to the P button, pick it up, and carry it to blocks. Set it down and push it. Go through the coins and get the key. Put it in the hole and go to the Ghost House. G to the area where you get the P button. Go to the brown door, push the button, and get on boxes. Jump and climb the vine, then go though the silver door. Defeat the big Boo, go to the star, and get the key in Everyone Down. When you get to the bottom right level, go though the Star transporter and go to the Castle.

Jump down from the edge after you complete the Haunted House that you came to from the water. Go to the tube and enter it to get to a cliff by Bowser's Castle. Press A + B + X + Y + R + L to jump off to Bowser's Castle.

Hint: Donut Plains 4: Easy coins and extra lives:
You can earn coins and extra lives at a fast rate if your timing is perfect. Enter the level with Yoshi and a item in the box that is different than what you are wearing. Go past the save point to the berry in the bush -- do not eat the berry yet. Once the item is down to or close to the berry, jump at the exact moment. They should freeze. Press Select and you will have a maximum of 99 extra lives and 100 coins.

Get a spare Feather and be caped. Go to the place with Goombas. Jump on one twice, jump to the next, and repeat the process to get easy lives.

Hint: Donut Secret 1: Extra lives:
Reach the part where Mario inflates like a balloon. Inflate him, then fly to the part where he hits a turtle with his feet. Hit the turtle and let Mario fall. Hit it again and keep the shell. Then, go through the tube and reach to the part where there are two blocks and some sleeping fish. Get them out of there and put the shell between the two blocks. Have Mario touch the shell and it will start rolling. Get Mario on it and it will start giving points and then lives.

Hint: Donut Secret 2: Extra lives:
Early in the level, you will hit a block resulting in a vine. Climb to the top of it. There will be another block on the little island. Hit that block and get the star. Very quickly (it helps if you have a Feather, as you can fly) make your way past the tubes and over the gap. There will be another block there, with another star. If you are still invincible from the first one and get the second one, run and hit any enemy. Just before the end, hit all the turtles. After you hit a few enemies, you should be getting an extra life for each one you kill. Remember that you have to be extremely fast to make it before the first star runs out.

Hint: Forest Fortress: Extra lives:
Get a cape and go to Forest Fortress. At the end of the level, do not go through the big red Boss doors. Instead walk a little to the left and jump up onto the little ledge. Go to the right, and there will be a platform just big enough to fly from. You will notice a pool of lava there. Use your cape to fly over it, keeping balance. Be careful of the fireballs. At the end of the lava, you will find a compartment with 10 to 15 extra life mushrooms and a Boss door to take you to the same place as the original door.

At the end of the Forest Fortress in the Forest Of Illusion world get to a point before the first red door. Do not go in it. You will see stones on top of the first door. Go on those stones then go down the stairs and fly across the lava. Fireballs will shoot up when you are flying across. At the end of the lava there will be nine boxes. In those nine boxes are nine extra lives. There will be another red door. Go in that red door and defeat Renzor. Note: This requires some time. If you know how to fly well with Luigi or Mario then you should get through this trick easily.

Hint: Forest Of Illusion 1: Extra lives:
Go to the power-up box. Get a Star and run forward very quickly to get extra lives. Press Start + Select to go back to that level and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Get a Star just beyond the halfway point and kill as many things as possible that appear on the screen.

Get the Star from the item change box. Then, run through the world and after you get the first extra life, you will get one life for each tomato gut or turtle, and two for each caterpillar.

Hint: Forest Of Illusion 1: Easy points:
Go to the part where there are a group of enemies such as Koopa Troopas and Goombas that hop out of the bushes. Hop on the first Wiggler then jump on things until you get to the end of the platform. Go back and you will see the Wigglers are not red anymore. The enemies will jump out of the bushes again. After you get a 5-Up, hit the Wigglers and things will appear at the top of them. You can get one to four million points for each one. You cannot go past 99,999,990 points, but it does help you to get lives.

Hint: Forest Of Illusion 2: Finding the blue blocks:
The Blue Switch Palace is found in the Forest Of Illusion 2. Play the water maze as far up and to the right as you can go. There are some diversions that lead you to pick up a life in the mid-level of the maze, but eventually you have to go up in order to find your way down. Work your way towards the bottom of the maze. If you are in the correct section, you will see a wall to the left that is rectangular and marked off by a line from the larger wall that sits on it. You can walk right through that wall, going left rather than right. The key to the blue switch palace comes into view very quickly.

Hint: Forest Of Illusion 4: Fortress:
On Forest of Illusion 4, you should get to a place with a P switch and a Lakuti in a pipe in the air. Fly up with the cape to get in the tube, or use Lakuti's cloud.

Hint: Forest Of Illusion 4: Easy lives:
Find the extra life on a fishline. Jump and get it. If you die, you still have the same amount of lives as before you played the level.

Hint: Iggy's Castle 1: No map music:
Go to Iggy's Castle 1. Defeat Iggy, but jump into the lava as he is dying. The music will be gone when you return to the map screen.

Hint: Iggy's Castle 1: Extra lives:
You will find turtles patrolling a red fence-like structure. Knock the turtles of the fence with your bottom and they will eventually become extra lives. Stay on the fence and do not use your fist to knock them off.

Hint: Iggy's Castle 1: Carry an item while climbing across the fence:
Throw the item straight up and jump on the fence to catch the item (for example, a P switch).

Hint: Larry's Castle: Fortress:
On the part where the moving thing is going down and there is a door to the right, follow the moving thing down.

Hint: Lenny's Castle: Secret mushroom and half-way point:
Enter Lenny's Castle and ride the brown blocks until it gets to the end. When it goes down the hole, stand on the tip of the last brown block. You should go down a bit more and you should see two dinosaur tokens, the half-way point, and a red mushroom.

Hint: Ludwig's Castle: Bonus area:
Go to the very end of the hall on the first screen. You will see the door to the next room and the mushroom next to the door. Do not go through the door. Instead, walk slightly to the left and look at the blocks on the ceiling. One of them is a square, and you can jump through it. Jump up and to the right and you will find a green pipe that will take you to a bonus area.

Hint: Soda Lake:
In Cheese Bridge area, get Yoshi then hop on the saws at the end of the stage. Then, get to the end point. Use Yoshi to go back a platform, then fly under the end post and you will end up on another platform. Keep going forward. You should find a 3-Up Moon and another end point. Touch this point to end the stage. After you end it, you will find a vine growing into the water. Climb down this vine to reach a stage point called "Soda Lake". After you have completed the stage, press Down to climb down the waterfall to reach the lonely rock with a star point.

Hint: Special Zone:
To get to the sixth star on the Star Road levels, you must get all of the switches(red, green, blue, yellow). After this, go to the fifth Star Road level. You must have the Feather. Go to the part where you get the "P" and hit the question mark where the coins will go across the screen. Hit the "P" then get on top of where the coins (now blocks) are located. Next, go back towards the beginning just enough to have enough room to fly. Turn back the other way and fly. After his cape goes to a parachute, press Back so you can keep flying. You will see some blocks, then a gap with some yellow blocks. Go in between the two (in the gap). Follow it to where the key is located. This will lead you to eight new levels in a special world. After completing these, it will change all of the Koopas to Marios and the flowers to funny looking flowers.

When you reach the dot below the mountains on Star Road, jump across until you see the blue "P" button. Hit the box that makes the coins appear, collect a few, and hit the "P" button. Note: A cape is needed for this and all of the color blocks with a "!" in them. When the coins turn to blocks, get a good running start and land when you see the blocks with the "!" in them. Go to the end where you see a key and a keyhole. Put the key in the hole to get to the "Special" levels. Complete those and the land colors and characters will be different.

Hint: Special Zone: Classic Mario music:
Wait for approximately two minutes in the Special Zone to hear the classic Mario theme from the NES.

Hint: Special Zone: Blue Yoshi:
On Tubular in Special, it is much easier to get a Blue Yoshi and jump from the question marks rather than getting the "P" that makes Mario float. Simply look for the "?" and jump on them. When you get to the Koopas, swallow one, and Yoshi will be able to fly. Fly over the first football player, under the second, and under the two flowers shooting red. You will have enough power to fly to the end.

Hint: Star Road levels: Polka-dot egg:
In each level in Star Road, there will be a polka-dot egg. When Mario gets close to it, the egg will hatch, and out will pop a baby Yoshi. Note: It will never be green. Feed this baby Yoshi by picking him up and walking towards enemies, Yoshi first. After eating five enemies, the baby Yoshi will grow into an adult Yoshi. You will be able to ride around on a Yoshi that is not green.

Hint: Star World 2: Extra lives:
On Star World 2 (the underwater level with the blue Yoshi), obtain the Yoshi, then go back onto the level. Collect the tar and proceed right, killing enemies as you go. You will eventually get extra lives. Make sure you reach the "?" block before the invincibility runs out. Collect the star from it, then continue through the level. Each enemy you kill will give you an extra life. Repeat the level several times for 99 lives.

Hint: Star World 2: Adult Yoshi:
In Star World 2, the underwater level, instead of feeding enemies to the blue Yoshi, feed him the invincibility star to automatically turn him into an adult.

Hint: Sunken Ghost Ship level: Extra lives:
On the final part of level, when you are falling with all the Koopa Troopas, after you hit the water watch out for the spiked things. Then, float down in the water and three 1-Up Mushrooms will appear. Grab them, then swim up and hit the Green "?" to finish the level with three extra lives.

During one part of the Sunken Ghost Ship there will be a bullet cannon just one space below a piece of wood. Go underneath the wood and keep touching the top. You will keep jumping bullets and get extra lives. Note: You must be Super Mario to do this.

Hint: Super Special Area:
Complete Star World 5 with a key (need all switches pushed) and go to the Super Special Area. Beat all the boards in the Super Special Area to get a super ending. At the end of the last special world, the message "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER" will be spelled with coins. A teleporter will take Mario to Yoshi's House, with a map in different colors.

Hint: Top Secret Area:
In Donut Plains, there is a Ghost House -- not the one with the Big Boo, but the one to the north. Make sure that Mario has a Cape and use it. At the beginning of the level, run and fly up. You will get on a platform. When you do, proceed until you find a different way down. There will be invisible Ghosts waiting. Ignore them and hit the blocks to get extra lives. Then, get to the goal and you will unlock a hidden level. This small area has no enemies, just refills: Yoshi, extra lives, Capes, Mushrooms, and Flowers. Go here to recover after you are hurt badly.

In the Donut Ghost House, run out a little bit, then turn around and fly up to the far left. Land on the ceiling and run all the way to the right. There you will find four 1-Ups, the ending that unlocks Top Secret Area, and quite possibly the easiest place to save in the game.

On the first Ghost House, there is a open gap on the top of the first room on the left. Get a cape and fly into it. Walk all the to the right until you drop and you can get four extra lives. Walk through the door and finish the level. You will reach a place called "Top Secret Level".

Hint: Top Secret Area: Quick Mario jumps:
Note: The following trick requires a controller a auto-fire feature. Get Yoshi and Super Mario. Go to a set of two blocks, turn on the auto-fire, and hold the jump and dismount buttons. Mario will jump up and down extremely fast.

Hint: Top Secret Area: Unlimited lives:
Go to the Top Secret Area and get a Yoshi. Go back and jump under the Yoshi block to get a 1-Up. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Hint: Twin Bridges:
Ever wondered where the other bridge is in the "Twin Bridges" section? This area may look small but consists of many levels. Vanilla Secret 2 and 3, Cheese Bridge area, Soda Lake, Star Road, Cookie Mountain, Butter Bridge 1 and 2, Vanilla Fortress (underwater), and the Castle (#4). To get to the ones with Vanilla in their name, go into Vanilla Dome 1 with the red switch pushed and you will find the key. Then, complete Vanilla Secret 1 and go through the pipe. The Fortress is in the middle of a waterfall and is completely underwater except for the Boss. Once you have finished Vanilla Fortress another bridge appears, showing Butter Bridge 1 and 2, Soda Lake, and the Star Road (can be found in the Cheese Bridge area (see the "Get A Soda" hint.)

Hint: Valley Of Bowser: Secret key:
In the ghost house, hit the first P switch, and run as fast as you can to the right until you reach the last door (and a free extra life). Go in, but do not hit the P switch yet. Carry it over the tempting coin pyramid, and jump into what appears to be a dead-end (except the door that goes back to the beginning). Hit the question mark box and create a staircase of coins by directing them with the D-pad. You do not have to hold it down -- they will keep going in the last given direction until they hit a wall or coins. After you have made a staircase with them, hit the P switch, and climb up quickly to find a secret key. It also helps if you are small, but it is possible to get in there when you are big -- just duck and jump.

On the first ghost house (not the secret one), get a feather and run to the right. Then run back to the left where you began and fly up. Run to the right to the secret key, and you will be taken to the Top Secret Area.

Hint: Valley Of Bowser 2: Warp to Valley Fortress:
After the second room in the third room, run to the right with a feather, when the ceiling goes away. Jump to the left and you will never come down. Keep running to the left and you will fall into a room with a keyhole. The secret takes you to Valley Fortress (probably the hardest level in the game). After that, you will be led to the back door (you skip the first part).

Hint: Valley Of Bowser 4:
When you first start, you are getting a lift from a train of bricks. After about the first five spikey cannonballs, you will come across two bricks in the slight form of stairs near to the lava. To avoid death, jump on the bottom brick, wait about 30 to 45 seconds, and a train of bricks will come to your rescue and take you to safety.

Hint: Vanilla Dome 1: Fortress:
You need Yohsi, or the Red Switch Palace. Eat the blue shell with Yoshi, but first eat all of the other Koopas at the bottom. Run with the shell in your mouth. You should have just enough power to fly up on of the Red Switch Palace dotted lines.

Hint: Vanilla Dome 3. Unlimited Mushrooms or Feathers:
Go down the first gold pipe to enter an area of ice and water. You will receive a Mushroom or Feather if you get past the shell-creatures when you exit the pipe at the end. You will appear from a green pipe. Next, go back and go down the gold pipe again to receive another Mushroom or Feather. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Vanilla Dome 3: Extra points:
Go to near the end of Vanilla Dome #3, where you can see the exit. Use a cape, fly up, and find the little :"chompers". Jump over them and jump on the "P". A small staircase of "?"s going down will appear, and the finish bar will be at the bottom. Jump over and hit the bar when it is up and get a high score.

Hint: Vanilla Secret 2: Extra lives:
Start the level with a Cape. Do not kill any of the numerous enemies. Instead, immediately fly up. You will land on some clouds. Fly over everyone. Go to the "P" the go to the beginning of the level. Again, do not kill anyone. Now, step on the P. Everyone will be silver coins. Collect them, and by the end of the level, you will have about 50 lives. Keep on doing this to get 99 lives.

Go past the checkpoint and go to the part where the red enemies with spikes in their back are located. Hit the second yellow block above them to reveal the silver "P". Collect it, then go back to the beginning where the turtles are, while still having the silver "P" in your hand. Release it and collect all the rings where that the turtle used to be at. If done correctly, you should have between 48 and 54 extra lives. Repeat the process to gain the maximum number of lives.

Run through the field of bouncing Koopas and try not to kill any, or you can fly over them. These will be your lives later. Either way, get to the mid-point. Continue until you reach a pit filled with spiny creatures. There will be four blocks above the pit. Step to the very edge, or use Yoshi to stand on the spiny things, and hit the second block in. There will be a silver P-switch that comes up. Grab and carry the silver P-switch back to the left where the two green pipes with the piranha plants leaping. Hit the P-switch. All the monsters will turn into silver coins. Jump up to the left and run collecting all the coins that were the Koopas. You will soon receive 3-Ups for each coin. Once the silver P-switch runs out, wait for the lies to catch up and then press Start + Select out of the board if you can.

Hint: Way Cool: Switches:
In the Special Star World on #3 - Way Cool, there are a series of on/off switches. Here is the correct order to have them:
#1: On
#2: On
#3: Off
#4: On
You will then see a yellow tube coming up. Go down there to get a Yoshi, then go back up the other tube. The end is on the other side.

Hint: Yoshi's Island 1: Hidden platform:
About mid-way through the level, fly high into the air to discover a platform with a moon on it.

Hint: Yoshi's Island 1: Easy bonus round:
Complete the level. At the end, break the tape at the gate. Repeat this until you get the bonus round.

Hint: Yoshi's Island 1: 3-Up:
With a cape, break the midway tape and kill all the Rexes. Run back to the pipe before the midway tape, and run right. Jump and begin flying when you get to the ledges with the Yoshi Coin on top. Stay as high as you can, and you will reach a ledge of clouds. On top of the ledge will be a 3-Up.

Hint: Yoshi's Island 2: Extra lives:
Go to the short blue tube near the end with Yoshi. Go in the tube and hit the third flying "?" block by jumping then spinning off Yoshi. A green mushroom will appear. Exit the tube area. Return to the short blue tube. Repeat the process. Just before time runs out, press Start then Select. Go back to the level and do it over again until you have the amount of lives desired. This requires practice, but you should be able to get about thirty lives each time.

Hint: Yoshi's Island 3: Mushrooms:
Get Blue Yoshi and Feathered Mario. Go to Yoshi Island 3 and in the first stage, get to the halfway pole. Get a turtle shell in your mouth to let you fly, and go where the "!" blocks are located. Just to the right slightly, fly right underneath them, bouncing Yoshi's head against them to get a hoard of big-powered mushrooms.

Hint: Star Warp 4:
To get to the fourth Star Road warp point, go into the Fortress just outside the Haunted Forest (after Forest Secret Area). Get a Cape, then proceed towards the end of the stage. Jump over the stone walkway that leads to the first Reznor, and you will see a giant lava pit. Get some momentum, go into a flying run, but hold A (spin jump) instead. Doing this will cause you to spin jump off the lava balls, and you will make it to the other side without any problems. Then, defeat the Reznor.

Hint: Playing in demo mode:
While in the demo mode, you can jump. Keep pushing Jump until you leave the ground. Then, hold Jump to levitate in the air. Furthermore, with a little luck you can ride Yoshi.

Hint: Get to Bowser's Castle quickly:
Get to the Star Road entrance on the second island. When on each level of Star Road, complete it by the using the key. There is a key on each level; you just need to find it and its keyhole. Then on the last stage, you can complete it normally. Follow that path and the next stage will be Bowser's Castle.

Go through the Doors 2 and 8 for the easiest way to the last part before Bowser.

Go to the World after #1 castle (Iggy's Castle). Use the secret exit in that level and you will be in the water. Then, use the secret exit on that world. You will be in the haunted mansion. Complete it without using the secret exit. You will then go into the pipe. Complete the level and you should be next to Bowser's Castle.

Go to any Star World warp and enter it. When you reach the warp by the bottom right corner in Star World, you can transport to Bowser's Castle's entrance.

Hint: Secret entrance to Bowser's Castle:
In Bowser's Valley, go to the second level (with the big red oval) and enter it. After you get through the part with the floor that moves up and down, you will find a little pit with a giant mole in it. Jump up and attempt to jump up off the screen onto the top of the ceiling and go left. There you will find a key and key hole. Once you have completed that level (the secret way) a path will appear leading up to the Valley Fortress. Complete it, and a path will appear leading up to the back door of Bowser's Castle.

Hint: Red spaces:
Donut Plains 1: Kill the four super Koopas near the end, run on the top, and fly up with or without Yoshi.
Donut Secret 1: With Yoshi, hit the P switch and eat the green fish. Go to the key.
Donut Secret House: On the last room hit the P switch, you will notice three "?" blocks. Go on the second block and hit it. Climb up the vine and run right to a blue door.
Donut Plains 2: Go until you see a rectangle block moving upwards and a pipe up. Go in the pipe and either fly up to the key, get the shell and hit the fourth block. With Yoshi, eat the shell and fly up with your wings.
Star Road 1: Go to the extreme right and break the blocks to the right to reach the key.
Star Road 2: Go through the level and go under the tube instead of going into it.
Star Road 3: Kill Lakuti with a blue block and get in his cloud to go up.
Star Road 4: Get to the part where there is a green shell, a Koopa without his shell, and some grey blocks. Get the green and red switches and go under the blocks.
Star Road 5: After Yellow Yoshi and there is a Koopa with two Spinies. Eat the Koopa and have Yoshi wing up, or fly up.
Donut Ghost House: With a cape, go to the first hole and run left to fly.
Vanilla Secret 1: When there is a trampoline and a group of Koopas, with a cape go down and run to jump.
Vanilla Dome 2: Jump out of the water to the right, then left. Carry the switch, get the coins, hit it, and go down.
Cheese Bridge Area: Have Yoshi and jump under the win. Jump off Yoshi when you are past it. Continue on as if the goal was not even there.
Forest Ghost House: When you are on top of the first room do not go in the first door.
Forest of Illusion 1: Get the P and go left.
Forest of Illusion 2: When you see a Yellow Mushroom Palace go left through the wall.
Forest of Illusion 3: Go in one of the green pipes.
Chocolate Island 2: Complete the level in less than 50 seconds
Valley Ghost house: Go left in the second room and fly up until you see a key and keyhole. Hold Down/Right, and when you duck, start jumping right.
Valley of Bowser 2: At the third room, get safe and jump on the roof you just ran under, then continue to the keyhole.
Valley of Bowser 4: Eat the key with Yoshi.

Hint: See different costumes:
When you have an invincibility star, you obviously flash different colors. But, when you pause game play, you can see the different costumes, including Luigi's.

Get an invincibility star and pause game play as Luigi. He will either be wearing his own clothes, Fire Flower Luigi clothes, Fire Flower Mario's clothes or Mario's clothes.

Go near a yellow invincibility star, pause game play, then see the different colors it changes.

Hint: Torpedo Mario/Luigi:
Once Mario or Luigi has a cape and is in mid-air, press Back to create a parachute. If you keep pressing Back you will go a little higher each time. Then, press Down and either Y or B to drop straight down and act like a torpedo. Any enemies near you should be flipped on their backs. To return to the original airborne state, press Back again. Note: This process can be repeated as many times as needed.

Hint: Easy save:
Since the game automatically saves the game each time a castle is completed, just finish an easy ghost house to save the game as needed.

Hint: Easy level completion:
On Star Road. get a Blue Yoshi. Go to any outdoor level and eat a Koopa. Fly towards the end of the level. Once you run out of shell power, eat another Koopa and repeat until you complete the level. Note: This only works on levels without a roof, such as Yoshi island 1. This is very useful in water levels.

Hint: Extra points:
Get a fire flower and a feather. Move away from your enemies and keep pressing Select. Get the flower and then the feather. You will get 1000 extra points each time you get the feather.

Hint: Steal a cape from a flying turtle without shell:
In some Worlds, there are turtles that fly with a flashing cape. Jump on one. The turtle should die and the flashing cape will turn into a Feather. Note: The turtle's cape has to be flashing red, yellow, and orange very fast.

Hint: Change direction while flying:
Have Mario run and jump while wearing a Cape. When Mario gets to a certain point, he will begin to descend. You must still be pressing Y, but may release B. Pressing Back will help him stay aloft. If you want him to change directions, hold Back and immediately press X (and keep holding Y). Stop Back as soon as Mario changes direction. Then, you can press Back to keep aloft (it is a different direction than before). If done correctly, Mario will switch directions and go very quickly. However, sometimes he will keep going the same direction, and move very slowly. The more you practice the timing, the more times Mario will switch. This is a very difficult maneuver. Try using Donut Plains 1 down the second pipe for a large practice arena.

Hint: Softer music:
If you use the key on a keyhole while on a Yoshi, the music will be lower than if you used the key while holding it.

Glitch: Chocolate Island 3: Strange colors:
Go to Chocolate Island 3. Get to the first goal with Yoshi. Stay at the big lower platform, then double jump with Yoshi to the platform in the front of the goal. The camera should still be in the same position. Go into the goal.

Glitch: Chocolate Island 5: Extra Yoshi:
Start Chocolate Island 5 with a cape or two but no Yoshi. Super jump up to the gray "P", and do the "Double prizes" glitch with the other blue "P". Stay under the rotate block "square". Hit the one down to the middle with Mario, then throw them up at the Yoshi block. A double hatching should happen (one will be invisible). You can do two fun things now. The first is to move the two "P" switches one to two block lengths to the left. Jump at the first, rotate the block in the middle, then quickly jump at both (double sound) Yoshies, and hit the "P" switches. This must be done when the block is still rotating. Press Right + A when falling. You should find that Mario is sitting on a special, invisible Yoshi. The second thing that you can do is to jump off Yoshi somewhere where he is safe. The invisible one is still at the same place. Jump on the invisible Yoshi. Notice that you will always start a Yoshi jump at the same height as the invisible Yoshi. You can do various things such as jump down a hole in the moving pipe section, but spin at the last moment.

Glitch: Donut Cave: Infinite spinning shell:
Go to the Donut Cave level (the second level after you finish Yoshi's Island). Pick up a shell (by walking into one while pressing B) and throw it just before one of those things go down to crush you. The shell should get stuck and keep on spinning in that yellow stuff.

Glitch: Donut Ghost House: Disappearing door:
At the Donut Ghost House, after you have been in the room where you hit the block that lets you control the coins, exit. You will see the Yoshi coin that you already picked up. Go down where the block you had to hit to make the "P" pop out. Go to the door that leads down there. It disappears.

Glitch: Forest Of Illusion 2 and 3: Switched:
Complete the Forest Of Illusion 2 level with Mario the normal way, then complete Forest Of Illusion 3 with Luigi the secret way. Then, go back to Forest Of Illusion 2 and complete it with Mario the secret way. Complete Forest Of Illusion 3 with Luigi the normal way, then reset the game without saving it. Go to the same file, and Forest Of Illusion 2 will have no water -- sometimes you will get stuck, then Forest Of Illusion 3 will have water, and is "easier".

Glitch: Funky: Even faster music:
Be on a Yoshi in the special level Funky. When the timer goes to 100, eat a Green Berry. When returns to 100, the music will be faster.

Note: The music will always get faster when it reaches under 100. However, if you eat a Green Berry, the "Time" will go over 100 again. So if this repeats, the music will increase to 2x or 4x.

Glitch: Larry's Castle: Die:
In Larry's Castle, go the end of the first room. If you get there before the moving thing does and drop down the secret hole very fast, you will die.

Glitch: Ludwig's Castle: Wrong sound:
Go to the room where a falling ceiling with spike is located. Go to the end of the room when the ceiling is on the floor. It will make a sound. Pause game play then resume, You will hear the same sound. Also, spin jump and it will make the same sound, instead of the normal spin jump sound.

Glitch: Star World 4: Invincible enemy:
Go to Star World 4 with no Yoshi. Take the red (baby) Yoshi and eat four enemies. Note that it will sometimes be counted as two enemies, with a double "eat" sound. However, do not eat one of the two enemies at the same platform. Then, try to eat the two enemies at the same time. Yoshi should grow up, and the sixth enemy should continue walking invincible. To kill it, walk away.

Glitch: Vanilla Dome 1: Skip the second room:
Get to the end of the first room with a blue Yoshi and a blue, yellow or green shell, or a green or yellow Yoshi with a blue shell. Go down the hole, not as you die, but try to get to the right under the "wall". You can now fly to a big open area. Continue to get to the place you thought was the "third room". You can also walk on the roofs.

Glitch: Vanilla Secret 2: Semi-invisible slow motion Mario:
Get a Yoshi. Go to Vanilla Secret 2, and go to the end. Start at the half-goal to get the time. Kill the four red turtles and you can begin. Stay behind the "wall" and get the duplicated football player to the right jump after you. It will not hurt you. The one in the middle must not move after you. Go slightly to the right then go back to get the one in the middle to respawn. Then quickly double jump up, and try make "the one in the middle" start to vibrate, then jump back quickly. Repeat this until the system cannot play in full speed. Add about three more then jump down to them. Have them all run after you. Parts of you should be invisible (maybe only the hat).

Glitch: Yellow Switch Palace: Stuck switch:
Complete Yoshi's Island 1 then go north to Yellow Switch Place. Once inside, pick up the "P" switch (it is blue with a white P on it). Do not put it down. Keep it in your hands and go through the pipe without releasing Y. Then, face the pipe where you just entered. Release Y repeatedly. Soon, the switch will be stuck inside the pipe. You will see it shaking on the pipe.

Glitch: Jump up repeatedly:
When you are in the dungeon levels and have a column of bricks going up with a space to the left, walk forward until there is little space left. You can jump up and will not come back down. Keep going up all the way to the top.

Glitch: Maintaining flight with a turtle shell:
You must be an experienced flyer to do this trick. First, get a Feather to turn into Cape Mario. Choose a good level where you have plenty of room to fly. Find an empty turtle shell. Hold Y to pick up the turtle shell. While holding Y, run in one direction until you are ready to fly. Fly into the air by holding B, and keep holding the shell . Try to fly as high as you can. Just before you reach maximum height, quickly release Y while holding Up. This will kick the shell up into the air. Immediately after you do this, simultaneously release B and hold Y then turn in the opposite direction. Press Back to extend your cape and you should now be flying in the opposite direction. If timed correctly, you will catch the turtle shell that you kicked up in mid-flight, and you will be flying with a turtle shell. The controls are the exactly same for flying without a turtle shell, however Mario will appear differently. He will not be holding out his cape, but instead will look as if he were just holding a turtle shell. Push Back every once in a while to keep flying. This trick must be done very quickly, and requires a bit of practice.

Glitch: More coins:
Get Yoshi to dash at a berry. When you are very close to it, eat it when you dash into it. You will hear the coin sound twice, but you only ate one berry. You will get two coins per berry this way.

Glitch: Double prizes:
Get two holdable items (except for shells) and throw it so it is exactly in back/front of the other item. Dash at it and you will notice you are holding both. Clear the course to get double items.

Glitch: Three player game:
Go to an empty file, select a one player game, reset the SNES, then go to the same file that now says "0". Complete Yoshi's Island 1. Make it so you have a Flower in Luigi's reserve box and a Flower Suit. Die by falling into a hole so Luigi is now small and there is a Flower in the reserve box. Die with Mario and do not do anything to him or go to Yoshi's Island 1. Press Start, Select, then with Luigi, get Yoshi and press Select. Eat the Flower that falls, then complete the level. You will notice that Luigi goes to Yoshi's Island 3 and Yoshi stays at Yoshi's Island 2. There are now three players, Mario, Luigi, and Plain Yoshi.

Glitch: Fire Cape:
Eat a Cape and a Flower at the same time with Yoshi and you will have a Cape and a Fire Suit.

Glitch: Small Mario with a Flower or Cape:
Get a Feather or Fire Flower at the same time Super Mario gets injured.

Glitch: Reuse P:
Use Yoshi in any level with a P. Immediately after stepping on the P, turn around and eat it again. Yoshi will gulp it, you can then spit it out. When it comes out, the P will be full again.