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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Super Ninja Boy Super Nintendo Cheats

Super passwords:
Enter RZ as a password to start at Level 7 with $999,999, 100 medals and the yellow aura.
Enter NR as a password for 32 level ups, extra lives, extra money, extra medals, and a foreign level.
Enter KR as a password to start with Moo with 100 medals, good equipment, Big Bot, the submarine, and more extras. Alternatively, enter KR!STEN as a password.
Enter CB as a password to begin with about 25% of the game completed.

Sound test:
Enter NS as a password.

Information mode:
Enter RS as a password to view the animation sequences with text.

Messenger mode:
Enter TZ as a password to view the text without the animation sequences.

Extra items:
Obtain a password from the game. Enter the first six characters of that password and drop the rest. More items may appear from time to time.

Mystery Land:
Enter the following password to start at Mystery Land:
;NPGXW (or N)

To begin at Kingland, enter XJX as a password. Enter and you will get an error. Then, enter JXJ as a password to get another error. Finally, enter XJX again to start at Kingland at level 16 with two Auraballs and six spells.

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