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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Super Metroid Super Nintendo Cheats

One Time Use Screw Attack
In order to do this you must have the "Charge Beam". Charge your weapon and make Samus spin while she is jumping, she will be invulnerable to one enemy attack.

Beam Shield
In order to do this you must have the following: Charge Beam, Power Bomb, and at leats one other beam ability besides the normal one (Ice Beam, Spaser Beam, Wave Beam, or Plasma Beam). Select ONE of your beams (Note: the normal one will not work), and the Power Bombs. Charge the beam until a "shield" flies around you. Every use will cost 1 Power Bomb.

Lots of bombs
In order for this trick to work you have to have the charge beam and the bombs. Charge up your laser and then change into the morphing ball. Allot of bombs will appear.


Energy refill:
Note: This code requires the default controller setting to be selected. Collect a minimum of ten missiles, ten super missiles, and eleven power bombs. Perform the following actions when the life meter has less than fifty points and the reserve energy tanks are empty. Roll into a ball and press Select(3). Hold X (a power bomb will be released), then hold L + R + Down. With all buttons held, the screen will turn white when the power bomb explodes. The energy tanks will be now be refilled.

Hint: Metroid baiting:
When encountered by a standard Metroid (not the super-enhanced baby or the things in Maridia), use a Power Bomb on it. For novices, Freeze your Metroid first, although it is not necessary. Sensing that the first Metroid is in danger, all remaining Metroids in the room will come your way. Fortunately, it takes three actual hits with power bombs (which may connect twice with one bomb) to destroy a Metroid (without the Ice Beam). When your melee with the room's Metroids is finished, you will notice that they are not in their usual hiding places. Regarding the power bomb healing technique, it requires at least 10 missiles, at least 11 super missiles, at least 11 power bombs and 29 or less energy units (not including reserve tanks). This trick is difficult, but may be done with practice.

Hint: Another weapon:
There is another weapon that can be used besides the missile/bomb/laser variety. The Charge Beam and a Power Bomb are required. First, deactivate the Wave and Spazer settings if necessary. Next, select the Power Bombs and charge up the laser. It will activate at full charge. There are three types of this weapon, picked by weapon selection.

Charge alone: Five regular bombs tossed in a weak spread; only works if the weapon is fully charged, and then you transform into the ball.

Ice/Charge: Four ice balls spin around Samus and freeze anything they touch

Plasma/Charge: Four green pulses fly in an outward spiral

Select the Power Bomb and have the Charge Gun activated through the start menu. Select any of the other weapons alone using charge and you will get a new type of attack:

Charge with Wave: Four circular objects will clash into each other while following Samus and destroy any object that it touches.

Charge with Spazer: Five or so yellow lasers will bounce up and down the screen parallel to each other damaging other enemies

Hint: Defeating Botwoon:
Shoot him in the head.

Hint: Defeating Chozo:
Shoot him at the head. The only way to kill him is with a Charged Beam.

Hint: Defeating Crocomire:
Keep shooting him in the mouth, With a Missile, he will step back one step, with a Charged Beam he will step back two steps, and with a Super Missile he will stand back three steps. Keep making him step back until he falls.

Hint: Defeating Draygoon:
Destroy the gun emplacements on the walls when you enter Draygoon's Arena. Then, allow Draygoon to pick you up. Hook on to the destroyed emplacements with the Grappling Beam when they come into view and Draygoon will fall in no time. Note: Make sure you have a lot of energy, as some will be drained during the battle.

Select the Grappling Beam, and let him pick you up. First, kill the things that shoot. Then, shoot your Grappling Beam in one of those things while he has you and he will die.

Hint: Defeating Hatchling:
Let him take life from you. Shoot him once.

Hint: Defeating Kraid:
Shoot him in the eye with Regular Beam, Missile or Super Missile. His eye will turn yellow. Then, shoot him in the mouth with Missile or Super Missile. It takes four hits to kill him with the Super Missiles.

Hint: Defeating Metroid:
Note: This trick requires Freeze Beam and Super Missiles. First, freeze the Metroid then shoot it with a Super Missile. This will kill it in one hit, and it should return energy and Super Missiles (sometimes). Note: This does not work on the Super Metroid.

Hint: Defeating Mother Brain:
Keep shooting her on the head. She will start getting mad and take your energy. She will try to do it again, but the hatchling will take her energy and give it to you, in addition to the Hyper Beam which is just like Missiles.

Just before Mother Brain unleashes the laser brain attack on you (as it is charging), quickly go to the samus Screen and switch off the Varia and Gravity suits. Then, let her hit you. You will notice that your life goes down much quicker. When Mother Brain gets to the point where she is going to attack you normally again, switch back into them. You will be able to fight her instead of sitting there. As she charges up again just before the Super Metroid appears, get very close to her. You will still be in the down position as normal, but as she thrashes about she will hit you and will knock you into a standing position again, where you can fight her. When the Super Metroid attaches to you, keep high in the corner using the screw attack. When Mother Brain comes back to life, the Super Metroid will release you and stay in the same place in the high corner, allowing you to attack the revived Mother Brain. Mother Brain will not attack you at all. She will go for the Metroid, but her blue ring shots will go underneath Mother Brain. Keep plugging away at her with the Charge Beam until the game freezes. It will stay that way for five to ten minutes before returning to normal. This time when you get the Hyperbeam, it will take one or two shots to kill her.

Hint: Defeating Phantoom:
Shoot him when his eye is open, but not with a Super Missile as it could be dangerous.

Hint: Defeating Ridley:
Shoot him anywhere except for the tail during your first encounter. For the second encounter, it is the same as the first, but he has gotten stronger. Shoot him with missiles.

When you are fighting Ridley for the first time do not worry about hitting him. He goes away once your life is in the danger zone and starts beeping.

Note: This trick requires a lot of Power Bombs. Morph into a ball each time Ridley swoops down and use a Power Bomb. It will anger him. By the time you run out of Power Bombs, Ridley should be changing colors slightly. Start attacking him with Super Missiles and he should start turning red faster than normal. Keep shooting him until he dies. If you run out of Super Missiles, use Missiles to get the job done.

When you first see him at the space colony. hold Beam + Angle Up through the entire fight. When Ridley uses his fireball attack, jump over them. When Ridley gets close to you, he is about to use his tail whip attack. Jump over to the door then jump to avoid his tail. When he charges at you, run to the right side of the room and press Down to kneel; he will spin his tail around the room. Continue this until he drops the Metroid larva.

At any time while fighting Ridley for the second time you can become invincible. Jump through him while using the screw attack. Note: You will only get hurt if you touch his tail.

Hint: Defeating Spore-Spawn:
Curl up into a ball at the far left. When he opens his mouth, shoot it with a Missile.

Hint: Skip Spire-Spawn battle:
Get the Morph Ball and defeat the Living Chozo Statue. Make sure you are in Crateria. Go to the farthest left elevator that leads to Brinstar. Go through the red door as far down as you can without using Power Bombs. You should now be in a pinkish colored room and have skipped Spore-Spawn. You can then continue as if you had defeated Spore-Spawn.

Hint: Reaching the last level:
Defeat the following Bosses: Kraid, Phantoom, Draygoon, and Ridley. Then, go back to your ship. Go to the left and go through the blue door. Continue going left through the blocks with bombs or the screw attack. Go down the long room with the green monsters in it. Go through the right door and go to the gold statue. Each of the jewels should shine, then turn the statue gray. It will then fall, and you will be able to enter the last level.

Hint: Maridia secret expansion room:
On the far right is a room with Super Missile and Missile expansions.

Hint: Get Screw Attack early:
You must have Charge Beam. Charge it up to full (hold Shoot button and do not release) and do a spinning jump while charged (hold Left or Right + Jump). If done correctly, you will turn yellow while jumping. This kills anything it touches, except Bosses.

Hint: Get Powerbombs early :
Note: This is a very hard, but possible trick. It requires good wall jumping skills and a lot of patience. First, get at least five Super Missiles. Go to the area in Brinstar where you get the X-ray. Head up to the top-most part of that room. Use your Super Missiles to kill the floating red armadillos. Then, you must wall jump to the top-most part of the shaft and shoot the block in the center. It should disappear. Fall down to the top ledge and jump back up there as fast as possible -- it will not stay open for very long. You must get up and jump onto one of the exposed ledges. Jump off that up onto the ledge near the door. You will now be able to get Powerbombs.

Hint: Get the Spazer Beam early:
When you reach the area with the Spazer, shoot the ceiling so that the brick part of the it disappears. Then, do a wall jump and get up. You can go get the Spazer without having the high jump boots. This saves some time, and makes the enemies easier to defeat.

Hint: Get Speed Booster early:
In the room with the bubbles in Norfare, go up on the ledge by the door to the save room. Hold Dash and jump across the room. When you get to the wall, wall jump up to the ledge to get the Speed Booster early.

Hint: Spring Ball:
After getting the space jump (or before if you have a good wall jump ability), go to a hall where they are two blue hatches in Maridia. Use the right one and try not to fall in the quicksand. After that, there is a passage where you use the Grip Beam. Use it on that and it would suddenly break. Jump up in that hole. Use the space or wall jump to get up and find a blue hatch with a strange machine and a wall. Use a Power Bomb but do not destroy the machine. Back off from it and the machine will start breaking the sand wall. After it destroys it all, open a blue hatch and enter it. Morph ball and go down on a passage. You will se a Chozo statue, and inside, the Spring Ball. This useful item will allow to do morph ball jump.

Hint: X-ray Visor:
The X-ray Visor is optional, but is extremely useful in finding hidden passages and items. It is located in Brinstar The Grappling Beam is required.

Use the following trick to get the X-ray Visor before you get the Grappling Beam. First, jump through, then into the first pit. Next, run and jump up onto the ledge. You will get hurt, but run across the spikes until you get to the second pit. There is a single location where you can stand without spikes. Stay there and wait until a flying shell-like creature flies by. Freeze it, jump onto it, and get onto the platform. You can now get the X-ray Visor before getting the Grappling Beam.

It is possible to get the X-Ray Scope without the Grapple Beam. All you actually need is the Ice Beam and Speed Booster (for its extra speed before going into full effect). Go into the room and continue with it downhill. Get directly next to the wall on the right, then run to the left. Jump while running and wall jump off the ledge and onto the higher row of spikes. At the end, freeze the flier and jump by the door and get the X-Ray Scope.

Hint: Save your friends:
This trick allows you to save your friends when the planet is blowing up at the end. After defeating Mother Brain and escape from Tourain, you will return to Crateria in the tall room. Go all the way up to leave the room. Go up some more, then go right to reach the door which leads you to your ship. Instead of going there, go down to the place where you need to be the ball. Then, you can enter a door down there. Once inside, you have to go through a long room before entering another door. This takes you into the room where you first got the bombs and where you fought the statue in the beginning of the game. In this room are the creatures that showed you how to jump from wall to wall and the bird creature that showed you how to jump using the speed boots. Shoot at the bottom of the wall on the right and it will open, and the creatures will leave. Return to your ship and complete the game. After it shows the planet exploding, look closely to the right of the cloud where the planet was located. You should see a small dot shoot out of the cloud and go off the screen. That dot is the escaping creatures.

Hint: Samus with a bathing suit:
Complete the game in under three hours to see Samus wearing bathing suit and blonde-dyed hair.

Hint: Change Beam appearance:
Use the special charge attacks (with the Power Bombs). After the attack is unleashed, switch your active Beams to change how it looks. You can even stop using that type of Beam. For example, use Ice Beam to get the four ice crystals, then switch to Plasma Beam to get four plasma crystals.

Hint: Jump until you hit a wall:
In order to do this trick, you must have Speed Booster. When you get to a large, vertical, open room, run until you reach top speed (when you get blurry). Then, press Down + A without stopping. If done correctly, Samus should roll up in a ball then rocket upwards in a blur, like when she is running at top speed.

Hint: Wall jumping:
To get many items early, you can wall jump. However you only need one wall. If done correctly, you can wall jump up one vertical wall. When you initiate a wall jump, jump off the wall, then almost immediately go back for the same wall, and wall jump again. This trick does not allow for much height off each jump, but with practice you can wall jump up a wall that is not perfectly straight, allowing you to get numerous expansions and suit upgrades before you have the necessary tools to do so.

Hint: Free the bird:
When the bird teaches you to perform the rocket jump in Brinstar, go back down and get charged up for a rocket jump. When the bird arrives to try to bust through the ceiling himself, jump about a half second before he does, directly where he is standing. If done correctly, you will break through the center two blocks of that ceiling, and it will seal just after the bird follows you out. This confuses the bird, who will either look to the left and right repeatedly, or continue to run back and forth, trying to rocket jump through the next ceiling.

Hint: Hidden area:
Go to the place where your ship is located and do the Speed Booster. Note: If you have the Space Jump, you do not have to do the Speed Booster. Go to the far left of your screen where the mountain is located. Stand on where the mountain curves in and set a Power Bomb or a Bomb out. You see land start to disappear. Go in there. Enter the door that you find. Be careful though here -- there is hot lava that can burn you. When you get to the end of it all, you will find a statue with a Reserve Tank.

Go to your ship at the surface of the planet. Then, go left until you see the rock wall above the passage where you first entered the planet at the beginning of the game. This is where you will have to fly upwards with your Speed Boots. You should fly quite a bit before hitting rock. Then, go left while falling until you land on the rock. Next, go to the very edge of the cliff without falling off. Curl up into a ball and release a Power Bomb. There should be a passage that is now open below you in the face of the cliff. Drop off the ledge while holding Left and go into the passage. Note: If you are attempting to enter these chambers, be sure to have at least fifteen Power Bombs. Walk left through the passage that you made and go though the door at the end. You will need to get through a chamber filled halfway with lava. Use Power Bombs to break through the walls. When you get to the end of these chambers, there should be a platform with a Reserve Tank on it. Pick it up. After getting the reserve tank, curl into a ball and use a Power Bomb. This will open another passage under the platform where the reserve tank was located. Go through it in ball mode and continue through the passage. At the end of the second passage, there will be a door. Go through it. You will find yourself in a passage full of bricks. Shoot once or twice and the bricks will break. If you have the scanner, use it and you will see a drop off in the floor. Go down through the drop off and there will be a chamber with two missile packs on either side of the room behind a wall that you can break by shooting it. Note: You must be quick in shooting one of the walls and getting into it because you are falling. You can only get one missile pack at a time. After getting one of the two missile packs, go back into the middle of the chamber and fall to the bottom. Then, use a Power Bomb to break the wall beside you. You will find yourself in the chamber full of green enemies which you entered near the beginning of the game.

Hint: See animals during ending:
At the end of the game after you defeat Mother Brain, there is the destruction sequence. Get to the top of the room that never ends (go out of the tall room in the crater and go up to the room where you fought the first Chozo). Once you get into that room, you will see the creatures that have helped you through your journey, then shoot the right wall of the room and it will fall apart. You then wait moment and the animals will eventually leave. When you see your ship flying away, after it shows the planet exploding look to the right. You can see a little blue dot zoom away. That is the animals.

Glitch :Easy Crocomire Norfair section:
Get the High Jump Boots and the Speed Booster, not the Power Bombs (it takes more time with them). Go to the spiked room with the Wave Beam in it. Jump to the end of the spikes and get injured. When you are flashing, run a short distance and jump. You now have the Wave Beam, but no Grappling Beam.

Glitch: Shadow jump:
Defeat Crocomire, then locate your Grappling Hook. You must also have the Speed Boost also. Start running with your Speed Boost and have your Grappling Hook ready. Then, jump at the edge or closer and hang on to the ceiling with your Grappling Hook. If done correctly, you should see her shadow follow her like another Samus going inside of her. Then, get your energy tank, jump and hang on the ceiling, then swing forward let go and hang on without getting hurt. You will see the same thing happen.

Glitch: Wrong Beam color:
In a room with a Beam, for example the Ice Beam room, shoot your Purple or Yellow Beam out -- but first shoot the Ice Beam so it appears. Shoot and get the Beam very fast. With the Ice Beam, the Yellow or Purple Beam will turn blue, but you did not have the Ice Beam when you shot it.

Glitch: Skip end Boss:
You do not need the screw attack to win the game (or fight the second Chozo statue). When you enter deep Norfair and the music changes, go to the right in the room where you need the screw attack to break through. Go to the end, bomb the wall down or use a power bomb (easier). In the room where they think you just finished fighting the second Chozo, go in the room to the left to get the screw attack. It is a big help not fighting the second Chozo to save time (and completing the game in less than three hours).

Glitch: Finish game quickly:
This is mainly a glitch that executes the time bomb escape at the end of the game. Once you have the Charge Beam, Spazer, and Plasma Beams, go to your ship on Crateria and save in the event that the glitch freezes the game. Go to the door on the left side of the room and charge your beam. While charged, pause game play and turn on everything except for the Plasma Beam. Move over to one of the boot power-ups you acquired and press Left + A. If done correctly, the Plasma Beam should have been highlighted with another icon that has "VAR" next to it. Resume the game while holding Shoot to keep the shot charged. Put the gun in the door and release, then turn around and shoot again. If the game starts becoming very slow, enter the door. The destruction sequence will appear, and you can board your ship and finish the game.

Glitch: Use weapon once:
Hold the "Cancel" button and press Select. Instead of one of the missiles, bombs, etc. getting just highlighted, it will flash and you can still use something but only once (when it is flashing) then it will switch back to normal.

Glitch: Murder Beam:
Note: Only use this trick for Bosses. It will freeze your game if done elsewhere. Once you have all five Beam options, equip the Charge, Ice, Wave, and Spazer options for your gun. Before executing this trick, be sure to have a full charge. Highlight one of the boot power-ups in your equip menu. Press Left + A at exactly that moment. If done correctly, You will see "VAR" appear next to Plazma and the Spazer will not be disabled. If not, try again. When you release the charge button, there should be a floating ball of energy that does continuous damage to the Boss.

Note: If you use the "Ice Shield" Power Bomb Charge Combo, then while it is around you switch to the "Murder Beam", something odd will happen. You will be surrounded by almost invisible, rotating, Murder Beam particles. It does the same amount of damage dealt as the Murder Beam does, but is the form of the Ice Shield.

Glitch: Suicide Beam:
Note: This will either kill you or freeze your game depending on where you are. Equip all five beams (do not charge up), then disable the Wave option. Exit the menu, and fire.

Glitch: Strange Beam:
Once you have all four or five beams (at least the Ice, Wave, Charge, Spazer or Plasma beams are required) and power bombs, do a special beam combo. Do this by highlighting the power bombs and charging one beam only. Immediately after the beam combo, press Start. Equip all of the beams except for the Spazer and Plasma together, as doing so might freeze your game. Press Start, and around you will be for squares, each with two cylinders.

Glitch: Door opener:
Set up for the "Murder Beam" glitch (again with no charge), except this time disable the Charge and Ice Options. Then, exit the menu and fire. You should hear the firing noise of the basic Beam, but you will see nothing. You can do no damage to enemies this way, but you can open doors if you are close.

Glitch: Murder shield:
Note: This only works on one side. During the Mother Brain fight (before the giant body comes up), use the "Murder Beam" glitch while standing on the platform. It will be invisible, but the "acid heated Cheerios" will be immediately frozen and destroyed if they come in contact with the Murder Shield.

Glitch: Get everything:
Note: You need all five beams in order for this to work. Go to old Tourian and go to the room with acid. Do the VAR beam, but do not charge up. Stand near the door and shoot, then shoot in the other direction. The game with slow down and the bar above will glitch. Run to the door and the place will be misty. Turn off Spazer to keep the game from freezing. Save the game and reset. Play it and you will be at the start with everything. To do this with the ZSNES emulator, go to old Tourian and go to Mother Brain's old lair. Then, do what was described above. Hit the door and it will become misty as described earlier.

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