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Friday, March 25, 2016

Super Mario Kart Super Nintendo Cheats

Mini Racers
Select Mario Kart GP Mode. Then at the Character Selection screen, hold Y and press A. Or, highlight a character and press A + B + X + Y.

Special Cup Tracks
Select Time Trial Mode, choose a racer and press Left to highlight the Mushroom Cup. Now press L, R, L, L, R, R, A.

Turbo Start
As the last light starts to dim, hold B.

Reset All Saved Data
At the Title screen, press L + R + Y + A.

Reset Race Times
At the chosen time trial, press L + R + Y + A.


Mini racers:
Select the Mario Kart GP mode. Hold Y and press A at the character selection screen to shrink your racer.
Alternately, highlight a character and press A + B + X + Y. Your character will shrunken until the Super Nintendo has been reset.
Hold Y then press A. Note: You cannot shrink your driver in
Battle mode or Time Trials.

150cc class:
Win a gold in the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cup races in the 100cc class followed by a gold in the Special Cup race. A 150cc class option will appear on the class selection screen.

Race a ghost CPU:
Select the One Player Time Trial mode. Press Start on controller two at the player selection screen. The word "COM" will flash in one of the boxes above the drivers. Use controller two to choose the CPU player, then choose your player and start game play.

Race yourself:
Select Time Trial mode, choose a character and begin game play. Finish the race with a first place time. Select the "Retry" option to race against yourself.

Switch screens:
Begin a One Player Grand Prix race and press B on controller two. Select a One Player game with controller two. Hold L + R and press Start on controller two. Select the class, driver, and track with controller two and begin game play.

Rotate screens:
Enter Time Trial mode, choose a character and begin racing. During game play, do not hit anything or fall off the track. Select the "Retry" option after the race. Press R and L to rotate the screen.

Rear view mirror:
Select One Player Time Trial or Mario Kart GP modes. Press X during game play.

Extra credits:
Finish three races in the same position.

Drive in the dark:
Begin game play in Battle Mode. When a player has one balloon remaining, hold B until losing a life. The player may continue to race in the dark.

Get weapon faster:
When you pass over a "?" block, press A to stop the random weapon selection and get a weapon faster.

Map on top:
Plug a controller into port two. Power on the SNES. Highlight one player mode on the main menu. Hold L + R and press Start(2). Select the engine class, driver, and track. Begin game play to race with the map on top and the race screen on the bottom.

Disable music:
Rapidly tap Start until the music ends. The game will continue with only sound effects until a star is used.

Special cup tracks:
Select Time Trial mode, choose a racer, and press Left to highlight the Mushroom Cup. Press L, R, L, R, L(2), R(2), A. A Special cup option will appear under the Star cup.

Turbo start:
Hold B just as the Lakitu's first light flashes.

Reset all saved data:
Press L + R + Y + A at the title screen.

Reset race times:
Press L + R + Y + A at the appropriate time trial.

Hint: Stay in control:
If you hit a banana or other slippery object, hold A + B. If done correctly, a music note (eighth or double eighth) will appear and you will not slip and be able continue driving normally.

Hint: Item tricks:
Bananas: Press Up and fire to shoot the banana a good distance ahead instead of laying it behind you.
Green Turtle Shell: Press Down and fire to plant it behind you instead of shooting it out.
Feather: Save it on the Ghost Valley on mushroom cup. Instead of turning after the long speed bump, go straight ahead and use it to leap to the extended ledge and get to the finish line faster.

Hint: Bowser Castle 2: Shortcut:
There is a dead end detour that reads "Stop". If you drive off, you will fall in the lava. However, if you are lucky enough to get a Feather, you can jump the gap from the dead end over the lava to the track again. This will increase your placement in the race.

Hint: Choco Island 2: Shortcut:
Use a Mushroom to blast over the dirt and through the break in the wall directly in front of the starting line.

Hint: Donut Plains 1: Shortcut:
After the bridge, use a Mushroom to zoom through the break in the wall.

Hint: Ghost Valley 1: Shortcut:
Use a Feather to jump the gap to the plank of wood immediately after the yellow jump, or use a Mushroom to fly off the yellow jump to the plank.

Instead of getting a Feather or Mushroom to hop the jump, play on the 150cc class and get enough coins to where you are at full speed just before the jump. Your speed and hop should give you enough distance to make it. This may require a few attempts.

Hint: Ghost Valley 2: Shortcut:
Use a Feather to jump the fourth corner after the staring line.

Hint: Ghost Valley 3: Shortcut:
Use a Feather to jump the gap to the right, just before the second corner.

Hint: Ghost Valley on Mushroom Cup: Shortcut:
When you take the left turn before the big speed bump, stay to the inside. Use the Mushroom before the speed bump and you can land on the shortcut straight ahead. Do it correctly and it makes a big difference.

Hint: Mario Circuit 1: Shortcut:
Use a Mushroom to blast over the dirt where the track bends in before the last turn to the finish line.

Hint: Mario Circuit 2: Shortcut:
Use a Mushroom before the part where you launch over the track. If done correctly, you should shoot over the pipes and land just before the finish line.

Hint: Mario Circuit 4: Shortcut:
Use a Mushroom to blast through the dirt and in the gap in the wall before the last turn to the finish line.

Hint: Rainbow Road: Shortcut:
Use a Mushroom to jump the yellow bump over the gap where the track splits.

Hint: Vanilla Lake 2: Shortcuts:
Jump over as many cracks in the ice as you can to cut corners. Note: No item is needed, just press R or L to jump.

At the end of a lap when you cross the finish line, turn left and jump into the lake. Drive as far out as you can before Lakitu arrives to pick you up. Just before he stops you, make a hard left turn. If you made it far enough, you will be dropped behind the finish line. This will cut off a lap. To get this shortcut, down go into time trials and start at the right end of the finish line facing the lake. Drive along side the finish line and jump. This is easiest with a mushroom, but can be done without one.

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