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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Super Widget Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Level - Name --- Password
2 - Blue Beach --- JHKBHW
3 - Wonderland --- RKJSHR
4 - Volcano Eruption Zone --- JKJMFW
5 - Moon --- RBLHKH
6 - Rachet's Castle --- JBKFFR
7 - Aqua Planet --- RJRBFF
8 - Planet of the Giants --- JJRSHH
9 - Planet of Seven Colors --- WSRMHH
10 - Dwarf Planet --- JSRFKL
11 - Home Planet --- WLKKKL
12 - Flim Flam Station --- JLLJKL
13 - Space Wonderland and Water Planet --- RMLLKL
14 - Ghostship --- HWBLBF
15 - Star of the Demons --- LRBBJJ
16 - Mega Slank Base --- KFBRSJ
Special - (None) --- KHHRSJ
Special 2 - (None) --- RLJBKL

Friday, April 29, 2016

Super Wagyan Land Super Nintendo Cheats

Level passwords:
Level - Password
1 - 474 7474 745 0747
2 - 4C4 C4C4 C4C 0D4C
3 - 4B4 B4B4 B4B 094B
4 - 4A4 A4A4 A4A 094A
5 - 6B6 B6B6 B6A 2F6B
6 - 424 2424 240 0742
7 - 6E6 E6E6 E6D 266E
8 - 666 6666 667 2F66
9 - 656 5656 564 2F65
10 - 6A6 A6A6 A69 266A
11 - 696 9696 96A 2469
12 - 3E3 E3E3 E3E 713E
13 - 5F5 F5F5 F5E 0F5F
14 - 363 6363 634 6736
15 - 5D5 D5D5 D5C 0F5D
16 - 343 4343 436 6734
17 - 5B5 B5B5 B5A 0F5B
18 - 373 7373 737 6137
19 - 303 0303 032 6730
20 - 2F2 F2F2 F2D 772F
21 - 2E2 E2E2 E2C 772E
22 - 323 2323 232 6932
23 - 535 3535 352 0F53
24 - 292 9292 92B 7729
25 - 575 7575 75F 0857
26 - 555 5555 556 3455
27 - 252 5252 527 4725
28 - 1E1 E1E1 E1C 771E
Level - Password
1 - 0D0 D0D0 D0D 8D0D
2 - 2E2 E2E2 E2F AF2E
3 - 343 4343 437 B634
4 - 040 4040 406 8704
5 - 2B2 B2B2 B2A AF2B
6 - 020 2020 200 8702
7 - 070 7070 707 8107
8 - 2F2 F2F2 F2C A82F
9 - 272 7272 726 AF27
12 - 2B2 B2B2 B28 A02B
13 - 232 3232 322 AF23
14 - 292 9292 92A A429
15 - 282 8282 82B A628
16 - 202 0202 021 AF20
17 - 1F1 F1F1 F1E 8F1F
18 - 252 5252 526 B425
20 - 232 3232 320 B023
21 - F9F 9F9F 9F9 6DF9
22 - 212 1212 122 B421
23 - F1F 1F1F 1F3 67F1
24 - F0F 0F0F 0F2 67F0
25 - 1E1 E1E1 E1D 861E
26 - 161 6161 617 8F16
27 - 1C1 C1C1 C1F 861C
28 - 141 4141 415 8F14
29 - EBE BEBE BE9 77EB
30 - 121 2121 213 8F12
31 - E9E 9E9E 9EB 77E9
33 - 0F0 F0F0 F0E AF0F
34 - 151 5151 516 B415
36 - 0C0 C0C0 C0D AF0C
37 - 121 2121 211 B612
38 - 111 1111 112 B411
39 - 090 9090 908 AF09
40 - 0F0 F0F0 F0C A80F
41 - E5E 5E5E 5E5 4DE5
42 - E4E 4E4E 4E4 4DE4
Level - Password
1 - 000 0000 08D 8D8D
2 - 000 0000 084 8786
3 - 000 0000 087 8785
4 - 000 0000 086 8784
5 - 000 0000 089 8D89
6 - 000 0000 0AB AFAA
7 - 000 0000 07D 777F
8 - 000 0000 0AE A4AD
9 - 000 0000 0AF A6AC
10 - 000 0000 079 777B
11 - 000 0000 078 777A
12 - 000 0000 07E 717E
13 - 000 0000 07D 6D7D
14 - 000 0000 07C 6D7C
15 - 000 0000 077 6775
16 - 000 0000 076 6774
17 - 000 0000 079 6D79
18 - 000 0000 0A3 B6A0
19 - 000 0000 09C 889F
20 - 000 0000 06D 776F
21 - 000 0000 074 6D74
22 - 000 0000 072 6972
23 - 000 0000 069 776B
24 - 000 0000 06F 716F
25 - 000 0000 091 8F90
26 - 000 0000 06C 4D6C
27 - 000 0000 067 4765
28 - 000 0000 05C 775E

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Super Valis 4 Super Nintendo Cheats

Easy difficulty:
Highlight the "Option Mode" selection on the title screen. Press Left(2), Right(2), B(2), Y(2). An "Easy" option will now be available on the option screen.

Level select:
Press [Up, Down, Left, Right] three times, followed by Select(2), Y, B, Start at the title screen.

Level skip:
Begin game play and reach Act 3. Press Up + Select at any point from now on to jump to the next level.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Super Turrican 2 Super Nintendo Cheats

Level skip:
Press R, L, X, B, Y, A, Left, Down, Up, Right.

Kill all enemies:
Press X, A, L, R, B, Y, Left, Right.

Wheel mode:
Press Up, Down, Right, Down, Left, B.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Turrican Super Nintendo Cheats

Pause game play and press L(3), R(3), L(3), Start. Music will confirm correct code entry.

Level skip:
Press Start to pause game play. Press Right, Left, Down, Right, A, Start to jump to the next level.

Sound test:
Hold L + R + X + A and press Start at the option screen.

View ending sequence:
Pause game play and press Right, Left, Down, Right, B, Start. Music will confirm correct code entry.

Weapon power-up:
Hold L + R + A + Y + B + X + Start at the options menu. Resume game play and shoot the gun to destroy all on-screen opponents.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Super Troll Island Super Nintendo Cheats

Level select:
Select the following trolls in order on the character selection screen: Blue, Green, Red, Red, Pink, Blue, then pick the troll you wish to control. Pause game play and use the D-pad to change the current level number displayed in the corner of the screen.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Super Tennis Super Nintendo Cheats

Super player:
Highlight the name of a player at the player selection screen. Then, press L(5), X, R(7), X on controller two. Your player will have increased speed and power.

Adjust opponent:
Press Select to display the score and statistics. Press R(2), Left, Down, B, A, L(2) on controller two. The sound of applause will confirm correct code entry. . Press A or B, then use the D-pad and X to change the characters. Adjust the values in the top two rows to "FF" for an expert opponent, or to "00" for an easy opponent. The numbers on the screen are interpreted as follows.

If the number at the top of the screen is a 0, the digits relate to the abilities of player one. If it is a 1, the abilities correspond to the player on the other side of the net (player two in a competitive match). If the number is a 2, then the digits are the abilities of player one's partner. A number 3 is for the partner of the player on the other side of the net. Press A to change the number at the top of the screen. The letters and numbers which signify the abilities of a player are arranged in four rows of eight digits which range from 0 to 9, then A to F. 0 is the lowest and F the highest. The numbers and letters on the top row relate to the player's strength and speed. Digits on the second and third rows relate to the player's intelligence (if the player is CPU controlled). The digits may be changed by using the D-pad to highlight the corresponding value and pressing X. Press Select to return to the game.

Alternate losing screen:
Begin game play in single player tournament mode against the CPU. Select "No" as an answer to every question. Your player should lose every match and eventually cause an alternate losing screen to appear.

Play as Phil vs. Don J.:
Enter BQ14065 C6PDJST K8XD3HR FTLWJPC 2GNYBQ1 4065C6P DJS4WQ3 MJB as a password. Note: Don J. is located on a hidden island.

Play as John vs. Don J.:
Enter DJSTK8X D3HRFTL WJPC2GN Y8Q1406 5C6PDJS TK8XD3H RFT1BMX YCM as a password.

Play as Meyer vs. Don J.:
Enter BQ14065 C6PDJST K8XD3HR FTLWJPC 2GNYBQ1 4065C6P DJS8OR3 MCD as a password.

Play as Matt vs. Don J.:

Play as Amy in the New York Open:
Enter 08QCMVF RHRMSYY RHYH9QX J0VYQYH 4HR0CQ1 4065C6P DJSSSRL MM8 as a password.

Exhibition tournament:
Enter PC2GNYB Q140065C TLWJPC2 GNYBQ14 6PDJSTK 8XD3HRF 065QJNM FTW as a password.

Play in championships with maximum points:

Play as John in Melbourne Open:

Play as John in Paris Open:
Enter 2P2DAND977M9J? R?KRG3JSZDR451 77F8PDJSTK8XD3 HRFMLSMXNZ as a password.

Play as John in London Open:
Enter 5XMBPLXZXV255L OMT?HR49187H85 GLVWK8XD3HRFTL WJP54BTAJK as a password.

Play as John in New York Open:

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Super Tekkyu Fight Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Completed Passwords
Level completed - Volcanic --- Easy - 3542 --- Normal - 8708 --- Hard - 8008
Level completed - Polar --- Easy - 5208 --- Normal - 5408 --- Hard - 5908
Level completed - Cyber --- Easy - 5265 --- Normal - 5465 --- Hard - 5965
Level completed - Ocean --- Easy - 5506 --- Normal - 7706 --- Hard - 7006
Level completed - Ruins --- Easy - 7523 --- Normal - 5725 --- Hard - 5025
Level completed - Jungle --- Easy - 7203 --- Normal - 7403 --- Hard - 7903
Note: To enter the passwords, press Start(2) during the introduction, then select the "Passwords" option.

Final password:
Enter 5465 as a password.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Super SWIV Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Level - Password

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Super Strike Eagle Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Mission - Description --- Password --- European version
2 - Libya Day --- 4H6F8392 --- 6H6F87C6
3 - Libya Night --- 4GBF8757 --- 952HD74G
4 - Gulf War Day --- 7F6G4262 --- 95GG460G
5 - Gulf War Night --- 09BD42F4 --- 41BGD71C
6 - Cuba Day --- F06D8609 --- 79GDD761
7 - Cuba Night --- D0BG83FG --- 41BGD71C
8 - Korea Day --- 67654475 --- 88GH0054
9 - Korea Night --- 4HB705FG --- DGB54111
Secret - Bonus Mission --- G6CH4228 --- ***NA***

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers Super Nintendo Cheats

Special group battle:
Select group battle mode, and press Start. Press L, R, L, R, L, R(2), L on controller two at the group battle mode screen. Select match or elimination mode and choose up to eight characters. Selection of the same character multiple times is now possible.

View profiles:
Wait for the first character profile to appear after the game starts. Hold L + R on controller two to keep the profile on the screen. Continue to hold the buttons to view more profiles.

Controller configuration:
Hold Select or Down + Select to display the controller configuration screen.

Faster CPU matches:
Press any button except Start to speed up the CPU battles in tournament Mode. Select the "End" option to have CPU matches exclusively.

Alternate color costumes:
Select a character and hold any button except Start to begin the match. Keep the button held until the plane reaches the destination stage.

Reset records:
Press Select after a match to display an option to reset the records in Vs., group battle, and time challenge modes.

Hint: Guile: Sonic Boom:
Hold Away for two seconds then press Punch (L, X, or Y) + Forward. If it does not work at first, keep trying.

Hint: Dee Jay: Spinning Kick:
Hold Away for two seconds, then press Forward + Kick.

Hint: Dee Jay: Frisbee-like power:
Hold Away for two seconds, then press Forward + Punch.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Super Star Wars Super Nintendo Cheats

Begin Game With Lightsaber
When the title screen appears, press Y, Y, X, X, A, B, X, A.

Game debug code
At menu screen type AAAAX BBBBY XXXXA YYYYB you should hear a jawa scream.

Blaster Powerups on First Level
destroy all the scorpions that come out of the first rock in the level. After you do this, a blaster power up will apear; repeat this process on the 8th rock but instead of scorpions, it will be womprats.

Extra Lives
On the Tusken Raider level, make your way to the place where you have to jump on the falling rocks. Let yourself fall off the cliff and you will enter a little cove filled with extra lives. Get them all, then kill yourself to leave. Repeat as needed.

Play Certain Stages With Invincibility
To play certain stages with invicibility, go to the title screen and press A, A, A, A, X, B, B, B, B, Y, X, X, X, A, Y, Y, Y, Y, and B on controller 1. Use controller 2 to play: during any sidescolling stage, hold select and then press and hold A, B, X, and Y. Release all the buttons and you'll be invincible for that stage!

Sound Test
At any time during the game hold A + B + X + Y, while pressing START. If you enter and exit the Sound Test screen several times it will give you clues for other cheat codes.

Extra Continues
In the Title Screen quickly press A, B, A, Y, A, X. You will here Jawa yell. You will start with 8 continues.


Debug mode:
Press A(4), X, B(4), Y, X(4), A, Y(4), B when the "Start Game" and "Option Menu" selections appear after the game starts. The sound of a Jawa will confirm correct code entry. A character selection screen will appear when game play begins. Press the following controller actions to activate the corresponding debug feature:

Level select
Press L + R on controller two to display the debug menu. Level select, stage select, number of lives, health, character, and gun options will be available.

Level skip
During game play, press Start on controller two.

Hold Select + A + B + X + Y on controller two during a side-scrolling level, Release the buttons to be invincible for the remainder of the level.

Note: By enabling this code, the Trench Battle level does not continue properly when completed. The screen will display a stationary Death Star battle with explosions in the distance and Tie Fighters attacking. Press Start on controller 2 to continue to the ending scene.

Five continues:
Press X, B(2), A, Y when the "Start Game" and "Option Menu" selections appear on the opening screen. Note: This code can not be used in conjunction with another code.

Four continues:
Press A, B, A, Y, A + X when the "Start Game" and "Option Menu" selections appear on the opening screen.

View ending sequence:
Press A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B when the "Start Game" and "Option Menu" selections appear on the opening screen.

Unlimited light saber:
Press Y(2), X(2), A, B, X, A, Start when the "Start Game" and "Option Menu" selections appear on the opening screen. Press A during game play to switch between the blaster and light saber. Note: This code can not be used in conjunction with another code.

Sound test:
Hold A + B + X + Y and press Start during game play.

Character looks at you:
Press Select to make your character look at you. If playing as Chewbacca, he will also growl.

Ninety-nine lives:
There are two sets of floating rocks that must be jumped across in the Sand People level. At the very beginning of the second set of rocks, jump off the edge of the cliff and face to the left. Luke will land on a ledge and enter a small cave area. Ignore the falling rocks and shoot the blaster in the air to reveal several extra lives. Collect them and lose your current life to restart the level at the top of the cliff. Repeat this procedure to collect up to ninety-nine lives.

Hint: Secret room:
In the Inside Sandcrawler level, immediately before the half way location when you cross the drilling spikes, jump forward into a wall instead of jumping to the sliding doors to the lasers. There will be two guns and three or four hearts located there. Besides the ledge with the flamethrower, shoot at the opening side. There will be an extra life.

Hint: Defeating the Detention Guard Boss:
This trick requires the Plasma weapon and Chewbacca as a playable character. When you go to the Boss, notice that he is up, waiting for you to appear directly below him. Try to shoot him while he is waiting there by shooting up with your weapon and using Chewbacca's long jump (Up + B). Keep long jumping and shooting up at the same time. If done correctly, you will notice the Boss' health bar draining. Keep doing this until his health bar drops to 0. Then, just fight what remains of him to win easily.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Super Soukoban Super Nintendo Cheats

Scroll down at the level selection screen to place the pointer int he password entry prompt. The character list will appear. Then, enter one of the following passwords. Press L or R to change the stage selection and enter the new password.
Status --- Password
First area complete --- 2MYJJW91BNKY
Second area complete --- 1LXHHV80AMNW
Third area complete --- 0KWGGT7Z9LR2
Fourth area complete --- ZJVFFS6Y8KV0
Fifth area complete --- YHTDDR5X7JYY
Sixth area complete --- XGSCCQ4W6H1W
Seventh area complete --- WFRBBP3V5G4T

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Super Soccer Champ Super Nintendo Cheats

All Ace Striker team:
Press Up, X, Left, Y, Right, A, Down, B, Left, Up, Right, Down, Select, Start at the title screen. Select any team and Ace Striker.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Super Soccer Super Nintendo Cheats

Play as Team Nintendo:
Select two-player mode. Hold Start + B on controller two at the team selection screen. Player two will control Team Nintendo. (An alternate version of the code is to press A, B, Select, Start at the team selection screen.)

Bonus game:
Wait for the referee to take the trophy after beating Argentina in the finals. A bonus game will begin.

Same country vs. same country:
Select two-player mode. Highlight player two's team, then hold Start + B on controller two. This will change the selection to Team Nintendo. Highlight the same team with player one's controller and press Y on controller two. Team Nintendo will revert to the original country selected. Both teams will now be from the same country.

No red cards:
Hold L + R when the referee issues your team a red card. The tackled player will receive a red card, while issuing yellow card to your team.

Note: Use the following layout to represent the password screen to enter the following codes.
        7  0  1
        6     2
        5  4  3

Expert mode:
Enter 15243657 as a password. An "Expert" option will now appear on the main menu.

View credits:
Enter 00142375 as a password.

CPU vs. CPU mode:
Enter 17252202 as a password.

Play as Team Nintendo in tournament mode:
Enter 06440047 as a password.

Play against Argentina in finals:
Enter 05222140 as a password.

Germany vs. Passwords
Germany vs. --- Password
Uruguay --- 25241000
Colombia --- 25463444
U.S.A. --- 06441604
Ireland --- 25463200
Cameroon --- 02043141
Holland --- 25462540
Italy --- 21642340
Nintendo --- 21061305
Yugoslavia --- 05023444
Japan --- 22003604
France --- 05223640
Romania --- 01003141
England --- 01421141
Brazil --- 22202340
Argentina --- 05023304

Holland vs. Passwords
Holland vs.  --- Password
Belgium --- 25257440
Uruguay --- 22637040
Yugoslavia --- 06073000
Columbia --- 05610615
Japan --- 21652615
USA --- 05032645
France --- 06212211
Ireland --- 26610140
Romania --- 25051105
Cameron --- 26233545
England --- 21070100
Brazil --- 26611715
Italy --- 21453345
Argentina --- 05232314
Germany --- 06072740

Italy vs. Passwords
Italy vs. --- Password
Belgium --- 21340005
Uruguay --- 22123444
Yugoslavia --- 02162441
Columbia --- 01700245
Japan --- 06142205
USA --- 05724645
France --- 25364241
Ireland --- 05103541
Romania --- 06343105
Cameroon --- 01122544
England --- 25364500
Holland --- 01501701
Brazil --- 21341745
Argentina --- 01122300
Germany --- 02162300
Nintendo --- 02363745

USA vs. Passwords
USA vs. --- Password
Argentina --- 06142325
Brazil --- 02362125
Cameroon --- 22500161
Colombia --- 02362020
England --- 21541122
France --- 25543225
Germany --- 01323762
Holland --- 01125366
Ireland --- 01522660
Italy --- 26303762
Japan --- 26105225
Nintendo --- 06565322
Romania --- 21563225
Uruguay --- 06142464
Yugoslavia --- 26524464

Friday, April 15, 2016

Super Smash T.V. Super Nintendo Cheats

Level select:
Press Right(2), Up, Down, R, L, Start at the player select/skill screen. The word "Bingo" will confirm correct code entry. Alternatively, press Right(2), R, L, Start at the player select/skill screen.

Extra lives and continues:
Press Down, L, R, Up at the player select/skill screen. You can now set the number of lives and continues to a maximum of seven each. Alternately, press Left(2), Up, Down, L, R, Up at the player select/skill screen.

Sound test:
Press L, R, L(2), R at the option screen.

Hidden credits:
Hold L + R and press B as the Beam Software logo forms on the screen.

Turbo mode:
Highlight the "One Player" selection and press Left, Right, Left, Up, R(2). The word "Bingo!" will confirm correct code entry.

Additional lives:
Highlight the "Two Players" selection and press L, R, Up. The word "Bingo!" will confirm correct code entry. Up seven additional lives and continues will be available.

No enemies:
Enable the "Level select" code. Choose a circuit and hold Select when entering a room. Note: This may not be effective in some rooms. After ten keys are obtained, this trick may be used to reach the Pleasure Dome.

Secret rooms:
In the "Total Carnage" room in Arena 1, kill all enemies and exit to the right.
In the "Buffalo Herd Nearby!" room in Arena 2, kill all enemies and exit to the right.
In the "Secret Rooms Nearby!" room in Arena 3, kill all enemies and exit to the right.
In Arena 3, move two rooms to the right of "Cobra Death", to reach a room called "You Have Enough Keys!" or "Not Enough Keys!". This depends on whether at least ten keys were obtained. If an adequate number of keys have been collected, kill all enemies and leave through the lower exit to reach the Pleasure Dome.

Expert mode:
A question mark will appear in each of the secret rooms, the Pleasure Dome, and the M.C. Boss room. Collect all five to view a special ending. The game will restart at a faster difficulty level.

Easy two-player mode:
Stay in the corner and shoot enemies in two-player mode. This will allow the game to be easily completed.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Super Slapshot Super Nintendo Cheats

Custom teams:
Enter .BR. C.D. BR._ as a password, where "_" indicates a space. Press Start, and enter the today's match screen. Use the D-pad to adjust the teams' attributes.

Upside down players:
Enter .SCH .R as a password. Select exhibition or tournament mode, and choose any team.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Super Scope 6 Super Nintendo Cheats

Invincibility (Lazer Blazer):
Plug a standard controller into port one. Start game play in confront mode. Keep tapping X until you are hit five times. Replace the standard controller with the Super Scope and continue game play with invincibility.

Bonus points (Mole Patrol):
Play the MED level and reach level 12 with a perfect score. Shoot the yellow mole for 100,000 points.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Super Robot Wars 4 Super Nintendo Cheats

Best magic:
Create a character and enter 9 for the month and 2 for the day.

Quick start:
Hold Select at the Banpresto logo to jump to your most recent saved game.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Super Robot Robot Wars 3 Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Paths:
If you choose the true path (the Invaders path), you will fight Windro in the Deikasteis and also get Anavel Gato in the Nue Zeal. However, if you choose the "Gundam Route" (DC Route), You will fight Paptimus Scirroco in the Valtion Custom, get a chance for Four Murasame to join, but not get the Nue Zeal. In the level when Bosque Om makes a treaty/non-aggression pact with the Invaders, Anavel will come in the GP-02 and blow nearly half the DC fleet.

Hint: Easy HP:
When low on HP, switch to another form, heal, then switch back. This also works for lock on and others.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Super Return Of The Jedi Super Nintendo Cheats

Seven continues:
Power on the SNES and do not press any buttons until the title screen appears. Then, quickly press A, B, A, Y, A, X. The sound of a Jawa will confirm correct code entry.

Ninety-nine lives:
Power on the SNES and do not press any buttons until the title screen appears. Then, quickly press X(2), B, A, Y.

View credits:
Power on the SNES and do not press any buttons until the title screen appears. Then, quickly press A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B.

Unlimited thermal detonators:
Power on the SNES and do not press any buttons until the title screen appears. Then, quickly press B, X, B, X, B, X, B(3), Y. Then, press X during game play.

Debug mode:
Power on the SNES and do not press any buttons until the title screen appears. Then, hold L + R on controller two and press A(2), B(2), X(2), Y(2), A, B, X, Y, A, B, X, Y on controller one. Begin a new game or use a password to continue game play. Wait until a side scrolling level is reached. Hold B and press Start to complete the current level or press L + R on controller two to display a debug and level select menu. Note: Most of the other cheat codes are automatically enabled in debug more and also allows unlimited thermal detonators.

Display coordinates, invincibility:
Hold A + B + X + Y and press Select during any side-scrolling level. Location coordinates and invincibility will be activated when all buttons are released.

Sound test:
Hold Y + A + X + Down and press Start in any side-scrolling level.

Rotate logo and introduction text:
Power on the SNES and do not press any buttons until the title screen appears. Then, quickly press Y(4). Press L and R to rotate the logo and introduction text.

Level Passwords
Level - 2 --- Easy - RLGQMN --- Brave - BGFSMH --- Jedi - RRSBTS
Level - 3 --- Easy - ZJLMRJ --- Brave - JVPLHP --- Jedi - YQYHJN
Level - 4 --- Easy - LZLKJF --- Brave - VDLBGG --- Jedi - ZPNKKZ
Level - 5 --- Easy - VTYMZX --- Brave - MKYXVN --- Jedi - BZGBJX
Level - 6 --- Easy - QZNFPP --- Brave - LBRHFR --- Jedi - MSDZZR
Level - 7 --- Easy - VKCDFD --- Brave - GPTDZC --- Jedi - XXVPBG
Level - 8 --- Easy - ZCTKFC --- Brave - DDDQYZ --- Jedi - CQQBKP
Level - 9 --- Easy - QYXYHB --- Brave - TLVHFT --- Jedi - XNHPSF
Level - 10 --- Easy - LFWLTQ --- Brave - NVBJJH --- Jedi - KQMLXP
Level - 11 --- Easy - QDQGKH --- Brave - GRMJYX --- Jedi - MFWHQM
Level - 12 --- Easy - CPMRZV --- Brave - ZKQHQD --- Jedi - VCYNNP
Level - 13 --- Easy - CDWLTY --- Brave - WCBMKS --- Jedi - BPSDVS
Level - 14 --- Easy - BPFFZQ --- Brave - KXVZZD --- Jedi - DSFYGD
Level - 15 --- Easy - RMNVLC --- Brave - BWHPHZ --- Jedi - NJHPHL
Level - 16 --- Easy - RVKFKG --- Brave - MKZYDP --- Jedi - BZCBCB
Level - 17 --- Easy - VQXDQJ --- Brave - KHWKCB --- Jedi - VJKSNJ
Level - 18 --- Easy - HLQMVL --- Brave - WDSMNN --- Jedi - PPNNZY
Level - 19 --- Easy - VQJGWF --- Brave - GWYXGN --- Jedi - CJQKMX
Level - 20 --- Easy - ZZSTXZ --- Brave - BGSWLD --- Jedi - TXQLTM

Hint: Level 2: Easy lives:
Collecting emblems during the level. Each time you get 100, you will get an extra life.

Hint: Kill Darth Vader:
Press X to throw your light saber at him until he dies.

Hint: Princess Leia: Super jump:
Princess Leia can perform a super jump when she is in the slave girl costume. Press B to jump, press Y while in the air to perform a whirl attack, and press B again to jump in mid-air.

Hint: Princess Leia: Strong move:
When playing as Slave Leia, hold Y until her chain starts to glow, then release. This move is very effective against Bosses.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Super R-Type Super Nintendo Cheats

Level select:
Hold R and press Up(9) on the title screen when the current difficulty level is displayed. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Begin game play and press Start to pause. Hold R + A + Select. A number will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Press Up or Down to select a level. Note: Select levels 11 through 17 to play one difficulty level higher than the one displayed on the title screen.

Low volume music:
Enter the BGM Test screen and play a selection. Press R to lower the volume.

Alternate music:
Enter the BGM Test screen and play a selection. Hold R to lower the volume, and eventually the song will change into an alternate version.

Full power-up:
Enter Down, R, Right, Down, Right(2), Down, Right, Down(2) at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Begin game play and press Start to pause. Press R, Right, Down, Y, Down, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right(2). Select one of each weapon class by pressing one of the following buttons. Note: Only one choice may be made for each weapon class.

Button - Normal Attack
A - Sky Laser
B - Ground Laser
X - Reflect Laser
Y - Spread Laser
R - Shotgun Bomb

Button - Missiles and Bombs
A - Homing Missiles
X - Spread Bomb

Pro difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting and the game will begin again under the pro difficulty setting.

Hint: Remix sound test:
This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature or very fast fingers. Go to "BGM". Start the music by pressing A, then set the auto fire to R. Then, back to off when the music starts with different or higher sounds. Repeat this when you change songs.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix Super Nintendo Cheats

Alternate ending sequence:
Get over 180,000 experience points in story mode without using any continues. You will face Masked Satan after defeating Rulue. Defeat him to view an alternate ending sequence.

Hidden options:
Hold L + R + Start at the ranking screen to access the "Key Assignment", "Endless Mode Level" and other hidden options.