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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Warlock Super Nintendo Cheats

Rune Passwords
Second Rune - GRKKL
Third Rune Area 1 - SHPJL
Third Rune Area 2 - CDJHL
Fourth Rune Area 1 - BRSHT
Fourth Rune Area 3 - HBLST
Fifth Rune Area 1 - THKTH
Fifth Rune Area 5 - DCTFF
Sixth Rune Area 1 - BSTJK
Sixth Rune Area 4 - LHBHL
Sixth Rune Area 6 - DFGBH


Level Passwords
The Garden
Level --- Password
Garden --- GRKKL

The Castle
Level --- Password
Start of third stone quest --- SHPJL
Middle of third stone quest --- CDJHL
Start of fourth stone quest --- BRSHT
End of fourth stone quest --- HBLST

Realm of the Diamond
Level --- Password
Start of fifth stone quest --- THKTH
Middle of fifth stone quest --- DCTFF
Start of sixth stone quest --- BSTJK
Middle of sixth stone quest --- LHBHL
End of sixth stone quest --- DFGBH

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