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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wizardry 5: Heart Of The Maelstrom Super Nintendo Cheats

Graphics and sound test:
Hold L + R at the copyright screen until the Capcom logo disappears. A screen that allows various graphics to be viewed will appear. Press Up or Down to change pictures. Press Select to enter the sound test screen. Alternatively, hold Up at the Capcom logo, then hold Start when the logo flashes while continuing to hold Up.

All spells:
Use the "elevator" on level 2 to reach level 3. Have all your characters dive into the pool that is closest to the entrance until the message "But nothing happens" appears. All characters will have nine spells at all spell levels.

English mode:
Enter the "Select Switch" and execute the first five options. Return to the main menu for all English text.

Delete saved data:
Go to the edge of town and delete all characters. After all characters are gone, select the "Delete Character" option again to get a prompt to reset the saved data. Answer "Yes" to clear the map and reset the game to its original state.

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