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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WWF Royal Rumble Super Nintendo Cheats

Super punch:
Press B + Y as the LJN logo fades. A grunt will confirm correct code entry.

Wrestle same character:
Press L to freeze the WWF logo on the character selection screen. Hold L + R + Select without moving the logo. Any wrestler may be selected by both players.

Big head mode:
Successfully complete the game as Tatanka. Then, press A, B, Y, X, Start, Select.

No referee:
Select tournament or one fall mode. Select a character and opponent. Line up your wrestler with the referee after the match begins. Hold Y until the referee stops moving. Your wrestler will knock down the referee. Use cheat moves such as L (eye gouge) or R (choke) while the referee is down to take advantage of your opponent.

Control wrestler selection screen background:
Press L when the wrestler selection screen is displayed. Press L(2) to stop the background from moving. Press R to speed up the background. Press R(2) to move the background at its fastest rate.

Brett Hart's moves:
Sharpshooter (finisher)
Press R near your opponent's feet when he is on the ground.

Crush's moves:
Cranium Crush (finisher)
Press R when standing behind a dazed opponent.

Mr. Perfect's moves:
Perfect-Plex (finisher)
Win a grapple by pressing R.

The Narrisist's (Lex Luger) moves:
Running Forearm
Toss your opponent to the ropes, run to the opposite ropes, and press R.

Razor Ramon's moves:
Razor's Edge (finisher)
Win a grapple by pressing R.

Ric Flair's moves:
Figure 4 Leglock (finisher)
Press R near your opponent's feet.

Shawn Michaels' moves:
Back/slingshot suplex
Press R when standing behind a dazed opponent.

Tatanka's moves:
Reverse Slam
Press Y to toss your opponent to the ropes in a grapple. Then press R when he gets near.

Ted Diabaise's moves:
Million Dollar Dream (finisher)
Press R when standing behind a dazed opponent.

The Undertaker's moves:
Tombstone Piledriver (finisher)
Win a grapple by pressing R.

Yokozuna's moves:
Banzai Drop (finisher)
Press R near an upper turnbuckle when your opponent is down.

Hint: Easy win:
To win a match easily, climb the top turnbuckle and wait until your opponent starts running at you. At the same moment he crashes into the turnbuckle, jump off by pressing A or B. Keep doing this until his power is down, then use your special. This requires some practice.

When playing as Macho Man, wear down your opponent. Knock him down by the turnbuckle. Then, climb and press R to do his elbow.

Hint: Weakling referee:
Unlike in WWF Raw, where you can make the referee quit and come back but get stuck and glitch the game, in WWF Royal Rumble there are many different ways to hurt the referee. The easy way is to run into him. Another way is to be about two wrestlers lengths away from him and run. He will fall but immediately get back up. Another way is to punch him, and when he shakes his head, punch him again. He will then fall to the mat. Note: The referee in WWF Royal Rumble is the exact same referee in WWF Raw except with black hair. He seems to be modeled after referee Jack Dones.

Hint: WWF Attitude logo preview:
On the turnbuckles, the new WWF Attitude logo is seen. This game was made in 1993, and the Attitude logo did not arrive until 1998.

Glitch: Damage from chair:
Begin a Royal Rumble and get outside the ring. Get a chair and use it to hit your opponent's head. Remain outside the ring and execute a Power Bomb on the chair and your opponent will get the damage.

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