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Thursday, August 11, 2016

WWF Super Wrestlemania Super Nintendo Cheats

Quick pin:
Lower your opponent's energy by half. Press X when your opponent is on the mat to pin him, then quickly hold Up + Y. Your opponent will not be able to get off the mat after the three count. Note: This will not work in tag team or survivor modes.

Bring your opponent down to half health, then knock him down. Press X to pin him, then press Up and hold B. Note: This will only work in one-on-one mode.

Hint: Referee similarity:
The referee for this game is modeled after referee Mike Chioda.

Hint: WWF Attitude logo preview:
On the turnbuckles, the new WWF Attitude logo is seen. This game was made in 1991, and the Attitude logo did not arrive until 1998.

Hint: Hulk Hogan's Leg Drop:
Select Hulk Hogan as your wrestler and choose any opponent. When your opponent is laying on the mat, hold Y to bounce off the ropes. When you run back to your opponent, pres B and Hulk Hogan will do his leg drop. Note: This can be done with any wrestler, but Hulk Hogan is best known for it.

Hint: Randy Savage's Flying Elbow Drop:
Put your opponent on the mat by any method. Then, climb the turnbuckle and press B. Note: This works with every wrestler because no one has a special move except for Macho Man.

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