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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Hunt For Red October Super Nintendo Cheats

Level skip:
Pause game play and press A, B, Select, Right, Left(2), Right, Select, B, A, B(2), A. Note: This can only be done once per game.

Pause game play and press A, B, Select, A, B, Select, A, B, Select, A, B, Select, A, B, Select, A, B, Select.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Humans Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Level - Password

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hook Super Nintendo Cheats

Extra Lives
Use Tinkerbell to fill up your power on level 1. Then, fly to the right and enter the cave filled with spikes. Carefully move through the cave until collecting a 3-Up. Intentionally die and repeat this process to accumulate 99 lives, Fall into the first chasm on the right at the beginning of level five (the caves). Walk or fly to Tinkerbell on the bottom of this area. A leaf will appear with a 3-Up. Lose your current life and repeat the process to accumulate 99 lives.


Extra life loop:
Use Tinkerbell to fill up your power on level 1. Then, fly to the right and enter the cave filled with spikes. Carefully move through the cave until collecting a 3-Up. Intentionally die and repeat this process to accumulate 99 lives,

Fall into the first chasm on the right at the beginning of level five (the caves). Walk or fly to Tinkerbell on the bottom of this area. A leaf will appear with a 3-Up. Lose your current life and repeat the process to accumulate 99 lives.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge Danpei Super Nintendo Cheats

Level passwords:
The following passwords are described as the character icon in the "row number-column number" format.
Level --- Password
2 --- 2-1, 2-3, 1-5, 1-8, 1-6
3-1 --- 1-3, 2-5, 1-4, 2-7, 2-6
3-2 --- 2-2, 2-2, 2-8, 2-4, 1-7
3-3 --- 1-7, 1-5, 1-2, 2-3, 2-7
3-4 --- 2-8, 1-8, 1-8, 1-2, 1-3
3-5 --- 1-6, 1-4, 1-1, 2-1, 2-5
3-6 --- 2-7, 1-4, 1-4, 1-3, 1-8
3-7 --- 1-2, 2-1, 2-8, 1-7, 2-4
4-1 --- 2-4, 1-7, 2-3, 1-8, 1-2
4-2 --- 2-5, 1-2, 2-3, 2-5, 1-6
4-3 --- 1-8, 1-3, 2-4, 1-1, 2-1
4-4 --- 2-6, 1-1, 1-7, 2-2, 1-4
4-5 --- 1-5, 1-6, 2-5, 1-4, 1-5
4-6 --- 1-4, 2-6, 2-2, 1-6, 2-3
4-7 --- 2-3, 2-7, 2-1, 2-6, 2-2
4-8 --- 2-2, 1-1, 2-6, 1-5, 1-6
4-9 --- 1-8, 1-2, 1-1, 2-1, 1-3
4-10 --- 2-1, 2-8, 1-2, 2-4, 2-5
4-11 --- 1-4, 2-1, 1-3, 2-3, 2-1
4-12 --- 2-7, 1-6, 1-4, 2-5, 1-2
4-13 --- 1-7, 2-2, 1-5, 1-5, 2-4
4-14 --- 2-8, 2-8, 1-6, 1-2, 1-7
4-15 --- 1-1, 2-3, 1-7, 1-4, 2-6
5-1 --- 1-6, 1-5, 1-8, 2-6, 1-5
5-2 --- 1-2, 2-4, 2-1, 1-1, 1-1
5-3 --- 2-2, 2-6, 2-3, 1-6, 1-4
5-4 --- 2-5, 2-8, 2-6, 1-7, 2-7
5-5 --- 2-7, 2-8, 2-8, 1-2, 1-3

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Spin jump:
When the game starts, jump on the plant over the bellhop, then jump on the ashtray and a pigeon. By jumping on the pigeon, you will be able to use a spin jump attack, which can push almost all enemies off screen.

Hint: Defeating: Harry and Marv:
Get the dart gun hidden in the Christmas tree in the last level. Use it to push them off the screen.

Hint: Level 1 to level 2 warp:
Enter room 1621 on the hotel's sixteenth floor. Get the aftershave power-up and enter room 1622. Fire all your darts in the room, then press Up in front of the closet. You will warp to level 2 with sixteen darts. Note: You must do everything while you are still powered up.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Home Alone Super Nintendo Cheats

Quick Searching
Hold Up + Left or Right to search for items as Kevin runs through the game.


Pause game play, then hold Up and press Select.

Hint: Quick searching:
Hold Up/Left or Up/Right to search for items as Kevin runs through the game.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Harvest Moon Super Nintendo Cheats

To get the teleporter go to the mine in the winter and find as much rare metals as you can and give them to Rick (tool guy) and some time he will bring the teleporter to your farm and you can use it on your food. This makes your food bigger and lets it sell for mo money.

Free Medals
When you bet at the Dog Race and Horse Race 1st.Set everybody to 99 G(you'll need 30,000 G to bet on everybody but if you don't have that much it will stillwork) 2nd. PushB to get out of the menu. When you check your money again you will not of lost any money but you will still get the medal's.

Easy Medals
To get easy medals in a horse race save the game the day before and bet all your money on one horse then find out the winner of the race and restart the game. Re-bet on the winner with your money. With the medals you can get cool upgrades and gifts.

Girl's Birthdays
Elli - Fall 1
Maria - Winter 11
Popuri - Spring 22
Karen - Winter 29
Ann - Summer 14

Upgrade Your House
To upgrade the shack you live in, you must have two things, lumber and ALOT of money.
Go to the carpenter's house and check to the right of the bed and there will be a sheet.
Check the sheet and it gives you a choice:
1. Kitchen
2. Bathroom
3. Log-terrace (Deck)
4. Baby bed
5. Stairs
6. Greenhouse
(These are not in order) Chose one and he'll say he'll be over to see if you have the money and lumber.
Go back to your ranch and if you have the materials, he'll tell you he will start tomorrow.

How To Get Rid Of Your Dog
If you want to get rid of that no good mutt just bring it in the bathroom and place it on the ground.
Then let it walk around and eventually it will walk into the black where you can't and will fall down some sort of hole.
You can call for it but it won't come, you will just hear it's barking.

How To Get The Music Box
During the Summer go to the dog house.
Line yourself with it facing your field (you'll be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your veggies in)
From there walk towards the end of the field (you'll have to go around the crate) until (like it says in the map) the tree, the same tree you found the map in, is to your left. Now dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree) line up. You'll have to strike the ground with the hoe about 10 times. You'll get a rusted up music box. Take it to the tool shop and the shop keeper (Rick) will fix it for you. It's purpose is to be given to the girl you like because it plays a love song.

How To Get The Marble
To get the marble you have to buy some flower seeds and plant a moon drop flower and a pink cat flower then when they are done a boy comes to the farm (Stu) and tells you to plant more so then plant four more moon drop and four more pink cat flowers then when there done the boy comes back and ask you to trade with you and say yes then you get a marble (you can find pink cats at the Flower Festival and buy at least five of it).

How To Make Ann Fall In Love
First you should talk to her often. She likes pink catmint flowers and wool. You should show her your dog and other wild animals often she also enjoys cakes like any other person in the game.

How To Make Elli Fall In Love
Elli likes fish and eggs and milk. Give it to her every day (eggs milk or fish either one.) She well soon fall in love with you if you rapidly give any of those three to her.

How To Make Karen Fall In Love
If you choose Karen as your love, there are a few ground rules. Don't talk to her so much. Make sure you constantly talk to her father and the purple bandana guy. In spring and fall, you can find wild grapes. Give them to her and her father all the time. Visit her in the bar when it is open. Sometimes Karen is on the beach near Ann's house. when the time comes, get the blue feather from Rick and use it on her.

Love Meter
The girls in Harvest Moon have affection hearts in the bottom right of the text box.

WHITE = Indifferent
BLUEe = Friendly
GREEN = Flirtatious
YELLOW = Deep Affection

Milk And Wool Upgrades
For Milk:
When you get a cow it makes small milk(100G) to make it give you better milk "forget" to feed it one day.
The next day she will be sick.
Buy a medicine from the rancher or potion man.
Use it and your cow will produce medium milk(150G).
Do this again and it will produce large milk(300G).
You can't use this method to get gold milk though (500G).
The only way to get that is to win the cow festival (Fall 4th at green ranch)

For Wool:
Do the same thing you did to get better milk except only do it once.
Wool:900G, Good Wool: 1800G

Pond Upgrades
To receive a Anti-Rain Power Berry, catch a small fish, and then throw it into the pond where you first met the fisherman, a blue monkey should appear and give you a berry, which allows you to not get tired during rainy days. Another one is to throw any vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house, a spirit will appear and gives you a wish to use for one of three choices, Weather, strength and love. Note: Do not wish for love if you have a mate with a pink heart in her text box, it will do nothing.

Power Berry
The pond behind the fisherman's tent freezes during the winter so that you can walk on it. If you have the golden hammer, walk onto the frozen pond and hit the rock in the back with your most powerful swing. The rock will break and a power berry will come out.

Treasure Map
If you look in the tree on your farm by pressing the A button there will be a treasure map inside.

Hidden Blue Apple
Do this in the spring. Go to the small pond by the fisherman's tent and fish. Catch any fish and then throw it into the pond. A water imp will come up and give you a blue apple, which supposedly allows you to work on a rainy day without getting tired. Note: This trick will not work in the winter due to the fact that the pond is frozen at that time.

Blue Berry
First of all you have to get the fishing pole before this will work. Anyway after you get the fishing pole catch a small fish and throw it into the pond by the fisherman's tent a greenish imp should come out of the water and give you a blue berry that will keep you from getting tired in the rain.

Get Married
To get married, pick out a young lady of your choice. Dance with her at festivals, give her presents every day, and be very nice to her. When the heart in the bottom of the right hand corner is red or pink, buy a blue feather from Rick's Tool Shop (If he doesn't have it, he'll get it, trust me) and give it to her. If she says yes, you will be married the next Sunday.

Have A Child
Once you are married, be EXTREMELY nice to your wife. Don't stay out late, bring her gifts, and NEVER talk to another girl. After 30 days, she'll begin to act strangely. In another 60 days, you'll have a child.

Quick Cash
Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land, and take then to the shipping bin.

How To Get The Empty Bottle
The only place you can buy the empty bottle is from Rick at some of the Festivals in the town square, especially the Flower Festival. With the bottle, you can buy medicine, or keep liquids in it.

Pond Upgrades
To receive a Anti-Rain Power Berry, catch a small fish, and then throw it into the pond where you first met the fisherman, a blue monkey should appear and give you a berry, which allows you to not get tired during rainy days. Another one is to throw any vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house, a spirit will appear and gives you a wish to use for one of three choices, Weather, strength and love. Note: Do not wish for love if you have a mate with a pink heart in her text box, it will do nothing.

Treasure Map
If you look in the tree on your farm by pressing the A button there will be a treasure map inside.

Chicken On The Roof
If you put your chicken on the roof it will lay an egg about every few days and you don't even have to feed it.

Grow Strawberries
Build a greenhouse and go to the Flower Shop to find every season's crop. There will be strawberry seeds that you can get for $120.

Add Ons To The House
Add-ons make your house look better and easier to live in.

The Bathroom has a restroom and a tub.
The Log-Terrace, or the Deck, is built behind your house and has a little table on it. It is a nice place to eat with your wife.
The Baby-Bed is used for your baby.
The Greenhouse is used to grow crops in during the Winter and other seasons. Strawberries can only be grown in the Greenhouse.
The Stairs lead to your roof.
The Tub is for restoring your energy instead of the spa up in the mountains, which is built after the earthquake.
The Kitchen has a table, a refrigerator, a recipe book, and a record of Power Nuts.
The table can be adorned with a tablecloth and a mug if you win them in the lottery held at the Bakery.
The Fridge is used to store food and vegetables. You can get different recipes from people and find the Power Nuts.

Also in your house, you can win and buy a few extras.
The cabinets can be bought at Rick's Tool Shop for 2000Gs.
A very nice rug can be bought there also for 3000Gs.
If you win the Swim Race, then you will receive an Invincible Katori.
If you win the Egg Festival, one of the prizes is also a mysterious turtle that sits on your TV.

Use the Hoe to plant crops on hoed 3x3 squares.
The Hammer is used to break rocks.
The Ax is used to chop wood.
The sickle is used to cut weeds.
Watering can is used to water your crops.
The Shears are used to cut wool.
The Milker is used to get milk.
The Jar holds liquids.
The Fishing Pole is used to catch fish.

Special Items
Most of special items in the game, once collected, will appear on the far right of the pause menu (rucksack screen).
These include:

Weather Vane
Flower Card: For every 10 points you can pull a lottery ticket.
Cake Card: For every 10 points you may pull on lottery ticket.
Treasure Map: Leads you to Music Box, found in the tree on your farm.
Music Box
Medal Bag: During the dog and horse races, you can bet on the competition. Once you have some medals, you will have this item.
Gold milk
Old wine

Other items:
Use the Ocarina to play music.
The Rug has a nice design and is used for decoration.
The Cupboard can be used to store flowers and milk.
The Tool Box will hold your tools.
The Blue Feather is an engagement item.

Plant a Blue Mist flower. Once it is fully grown, you and Pourpri will have a picture taken. Once you have all of the Home Extensions you will get a photo. Once married, you will receive a Souvenir Photo of your wedding. You get a photo at the beginning of the game. It is of you and you grandpa. You will get a photo of your child once you have one.

Blue Vase
Go to the mine in Winter and dig for a Blue Rock. Give the Blue Rock to the Antique Shop owner to get the Blue Vase. It will make your house and family life better.

Old Wine
This item will solve the crisis in the vineyard. Go to the bar at night and drink a lot. Once your cow produces gold milk, give it to Duke, the bar owner.

The Artisan will give you a book in year three. Give it to the woman that you like.

Use the following steps to get various recipes. You must have a kitchen to get recipes.

Bread Pudding
Give either eggs or milk to Elli in the Bakery.

Cinnamon Milk Tea
Give Elli's father milk from your cows. If this does not get him to hand over the recipe, also give him a few eggs.

Corn Fritter
Give corn to Ann's father.

Corn Pasta
Give corn to Popuri's father.

Cream Of Turnip Stew
Give a turnip to Maria's mother.

Easy Tomato Soup
Go to the Bar and find the man who picks up your shipments of crops and animal items out of your box or bin. Give him a tomato. He is not always in the bar, so this may require a few attempts. He sits in the bottom most corner.

Eggplant With Miso Paste
Give an eggplant to the midwife.

Fried Char
Give a potato to the Mayor.

Garlic Beef Potato
Give a potato to the mailman.

Grilled Trout With Cheese
Give a fish to the carpenter that hangs around nearest to the lake.

Hot Spicy Wine
Find the big and orange fruit (like a grapefruit) in the forest and give it to the owner of the Bar.

Mashed Potato
Give a potato to Ann.

Miso Soup With Sprouts
Give an edible herb to the potion shop owner in the Drugstore.

Mushroom Salsa
Give mushrooms to the Harvest Elves frequently. Eventually they will reward you with the recipe.

Pickled Turnip And Cabbage
At the top of the mountain, locate the old folks living in the old house. Give a turnip to the old man living there.

Rolled Cabbage
Give a cabbage to Maria.

Simple Tomato Soup
Give the town priest several tomatoes.

Steamed Clams With Wine
Become good friends with Karen's Dad. In the fall, collect as many red berries as possible and try to give him a berry each day. After a while, he will reveal the recipe.

Strawberry Champagne
Give a strawberry to Karen.

Strawberry Wine
Grow a strawberry in your greenhouse. Once it has matured, pick it, and deliver it to Karen.

Strawberry Jam
Give Popuri a strawberry to get the Strawberry Jam recipe.

Veryberry Wine
Give Kai, the worker at the vineyard, a fruit or berry.

Walnut Cake
Give Elli's grandma (the old lady that sits in a rocking chair either inside or right outside the Bakery) a walnut (only be found in summer).

Power Nut Locations
Power Nuts permanently increase your stamina. They can be obtained at the following locations. One of the Power Nuts is located beneath the earth on your farm. Plow many different spots with your hoe to find it. Travel to the pond next to the fisherman's tent in the winter. Hit the large rock nearby to reveal a Power Nut. Treat the Harvest Sprites nicely. Visit them frequently and bring them gifts. Eventually, they will give you a Power Nut. A Power Nut can be found in the mine with the precious rocks and minerals during winter. Travel four levels down. You have to find the holes in the floor and go into it to drop to the next level. The holes are hard to find. Finding this Power Nut takes luck and patience. You can purchase a Power Nut from the peddler at the Flower Festival during the first year. Win a Power Nut at the Egg Festival by matching the most colored eggs. Catch a large spring during the spring. Throw the fish in exact center of the pond that at the base of Moon Mountain by the fisherman's tent. This may have to be done multiple times to find the correct location. A Harvest Goddess will appear and reward you with a Power Nut.

View Ending Sequence
Hold R + L + Start + Select immediately after the lights go out when done writing in the diary. Hold down the buttons the entire time.

Quick Marriage
To get a girl to like you really fast, wait until she askes a yes or no question, for example: 'Do you like sweets?' Always answer the way she wants you to, usually yes. If you do it enough times, she'll be ready for marriage the next day.

Magic Fish
Go to the fishing pond and then get some beans from the pond by catching a fish when you have already caught one. You will get beans from the man, and gargle them. Then you will spit them into the pond. Then a Magic fish poppes up and gives you 40000 G.


View ending sequence:
Hold R + L + Start + Select immediately after the lights go out when done writing in the diary. Note: Hold down the buttons the entire time.

Hint: Bonus watch:
Buy a Super Log House before the first summer ends.

Hint: Easy 1000 gold:
On the first day of Harvest Moon there is 1000 gold in the dresser by your character's bed.

Hint: Protect your fences:
Leave your dog out everyday and your fences will never be broken unless it rains or snows.

Hint: Better fence:
By replacing your wooden fences with rocks, they will never be destroyed by rain, like the wood. To get through the fence, lift the rock, move past, and place it back.

Hint: Golden Axe:
The rocks at the mountain will break after the second earthquake. Throw your axe in the pond which is now accessible. Tell the truth to get the Golden Axe.

When the big rock is going near the lumber jack's place, get your axe and throw it into the spring. The Goddess will appear and ask if you threw the Golden Axe down. Answer "No" and she will give it to you.

Hint: Golden Hammer:
One day, a man will ask you if he can use your hammer. Say "Yes" and the next day it will be golden.

Hint: Golden Hoe:
One day the little sprite will be near the shipping place near your house. Talk to him. He will ask you for food. Go to the lumber jack's place and get a mushroom. Give it to the sprite and he will turn your hoe golden.

Hint: Golden Sickle:
One day a starving sprite will come to your house. Feed him to get the Golden Sickle.

Once the well breaks down and has a big hole, go down it. You will find sprites. Talk to one and he will ask you about the sickle. Say "Yes" that you like it and he will improve it.

Hint: Keep your cows happy:
Brush, feed, talk and walk your cow (unless it rains or snows). Eventually your cow will give a large amount milk which results in a lot of money.

Hint: Large milks:
Breed the cows with the Miracle Potion and Medicine Trick or breed them naturally. When the new calf becomes a full adult, it will automatically produce large milks.

Hint: Hurricane:
Watch the weather forecast and talk to your wife everyday. One day they will warn you about a hurricane. Keep your animals inside on that day. Your horse and dog, however, will be safe.

Hint: Keep your wife happy:
Give your wife presents everyday and come home by 5:00. You should also have the Super Deluxe Log House by now. If she likes you, you will have a child. Talk to her when she is pregnant, say no, and do not go to work to keep her happy. If she really likes you, you will have a second child. Finally, do not cheat on your wife.
When you are married do not give other girls gifts and be home by
6:00 every night.

Hint: Herbs:
Herbs are crops that last every season. Make sure some herbs are shipped in Winter.

Hint: Mushrooms:
Ship a mushroom In fall, on any day except for Sunday. If it is Sunday, sell a poisonous mushroom to the peddler in town to get more money.

Hint: Spring vegetables:
When planting spring vegetables, remember that they will not rot until autumn, as opposed to summer.

Hint: Saving wood:
You can save wood for your fences by using the small rocks, so do not break them or throw them in the ponds. They also can not be broken by the rain or dogs.

Hint: More wood:
Go to the lumber jack's house. Cut up the wood or stumps. Enter the lumber jacks' house, then go back out. The stumps will be back.

Hint: Berry of Power Tree:
At the harvest festival, put a fish in the stew to get a berry of the Power Tree.

At the very beginning of the game, right after Ellen leaves, quickly make your way to the shed. Take the hammer, run, and avoid all obstacles to the chicken statue in the cross section. Smash the statue. If you reached it fast enough, a Berry of the Power Tree will appear. Note: This only works on the first day during 6:00 am.

Throw a fish that you caught back in the pond every season. A Water Imp will appear and give you the Berry of Power.

Hint: The Hawker:
The Hawker appears only three times in the game. When he does, say "Yes" because you will not get the opportunity again. The following are the three times that he appears.

First time you sell a chicken after the first Fall: You get a Power Berry and he gets your chicken. To get this, put your chicken in the livestock bin and tell the Livestock Dealer that you want to sell your chicken.

First time you sell an adult cow: You get a Magical Bean and he gets your cow. This is good because you get a Golden Egg. To get this, tell the livestock dealer that you want to sell the cow. To use the Magical Bean, go up on the top of the mountain in Spring or Summer facing the little raised oval thing.

First time you have 30,000 G: You get a Bell Tree and he gets 20,000 G. If you ring the Bell Tree, your cows return faster than with the hand-held bell. To get this, say "Yes" when he asks you if you want it. To use the Bell Tree, go up to it (located next to the entrance to the cow shed) and press A.

Hint: Sellable items:
Berry of Wild Grape --- Shipper price = 150 G --- Peddler price = 200 G --- Season grown or obtained = Spring
Turnip --- Shipper price = 60 G --- Peddler price = 120 G --- Season grown or obtained = Spring
Potato --- Shipper price = 80 G --- Peddler price = 160 G --- Season grown or obtained = Spring
Tropical Fruit --- Shipper price = 200 G --- Peddler price = 300 G --- Season grown or obtained = Summer
Tomatoes --- Shipper price = 100 G --- Peddler price = 200 G --- Season grown or obtained = Summer
Corn --- Shipper price = 120 G --- Peddler price = 240 G --- Season grown or obtained = Summer
Mushroom --- Shipper price = 150 G --- Peddler price = 200 G --- Season grown or obtained = Fall
Poison Mushroom --- Shipper price = 200 G --- Peddler price = 300 G --- Season grown or obtained = Fall
Herb  --- Shipper price = 200 G --- Peddler price = 200 G --- Season grown or obtained = All year round
Fish  --- Shipper price = 300 G --- Peddler price = 300 G --- Season grown or obtained = All year except for Winter
Egg --- Shipper price = 50 G --- Peddler price = 75 G --- Season grown or obtained = All year round
S Milk --- Shipper price = 150 G --- Peddler price = 200 G --- Season grown or obtained = All year round
M Milk --- Shipper price = 250 G --- Peddler price = 300 G --- Season grown or obtained = All year round
L Milk --- Shipper price = 350 G --- Peddler price = 400 G --- Season grown or obtained = All year round

Hint: Eat a mole:
Take a poison mushroom to the Harvest Festival and your stew will be from a mole.

Hint: Have a baby:
The easiest way to get a baby is to give her food everyday.

Hint: Planting techniques:
This pattern is what most beginners would use. It is not very easy to water, and if you do choose to use it you would have to wait for the middle crop to grow if you want to use the same location.


This is a good technique because it gets the most profit and is easy to water with a watering can.


This is good. When using the sprinkler, you only have to use it once per bag. However, it has less profit than the one above.

This has the least profit but is easiest to harvest, if you use the horse and have a lot that is scrunched together. It is easy to water with the sprinkler or the watering can. Also, it is fast to harvest if you do not have much time.
The best way to plant your crops is as follows.
0 X X 0 X X 0
Where, x is your crop placement, 0 is a spot to stand with a sprinkler, and ----- is path for a horse. By doing this, you only miss one square, which you would anyway with a 3x3 square of the repeatable crops, giving you 16 crops from three waterings. This has the best watering to return ratio of any arrangement, and also has maximum return for the repeatable crops.

Hint: Heart rates:
The more hearts in the girl's diary that you like, the more they like you. They need to have five hearts for you to marry them. To get hearts, dance with the girl you like at every festival you can. Give the girl you like a gift every day and talk to her. Find out where she is going on Starry Night Festival and go there.

Hint: Hearts for Nina:
Get her out of the Herb Cave and get her a herb. Water/feed everything and bring a hammer.

Hint: Hearts for Ellen:
Find her pet-P-CHAN. Water/feed everything. It is located next to the fishing pond.

Hint: Hearts for Ann:
Find her weather vane. Water/feed everything. It is located in your chicken coop.

Hint: Hearts for Eve:
Save her grandpa. Water/feed everything and bring a hammer. He is stuck in the Herb Cave.

Hint: Hearts for Maria:
Find her. Water/feed everything. She is at the Carpenter's house.

Hint: Getting the girls hearts up:
The best thing to do when trying to get a girl to like you is talk to them. They are all either by or in a house. Wait until the seasons that they ask you questions (for example, "Do you like animals?" or "Do you like kids?") Answering correctly brings up their hearts faster than anything else. The season information is as follows:

Eve: She asks you questions only in Spring. Try to get her to like you then. Try to get her in the bar. If you are patient it should only take a day to win her.
Maria: She is Spring and Fall. You can talk to her in church or when she is outside. It usually takes one to three days.
Ellen: She is Spring and Fall. Run in the shop located next to where she always is found. This will take only one or two days.
Ann: She is Summer and Winter. Weekdays are the best time to get her. You can win her in one day if you are skilled.
Nina: She is Summer and Winter. Run in and out of the flower shop during the weekdays. You should get her in one or two days.

Use the following trick to get all the girls to love you before you marry. Put off your wedding for a year, even if you know who you want to marry. This way, you will get the maximum amount of points possible. Talk to the girls at least four times a week. Do not stop making money by selling herbs and plants; but do not bring as much in. If you can, fit in three herbs without talking to the girls. Bring two herbs and talk to the girls. If you want to bring a gift, cut it down to one herb for selling. There is a exception; if you are growing plants and get a crop, put them in the box first. Always take care of your animals before anything else. Walking them is not that important. You can stop that and still get the Big Milk. Raise the cow from an baby and you will get the Big Milk when it is older. This will save time and you will get more points. After getting all the girls to love you, you can then marry the girl of your choosing.

Hint: Girl locations at the Star Night Festival:
Ellen: Town Square
Nina: Mountain Top
Hot Springs
Maria: Church
Eve: Bar

Hint: Easter Egg hunt:
During the Easter Egg hunt you might not win during your first attempt. If you lose, just reset and keeping trying until you win. Make sure you have saved your game the night before in order to keep your progress from being lost. The eggs stay in the same locations throughout the day. Memorize where all the different colored eggs are. Move quickly; you have less then a minute and half to get the egg and bring it back. Find the shortest way to and from when possible.

Crop Info
Grass  --- Price per bag = 500G --- Selling price for one crop = n/a (used to feed livestock) --- Days to grow = 9 --- Re-growable = Yes, 7 days
Turnips --- Price per bag = 200G --- Selling price for one crop = 60G --- Days to grow = 4 --- Re-growable = No
Potatoes --- Price per bag = 200G --- Selling price for one crop = 80G --- Days to grow = 6 --- Re-growable = No
Tomatoes --- Price per bag = 300G --- Selling price for one crop = 100G --- Days to grow = 7 --- Re-growable = Yes, 3 days
Corn --- Price per bag = 300G --- Selling price for one crop = 120G --- Days to grow = 11 --- Re-growable = Yes, 3 days

Glitch: Freeze time:
As soon as Ellen leaves your house on the first day, start picking weeds and throwing them. Start getting rocks and throwing them in the ponds. Doing this will freeze time, allowing you to clear your farm in one day. If you go into a building, time will resume. Do not go into a building, out of your farm, or use any tools.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hanjuku Eiyuu Super Nintendo Cheats

Alternate ending:
There are two endings depending on which Boss is faced. If the boss Kuumon eats five or less egg monsters you will fight Serious Boiled. If Kuumon eats over five egg monsters you will fight Hyper Boiled.

Hint: Defeating Hyper Boiled:
To defeat Hyper Boiled easily make sure Kuumon only eats egg monsters with weak attacks.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hamelin no Violin Tamaki Super Nintendo Cheats

Bonus moves:
Long Throw: Hold Flute or another item then press Down, Down/Toward, Toward, Y.
Downwards Throw: Hold Flute or another item then press Toward, Toward/Down, Down, Y.
Upwards Note: Press Toward, Up/Toward, Up, A.
Downwards Note: Press Toward, Down/Toward, Down, A.
Power-up Flute: Rotate the D-pad in a full circle starting at Down, then hold A. While A is held, Flute will bounce around and kill most enemies.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hal's Hole In One Golf Super Nintendo Cheats

Extra Distance Metal Clubs
When putting your name in, input "METAL PLAY".
According to the version, these are some variations:

-input "METALPLAY"
-some cannot play mmetal play in tournaments

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hal's Hole In One Super Nintendo Cheats

Also known as ""Hole In One Golf""

Metal "wood" clubs:
Enter METAL_*_PLAY as a player name, where "_" indicates a space.

19th Hole:
Select practice mode and play to the end. Another hole is here, although there is no pin displayed. Move towards the out-of-bounds area in top portion of the course. Aim for the point approximately in the top left and middle portion of the screen.

Short shot:
Hold Down while the ball is mid-air to force it to fall sooner.

Sound test:
Enter Bgm as a memory shot password.

Display hole in one:
Enter CQJB83CFDFJ#H?LBBT7BJCF or B!5B9GB5SFGB3J5BB?GBMYQ as a memory shot password.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hagane Super Nintendo Cheats

Unlimited Continues
Select Configure Options and use the Music icon. Play selections 9, 8, 7, 6 in order for 15 seconds each. Begin gameplay and lose all 3 lives.


Unlimited continues:
Choose the "Configure Options" selection and use the Music icon. Play selections 9, 8, 7, and 6 in order for approximately fifteen seconds each. Begin game play and intentionally lose all three lives. An infinity symbol will appear on the continue screen to confirm correct code entry.

Special attacks:
Press L or R to somersault with the Ninja. Press Attack during the first jump of the somersault to execute a Dragon Punch or Jump to execute a Flying Kick. Press Attack during the second jump to execute a Reverse Kick or Jump to execute a Fire Kick. Press Attack during the third jump to execute a Sword Dragon Attack or Jump to execute a Vertical Fire Kick .

Secret room:
Take the elevator up in level 3-2. After arriving at the top, move directly to the left. Kill the opponents to get several items including energy, extra lives, bombs, etc.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game and wait for the credits to end. Start another game to play as Super in hard mode.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Gundam Wing Endless Duel Super Nintendo Cheats

Fight As Epyon
Select "Versus" or "Trial" mode. Highlight Tallgeese and press L x4, R x4, L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R at the character screen.

Wing And Wing Zero's Super Attack
Wing and wing zero's super attack down, back, down, back + attack button.

Press Down, Forward, Down, Forward, + Attack.

Wing Zero Transformation
First highlights Wing Zero and press L, L, R, R, R, R, L, R, R, L, L, L, R. This will transformed your gundam into Wing Zero in Endless Waltz.


Fight as Epyon:
Select Tallgeese in "Versus" or "Trial" mode, then press L(4), R(4), L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R at the character screen in story mode. Epyon will automatically be selected.

Alternate colors:
Select "Versus" or "Trial" mode. Press A, B, X, or Y at the character selection screen to use the first color scheme or hold Start and press A, B, X, or Y to use the second color scheme.
Press Start when selecting your mobile suit in versus or trial mode.

To select Epyon's alternate color, during the screen transition between the title and character selection, hold Start. Keep Start while enabling the "Fight as Epyon" code. Note: Be careful not to press Start at the character selection screen, since it will choose a character.

Hint: Fly up or down with plane mode:
When using Wing Gundam or Wing Zero, execute the flying move. Then, hold Up or Down to go up or down instead of sideways. You normally go sideways two times, so you can try both.

Hint: Heavy Arms 88:
Select story mode, then choose Wing Zero. Play until you would normally fight Wing Zero. You will fight a Wing piloted by Trowa, Heavy Arms 88.

Hint: Fixture:
Select Wing 0 at the mobile suit selection screen. Keep playing until you fight Trowa in Wing.

Hint: Transform into a ship with Wing and Wing 0:
Press Back two times then any fight mode button.

Hint: Defeating Epyon:
Try to get Eypon in a corner, then press A to use your strong weapon. Eypon will keep blocking it. When he eventually gives up the blocking, hit him twice with your strong weapon then link it with your special attack (Down, Forward, Down, Forward + A). This requires precise timing. Keep using this technique to defeat Eypon easily. Note: Wing 0, Heavyarms or the Tallgesse works best.

Hint: Dash Attack:
Tap Forward(2), then quickly press A or B. Note: This is not a Super Attack.

Hint: Super Attack:
To do anyone's Super Attack, press Down, Forward, Down, Forward + Attack.

Hint: Wing and Wing 0: Super Attack:
Press Down, Back, Down, Back + Attack.

Hint: Wing: Moves:
Fires beams from Buster rifle: Press Down, Forward + A or B.
Hits with shield, then with beam saber: Press Down, Back + A or B.
Note: Pressing A does more damage, but takes up energy. Pressing B does less damage, but takes no energy.

Hint: Wing 0: Moves:
Fires beams from Buster rifle: Press Down, Forward +A or B.
Fires Beams Diagonally up (if on the ground) or down (if in the air): Press Down, Back + A or B.
Note: Pressing A does more damage, but takes up energy. Pressing B does less damage, but takes no energy.

Hint: Epyon: Moves:
Jumps up, makes a sheild around his body, then charges forward (this is not his Mobile Armor Mode): Press Down, Forward + A or B.
Note: Pressing A does more damage, but takes up energy. Pressing B does less damage, but takes no energy.
Leap forward (Down, Back, then any Attack) towards your enemy. Then, press B, hold Down, press B, release Down and press B. Continue this and you can get up to 8 hits.

Hint: Deathscythe: Special combo:
Get maximum power(fully yellow), the repeatedly press Down, Forward + Slash. If done correctly, your last attack should be your special attack

Hint: Deathscythe: Descent combo:
Press B when close to an opponent, then press Down + A, Down, Forward, A(2), Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A. Then, run to them by pressing Forward, Forward. Then, press Down + B followed by Down + X. After it has been finished, it should take your opponent down to the flashing red level.

Hint: Vayeate: Decent combo:
Press Y(2) next to the opponent, then press Forward, Down, Forward, Y to perform a kick which brings you and your opponent up into the air. Quickly press Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Y to use the gun and fire at it.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gun Force Super Nintendo Cheats

Continue Game Play
Press Start on controller two when player one is almost out of lives. The game will continue with a second player with twelve more lives.