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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ghost Chaser Densei Super Nintendo Cheats

Alternate costumes:
After your character dies, hold L + R when choosing a character. Release the buttons after your character reappears.

Unlimited time:
Highlight the desired number of players at the main menu, then press L, R, Right(2), Left(2), then hold L + R. Release the buttons when the character selection screen appears.

Use same characters:
Hold L + R at the battle mode character selection screen to use the same character as the other player.

Level select:
Level 2: Hold L + R + A + B + X + Y + Right on controller two at the mission briefing screen until it disappears.
Level 3: Hold L + R + A + B + X + Y + Down on controller two at the mission briefing screen until it disappears.
Level 4: Hold L + R + A + B + X + Y + Left on controller two at the mission briefing screen until it disappears.
Level 5: Hold L + R + A + B + X + Y + Up on controller two at the mission briefing screen until it disappears.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

George Foreman’s KO Boxing Super Nintendo Cheats

Super Punch
Press Start + A during a fight.

Fight Passwords
1 - 2413-41-14-2133
2 - 4231-14-41-1233
3 - 1324-14-41-3321
4 - 2324-34-14-1323
5 - 3243-43-41-1323
6 - 4323-34-14-3132
7 - 2312-43-41-1233
8 - 1441-21-13-4142
9 - 4114-11-23-1424
10 - 2233-44-21-1224
11 - 1112-44-13-1343
12 - 2121-31-42-3241
13 - 4334-14-34-4432
14 - 3443-41-43-2443
15 - 1314-24-41-4212


Super punch:
Press Start + A during a fight.

Quick match end:
Press Start to pause game play, press X, then resume.

Knock down George Foreman:
Press Start to pause game play, press B, then resume.

Knock down opponent:
Press Start to pause game play, press A, then resume.

Fight --- Password
1 --- 2413-41-14-2133
2 --- 4231-14-41-1233
3 --- 1324-14-41-3321
4 --- 2324-34-14-1323
5 --- 3243-43-41-1323
6 --- 4323-34-14-3132
7 --- 2312-43-41-1233
8 --- 1441-21-13-4142
9 --- 4114-11-23-1424
10 --- 2233-44-21-1224
11 --- 1112-44-13-1343
12 --- 2121-31-42-3241
13 --- 4334-14-34-4432
14 --- 3443-41-43-2443
15 --- 1314-24-41-4212

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gemfire Super Nintendo Cheats

More Food
Pay $10 for cultivation to get an increase of approximately ten units of food.

Easy Dragon Defeat
Hire a wyvern and use it to kill the dragon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ganbare Goemon 4 Super Nintendo Cheats

Also Known as "Ganbare Goemon: Kira Kira Dochuu Boku Go Dancer Ni Natta Riyuu"

Time Pilot
Complete the game with a 100% ranking.


Alternate colors:
Hold Attack while switching characters.

Final Battle mini game:
Successfully complete the game.

Time Pilot '95 mini-game:
Successfully complete the game with a 100% rating.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

G-Gundam Super Nintendo Cheats

Also Known as "Kidou Butoden G-Gundam"

Devil Gundam:
Highlight any robot, then hold L + R + Select + Start and press A at the character selection screen.

Burning Gundam:
On the second battle with Master Gundam, lose four times to receive the Burning Gundam.

God Gundam in story mode:
Lose the second battle against Master Gundam with the Shining Gundam and continue. The Shining Gundam should be replaced by the God Gundam.
Note: If you cannot wait to get God Gundam, die a few times on any battle until you get the God Gundam.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Front Mission GunHazard Super Nintendo Cheats

Two player mode:
Press Down + L + R + Start on controller two to have that person take control of your CPU partner.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Front Mission Super Nintendo Cheats

Character Select
Hold L + R + Down at the status window. Press Start until the desired character is displayed. Hold L + R + Down. Hold X + Y while these buttons are held. Finally press B while all buttons remain held. Roid will be replaced by the new character. The new character's mech will not be available for use.


Character select:
Hold L + R + Down at the status window. Press Start until the desired character is displayed. Hold L + R + Down. Hold X + Y while these buttons are held. Finally press B while all buttons remain held. Roid will be replaced by the new character. Note: The new character's mech will not be available for use.

Arena Town:
Highlight the "New Game" option at the main menu, then hold L + R then hold A + Up. Release all four buttons to get to the bonus Arena Town area.

Sound test:
Highlight the "Load Game" option at the main menu, then hold L + R then hold A + Down. Release all four buttons to display the sound test menu.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Frantic Flea Super Nintendo Cheats

Final Stage Password
Enter S, T, C, V, and C as your password to skip straight to the final Prison stage.

Unlimited Lives
In Zone 1-3, there are two Extra Life icons. One is at the top center, the other in the left corner of the stage. Once you collect them, let yourself be defeated. When you return, the icons will reset. Your Extra Life counter stops at nine, but the game will keep track of any lives over that.


Unlimited lives:
Locate the two extra lives in the last stage of the Whacky Labs Zone. Collect both of them, then intentionally lose your current life. Repeat this process until you accumulate twelve total lives, then resume game play with unlimited lives.

Zone Password
Zone - Password
1-1 - CLQCK
1-2 - ZMTHT
1-3 - GPPQW
2-1 - DJXCT
2-2 - WLCSN
2-3 - RLHQZ
3-1 - JMGVB
3-2 - NRWPC
3-3 - MDWQL
4-1 - MJDSX
4-2 - HFLNT
4-3 - SPQNG
5-1 - DTNZZ
5-2 - KQRXH
5-3 - JBVMH
6-1 - VSNXD
6-2 - GRXBS
6-3 - WNHJP
Final - STCVC

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Foreman For Real Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Easy win:
Note: This trick requires two controllers. Start a single player game/tournament. Press Start on controller two during game play and select "Throw In Towel". When done, you will win the fight. This will work for the whole game and all opponents.

Hint: Red opponent:
If you keep hitting your opponent in the same place, it changes the color to red. You can turn the opponent's body red by hitting him everywhere.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Flintstones: The Treasure Of Sierra Madrock Super Nintendo Cheats

Level 5 With 80 Lives
Enter the following password:
Soda, Cake, Gray Heart, Left arrow, Cake.
#1 Egg, #3 Egg, Star, Barrel down, Star.
Barrel up, Sun, Gold nugget, Star, Barrel up.

Level 4 With 64 Lives
Enter the following password:
Star, Barrel down, Barrel down, Left arrow, Soda.
#3 Egg, #3 Egg, Cake, Cake, Sun.
Hamburger, #3 Egg, Right arrow, Star, Gold nugget.

Level 3 With 50 Lives
Enter the following password:
Cake, #2 Egg, Left arrow, Barrel down, Bowling ball.
Hamburger, Soda, Gray Heart, Right arrow, Barrel up.
Left arrow, Gray Heart, Cake, Bowling ball, Bowling ball.

Level 2 With 30 Lives
Enter the following password:
Left arrow, Left arrow, Barrel down, Gold nugget, Cake.
Right arrow, #3 Egg, Gold nugget, Soda, #3 Egg .
Left arrow, Left arrow, Left arrow, #1 Egg, Cake.


Level two with thirty lives:
Enter the following password:
Left arrow, Left arrow, Barrel down, Gold nugget, Cake
Right arrow, #3 Egg, Gold nugget, Soda, #3 Egg
Left arrow, Left arrow, Left arrow, #1 Egg, Cake

Level three with fifty lives:
Enter the following password:
Cake, #2 Egg, Left arrow, Barrel down, Bowling ball
Hamburger, Soda, Gray Heart, Right arrow, Barrel up
Left arrow, Gray Heart, Cake, Bowling ball, Bowling ball

Level four with sixty-four lives:
Enter the following password:
Star, Barrel down, Barrel down, Left arrow, Soda
#3 Egg, #3 Egg, Cake, Cake, Sun
Hamburger, #3 Egg, Right arrow, Star, Gold nugget

Level five with eighty lives:
Enter the following password:
Soda, Cake, Gray Heart, Left arrow, Cake
#1 Egg, #3 Egg, Star, Barrel down, Star
Barrel up, Sun, Gold nugget, Star, Barrel up

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Flintstones Super Nintendo Cheats

Level skip
Enter BARNEY_GRABS_BLUE_TREES as a password, where "_" indicates a space. Pause game play then press X jump to the next level, or press B to jump to the ending.

View credits
Enter HOAGIE_TAKES_COLD_TREES as a password, where "_" indicates a space.

Enter MS_STONE_MAKES_WEIRD_JELLY as a password, where "_" indicates a space.


Enter MS_STONE_MAKES_WEIRD_JELLY as a password, where "_" indicates a space.

View credits:
Enter HOAGIE_TAKES_COLD_TREES as a password, where "_" indicates a space.

Level skip:
Enter BARNEY_GRABS_BLUE_TREES as a password, where "_" indicates a space. Pause game play then press X jump to the next level, or press B to jump to the ending.

Level --- Password
Note: "_" indicates a space.

Hint:Jungle 3:
On Jungle 3 you will get to a section where you climb down a vine and fall on rocks that sink when you stand on them. The only way to get past them is to jump to them in the following order: right, right, left, right, right, right, left, right, right.

Hint: Jungle 4: Boss battle:
To defeat the saber toothed tiger, wait until some of the coconuts start to shake. Then, hit the ground with your club to make them fall. Make sure that the tiger is under the coconut so it will hit him. It will take five hits before he is defeated.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Flashback: The Quest For Identity Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Level Easy Normal Expert


Level - Easy --- Normal --- Expert
3 - RSVP --- PRHG --- HNYTM
5 - SLMN --- NMRYL --- DWNGH
8 - PKRSLC --- *N/A* --- *N/A*

Hint: Using stones:
Use stones and place them at sensors to keep doors open and elevators in position. Throw a stone to distract aliens, and to allow enough room to kill them. Throwing a stone triggers some laser sensors, killing the aliens easily.

Hint: Using the Tele Receiver and Transmitter:
There is only one time that the Tele Receiver and the Tele Transmitter must be used, which is very shortly they are found. Use them later to speed up game time by avoiding the need to run back a long distance.

Friday, January 16, 2015

First Samurai Super Nintendo Cheats

Stage Select
On the Title screen, press Select to switch to the Options Select. Simultaneously hold the L button, R button, X, A, and a direction on the Control Pad (see below). When the screen switches to the new stage, you can let go of the buttons. The stage you go to depends on which direction you hold:

Stage 1
Battlefield 1730 - none
Time Express - Right

Stage 2
Tokyo 1990 - Down
Time Express - Left

Stage 3
Demon Palace - Up

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Firestriker Super Nintendo Cheats

Level skip:
Hold L + R + Start + Select during an action part of game play to advance to the next level, or defeat the current Boss.

Level select:
Press Select to enter the options screen from the title screen. Hold L + R + X + A and press one of the following buttons before the doors close:
Level 1-2 --- Press Right.
Level 2-2 --- Press Left.
Level 2-1 --- Press Down.
Level 3-1 --- Press Up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Firepower 2000 Super Nintendo Cheats

Quick End
At any point in the game, press Start to pause the game, then hold the Select button for two to three seconds.

Stage Select
While playing the game, press Start to pause. You can use the following codes (with the L and R buttons) to jump ahead one level at a time. You can use these codes consecutively to go from Level 1 to Level 6.

Level 1 to Level 2 --- R, L, R, R, L, L, R, L, R, R, L, L
Level 2 to Level 3 --- R, L, R, R, L, L, R, R, R, L, R, R
Level 3 to Level 4 --- L, R, L, L, R, R, L, L, L, L, R, R, R, L
Level 4 to Level 5 --- R, R, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, L, R, L, R, L
Level 5 to Level 6 --- R, L, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, L, R, L, R, L, L


Return to the title screen:
Press Start, then hold Select.

Control both vehicles in one player mode:
Highlight the two player option on the title screen, then press Start + A.

Level skip:
Pause game play and enter one of the following codes while playing in the corresponding level.
From level 1 to level 2 - Press R, L, R(2), L(2), R, L, R(2), L(2).
From level 2 to level 3 - Press R, L, R(2), L(2), R(3), L, R(2).
From level 3 to level 4 - Press L, R, L(2), R(2), L(4), R(3), L.
From level 4 to level 5 - Press R(3), L(3), R(2), L(2), R, L, R, L.
From level 5 to level 6 - Press R, L, R, L(3), R(2), L(2), R, L, R, L(2).

Hint: Level 1 bonus:
Move to the far right at the start of level 1 to locate a yellow container. Blast it open to collect bullet tokens.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fire Emblem 5 Super Nintendo Cheats

Also known as "Fire Emblem Tricka 776"

Elite mode:
Start a game with no previous saves. Choose the "Start From The Beginning" selection at the options menu. Highlight any empty saved game slot and press Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right(2). A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press B to return to the options menu. The "Elite Mode" option will be unlocked at the bottom of the menu.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fire Emblem 4 Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Easier battles:
When entering a battle, if your opponent has an axe, use a sword; if your opponent has a sword, use a spear; if your opponent has a spear, use an axe. This way, the hit rate will be high for you and low for your opponents.

Hint: Recommended pairing:
Fury with Levin to give Sety "God-like" abilities and Fee to have good speed and magic defense.
Ira with Arden to give both Skasaher and Lakche awesome strength and defense, though speed and skill will lack slightly.
Lachesis with Holin to give Delmud the ability Holin has that negates defensive stats and to give Delmud better skill. Nanna is virtually useless without a good healing staff.
Bridget with Jamuka to give Faval three attacks per "engagement". Pati's only use is to steal money.
Adean with Mideel to start Lester off with more than a steel bow. LANA will be the same as Adean
Sylvia with Claude to make Corple have the Valkyrie Staff and that other staff Claude starts with. Leen is the same as Sylvia.
Tailto with Azel for Arthur and Teeny to have good magic attack and defense.
Noish is not that great for pairing with anyone, though his children will have decent strength.
Alec would give his children awareness and mediocre speed, though he's not good to pair with either.
Fin is decent; good strength and defense, medium skill.
Lex gives very high strength, but has low skill and speed.
Beowulf can be a good pairing, and results in between good and mediocre stats.
Dew is not very good other than his ability that steals health and he will give good speed

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Final Fight Guy Super Nintendo Cheats

Cheat mode:
Hold L + R and press Start at the title screen. A screen with lives, difficulty, sound test, and controller two setup options will appear.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Final Fight 3 Super Nintendo Cheats

Also known as "Final Fight Tough"

Debug Mode
Press Select + Start at the Capcom screen before the logo disappears. For the PAL version of the game, hold Select and power on the SNES. The debug mode screen will appear after the Capcom logo.

Finding Hidden Rooms
A closed door could indicate a hidden room. Throw someone at the door to break it open. It could contain items or be a shortcut.


Debug mode:
Press Select + Start at the Capcom screen before the logo disappears. Note: For the PAL version of the game, hold Select and power on the SNES. The debug mode screen will appear after the Capcom logo.

Start a game with only one player, then press Start exactly it signals you to start playing. Then, press Y(3), Up, Down, L, R, A, B, Y(2), X, Select. The sound of a punch will confirm correct code entry. Carlos will jump in.

Hint: Finding hidden rooms:
A closed door could indicate a hidden room. Throw someone at the door to break it open. It could contain items or be a shortcut.

Hint: Take the bus:
At the last part of round 3, there is a bus sign. A bus symbol is on the sign. Below it is M25, and below that is a route on the sign. Do not break this sign. After you complete the round, a bus will appear pick you up.

Hint: Super moves:
When your "Super" meter is full and the word "SUPER" is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you can do one of the corresponding button combos for the indicated character. Note: To "glide" on the controller, use the following as an example. To glide from Forward to Down, press Foward and while holding in that direction, smoothly and quickly move you thumb to Down.

Guy: Super Gut Blows
First, grab your opponent from the front. Glide the controller Forward to Down, then press Attack (Y). This is a powerful move, usable only when bar is flashing "SUPER". Guy punches the enemy multiple times then throws a fire blast. The punches only hit one person, but the fire blast can hit them multiple times.

Dean: Super Thunder Slam
Glide the controller Down to Up, then press Attack (Y). Dean grabs the enemy and his hand glows. He then does an electric choke slam, and leaps into the air with the enemy and slams them again, damaging everyone on the screen with the downstroke.

Haggar: Super The Slamfest
Glide the controller Forward to Down + Attack (Y) when you have grabbed enemy from the front. Haggar tosses them into the air, does an inverted suplex, jumps back up, then does a Super SPD.

Lucia: SuperSuper Kick
Outside grapple; You may have to glide control and not Down(2), Forward + Attack Super Kick. You must do this move outside a grapple, so it is hard to connect . She does a combo, a rising bird kick, then a flame kick.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Final Fight 2 Super Nintendo Cheats

Twin Fighters
On the Title screen, when "Start" and "Options" appear, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left. Then, simultaneously hold the L and R Buttons. If entered correctly, the background will turn blue.


Two player game with same character:
Press Down(2), Up(2), Right, Left, Right, Left, L, R at the title screen. The screen will turn blue to confirm correct code entry. Both players may now choose the same character in a two player game.

Expert difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the Hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Super attack:
Press Jump + Attack to a super attack with Haggar, Maki, and Carlos. Note: This move will take up your health.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Speed Racer Super Nintendo Cheats

Play as Racer X:
Enter XGP9Z as a password.

Level Passwords
Level - Name --- Speed Racer --- Racer X
1 - New York Grand Prix --- *N/A* --- RCCRX
2 - Nightboat to Cairo --- V944V --- 7K2Z8
3 - Streets of Cairo --- CGDQC --- 52C16
4 - Temple Of Kopetopek --- C7XVC --- V?CBW
5 - Treachery on the Siberian Express --- PL39P --- Z73F1
6 - Mountain of Doom --- TKH2S --- S7V0Q
7 - The Final Challenge  --- MHCH5 --- NVD0L

Final Fantasy V Super Nintendo Cheats

Easy Ability Points
For easy ability points go to the basement of Bal Castle in World 2. Here you'll encounter Statues in groups of 2 (4 ability points) or 5 (8 ability points). However, you will most likely find yourself having difficulty with these stone warriors. Using a Soft potion will kill them instantly. Just keep stocking up on Soft potions and master all those classes that require hundreds of ability points.


Hint: Defeating the meteorite monsters:
When attacking the six purple monsters in a meteorite, have a samurai in your party. Use a GP attack to defeat them instantly and avoid a hard battle.

Hint: 99 or unlimited items:
Use the following trick to steal 99 or and unlimited quantity of any item.

Step 1: Make sure your party consists of one Ninja and three Thieves.

Step 2: Make sure your ninja has the Steal ability.

Step 3: Equip one weapon onto your Ninja and leave another in the inventory. Note: This must be a weapon which you only have a quantity of two; one equipped and one in the items first slot.

Step 4: Find an enemy with an item you can steal.

Step 5: During battle, have the Ninja go into item option. Select the single weapon in the inventory and equip it onto the ninja (press Up until you see the equip option and press X to equip it.)

Step 6: Now there should be an empty spot in the top slot of your inventory where the weapon you just equipped used to be.

Step 7: Exit the menu and select the throw option.

Step 8: Throw the empty item slot you have just cleared earlier at the enemy you wish to steal from.

Step 9: If the item you are wanting to steal is a weapon that the ninja can throw or an item that you can use (for example, a potion), then use your next turn to steal the item. If the item you are stealing is a piece of armor, shield, or relic/ring, then you must repeat step 8 one more time before you move on to step 10.

Step10: Once you have stolen it, it will be listed in the inventory with blank quantity.

Step 11: If the item you stole was a weapon, throw the weapon at the enemy. If it was a potion, use the potion on one of your characters.

Step12: On your next turn, go back to your items option and check your results. If it says 99 quantity after the stolen item, then you have 99. If it says 55 after the stolen item, then you have an unlimited quantity.

In order for this trick to work, you must not have any of the desired item in your inventory. Also to make 55 into 99, just sort your items after the fight and it will automatically change 55 (255/unlimited) into 99. If you try to sell an item made into unlimited (55) the merchant will try to buy 255 of that and not an infinite amount of times. The only way that 55 quantity stays unlimited, is if you never sort, or sell that item.

Hint: Get both Black and White Magic:
Learn X-Magic to automatically get both Black and White Magic. If you are a Time Mage, Summoner, Blue Mage, or another magic caster, you can also cast two spells of that type.

Hint: Easy ability points:
Go to the Cave of Jacole and walk around for awhile. You will notice that all the monsters are easily defeated except for one, Skulleater. When you see this monster, do not attack. If you try to run, the skulleater will run before you. When it runs, you will gain 5 ability points. If you combine that with killing the easy squirrels for 1 ability point, you will end up with many points.

In World 2, in Bal Castle, go to the basement. There should be monsters called Statues there. There are groups of two or five of them, and they are worth 4 and 8 ability points respectively. You can kill them easily with either level 5 Doom (Death) or by using Soft items on them. They are also worth a lot of money if you kill them.

Hint: Easier game:
Master the Ninja, Monk, and Archer jobs. You can now make all characters travelers. Give them the X-Fight and HP 30% Up abilities with two swords on all of them to advance easily through almost the entire game.

Hint: Hidden fortune teller:
Fly twelve or thirteen squares south of Karnak in the third world to get above a "C" shaped extension of the land. Land in the middle of the "C" and go underwater to find a cave. Inside is a man that reads fortunes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Super Nintendo Cheats

99 In All Your Spells
After you beat the whole game, save right before you defeat the Dark King. Now go to fight until you get to level 41. You should have around 42 White Spells, 21 Black Spells, and 1O Wizard Spells. Now fight until you get around 1O,OOO,OO Extra Points. Your spells should have increased by 2 or 3! Do this until you have 99 in all three types of Spells.

Beat Skullrus Rex Easily
The first part of Doom Castle is guarded by another version of Flamerous Rex called Skullrus Rex. Most people would sigh and use all the magic in their inventory. Instead, just equip the hero with the Dragon Claw and scratch him once and he goes down. His ninja flunkies shouldn't be too much trouble after that.

Boss Tactics
The final boss is the Dark King, which is very hard. But an easy way to beat him is to use Cure on him. He should be dead in no time.

Defeat Minotaur Easily
When you first start a game, you have to get Kaeli and go to the Level Forest to defeat the monster that poisened the trees. His name is Minotaur and is really easy to defeat. When he attacks Kaeli, you have to fight him. To kill him instantly, have Kaeli use the Life Spell on him and he's automatically defeated!

Double Level Up
When you fight in a battle field, fight the first nine battles and leave one. Go somewhere besides a battle field (for instance, the Bone Dungeon) and get to where your exp. points are very, very low. About 1-100. Go to a battle field where you don't win anything and defeat the last battle. You'll get two level ups instead of one.

Full Heal
Using the Cure spell 4-5 times to heal yourself and quaffing tons of cure potions can be very annoying. To get a full heal, just use the Life spell. This works IN and OUT of battle, so when you find a boss that has a special attack that can mutilate your party in a few hits, use a Life spell to pump hp's back up.

Get Phobe With 680 Points
When Phobe joins press A 3 times to get her to join as a 680 hp character. She will be a powerful ally for a long time if you take care of her.

Get The Dragon Claw Sooner
Normally you're not expected to have the amount of money Tristan wants for the dragon claw when he gets it and offers to sell it. If you want to spend time trying to get $9000, though, he'll give it to you. Unfortunately this can take about as long as it would for you to normally get the dragon claw, Depending how frivolous you are in spending your money.

Infinite Potions
At the beginning of the game, at the first forest, there is a treasure box carrying potions. Take the potions and leave the forest. Now go back to the forest and the treasure box will be full of potions again! Repeat this process until you have as many potions as you want. NOTE: You can do this in any town, forest, dungeon, etc. that has a treasure box with any kind of healing item in it.

Super Heal Spell
Once you get your Heal Spell,( Falls Basin ) you can really hurt an enemy. If you use your Heal Spell on an enemy, it could put them to sleep, paralyze them, poison them, confuse them, and petrify them. It works well against those enemys that are hard to kill.

The Ultimate Spells
The Exit and Life Spells are very deadly.
Most people think that the Exit Spell will stop the battle you are currently in, and most people think that the Life Spell will bring an enemy back to Life you have defeated. Well, the Life Spell kills almost everybody unless they are strong against fatal attacks. The Exit Spell kills everybody except the bosses.

Using Battlefields Wisely
In the game, go to a battlefield and fight a couple times. Then leave for something else. When you get to a part of the game where you need more power, go back to the battlefields and clear it out. Then, when you come back you won't have to go through everything all over again.

Location Of The Gemini Crest
Defeat one of the battle fields in the Fire zone.

Defeating The Final Boss
Keep using cures on the final Boss to hurt him. Use it on him approximately twenty times and he will vanish into thin air.


Game information:
Press Start to display the menu, then hold Start + Select.

Hint: Defeating the Dark King:
Keep using cures on the final Boss to hurt him. Use it on him approximately twenty times and he will vanish into thin air.

Use the cure spell on him, but do not have Phoebe use it. Have her cure you, and then have your character cure the Dark King. This attack will do about 14,000 damage. However, Phoebe cures the Dark King 12,000.

Hint: Defeating Skullrus Rex:
When facing Skullrus Rex on the first floor of Doom Castle, cast the Life-spell on him.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
To defeat Bosses easier, go through all the spots where you can fight the monsters to win things. Or, go through all the mazes and keep fighting every monster until you gain a lot of levels.

Hint: Defeating undead:
The Cure-spell can be used to deal damage to undead enemies, such as the skeleton soldiers, ghosts and mummies. This is called a Zombie attack and does significant damage. Life works the same way, but can fail sometimes. Also, the Heal-spell works the same way, but on all the enemies. Cast Heal on a monster and it will sustain a bad status effect, such as Poison or Paralysis.

Hint: Exploding doors:
When you get the Mega Grenades from Fireburg and you need to blow up a door, you do not need to find a chest that contains bombs. Instead, just go to a door and press A. Note: This trick only works with Mega Grenades, and not Bombs or Jumbo Bombs.

Hint: Unlimited Cure Potions or Heal Potions:
In Foresta, you can get three Cure Potions and three Heal potions every time. Keep entering and exiting of Foresta as many of those potions as desired. You can actually get unlimited Cure Potions from any house, such as the Elixir girl's.

Hint: Unlimited Items in treasure chests:
Open a brown (not red) chest and get a item, for example a regular potion. Exit this location and re-enter. Open the chest again and the item will be in there again. Repeat this procedure to get up to 99 of that item.

Hint: Level up twice:
When you fight at a battle ground, you can level up twice. When you have only one fight left on a battle ground that gives you experience as a prize, or "cleaning them out", you need to go fight elsewhere. You will then level up in the next battle you fight. Finish off that battle ground and after you level up when it gives you your prize of experience, you will level up again.

Hint: Fix armor status errors:
Every time you get one of Benjamin's companions to join him throughout the game, you may notice that they seem to share the same Elemental and Special defenses listed on the status screen. Also, at least three of the numbered statuses listed directly above those defenses on that status screen seem to be a bit off. This is totally incorrect for both of these occurrences, as they all have different armor with different defenses and statuses. To fix this problem: as soon as you get one of Benjamin's companions to join him, save the game right then and there; save game wise, of course. Then, look at the status screen to note the errors. Next, look at the armor screen to see what they are very strong against. After that, reset the game to correct these two problems. As soon as the game returns to your saved game, all the incorrect information on the status screen and with those companions individually will be fixed.

Hint: Bone Dungeon:
When you enter the Bone Dungeon you can get past the moving sand without having to fight a lot of enemies. Note: It is better to fight enemies than to find a way around them. To do this, go to the left of the sand where it does not move. Hold Up then jump and move to the left again. Keep doing this until you get to the top. You now only have to fight one enemy.

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Final Fantasy 3 Super Nintendo Cheats

first learn VANISH and X- zone or VANISH and DOOM.
<1>cast vanish on desired enemy.
<2>cast ether x-zone or doom.
<3>watch them die.
p.s will not work on KeFA C-yah

Paladin Shield
To achieve the paladin shield you must use the cursed shield 255 times in battle consecutively without going into a town or status menu (including the airship.) I suggest you use the cursed shield in an easy fighting zone for quicker battle.

Duplicate weapons, or shields
1. Enter a battle.
2. Get the person u want to duplicate items from.
3. Go to items menu.
4. Select an empty slot, then the item you want to duplicate by pressing up(This person must be holding the item).
5. Start running and press B.
6. Press X, then go to the equip menu.
7. Equip the item u unequiped durring the battle.
8. Have fun with the 2 items you now have.

1. Sell 1 item u duplicated and get money.
2. The Excalibur is worth more than the crystal sword.

How to get all of Strago's lores
To get all of the lores, go to Kefka's tower and fight DARK FORCE. Use life three on all of your party members. Also take Strago with you because he has to learn the lores. The Dark Force will use all of the lore attacks that Strago needs to know. (You will have to wait awhile to get the dark force to use Quassar)

The best place for exp.
Once you are in the Ruined World and have an airship go north of the velt. There will be a forest in the rough shape of a head and a mountain just east of it. Gau's father lives west of it, if that helps. Now, you must have only one person in your group and put on "vanish." Just fight around and bathe in all the exp.

Want Sabin's Final Blitz?
To get Sabin's final blitz, Bum Rush, you must be in the Ruined World. Fly north to Narshe, the cave town, and look on that continent for four trees shaped in a cross. Land and walk into the trees. You will meet Sabin's trainer and he will teach him the final blitz.

Zozo's clock code
In the thief town, Zozo, go to the building where you have to set the clock. Then enter: 6, 10, 50 this will enable you to open the secret passage and get Edgar's new tool.

The exp. egg
The exp. doubles exp. you recieve in a battle. You must be in the ruined world. Enter Darel's Tomb (where the air ship is). Starting from the enterance walk down as far as you can without entering the door, go left, down, and right through the door to the basement. Search the right wall until you find a wall that you can walk right through, enter and get the exp. egg in the treasure chest.

Water Rondo
To get Mog's best dance, Water Rondo, you need to get him in your party in the World of Balance. To do this, you must go to Narshe, and into the house with the locked treasure chests. Lone Wolf will be there, ONLY if you let him escape earlier. He'll run away with the treasure. Follow him. At the top of the snowfields, Lone Wolf will hold Mog hostage. You must choose between Mog and a Golden Hairpin. You can get the Hairpin later in the game, and this is the only time you can get Mog to learn the Water Rondo. Once you learn it, head over to Nikeah in your airship. There is a chocobo stable around, rent one, and follow the path to Mobliz, and Crescent Mountain. Jump in the current, and you'll be delivered to your airship.

Getting General Leo Back
Go to the forest east of Gau's father's house and kill 4000 dragons and then a gold dragon will appear (like the one in kefka's tower) and when you kill it, it should give you reserect, it may take 2 or three tries (the dragon will still be there). After you get reserect go to leo's grave and use it and he will join your party.

Learn all spells of equipped Esper after one battle
Enter C2E050FF as the PAR code.

Get Illumina or Ragnarok after battle
Enter C2DF0CCC as the PAR code.

Get gold
Enter C2DDE8CC as the PAR Code.

Walk through walls anywhere
Just enter C0D04FFF as the PAR code in your SNES emulator or if you have the PAR replay gameshark device.

Sprint Shoes
Just enter C0CE2E00 as the PAR code in your SNES emulator.

Instant Airship
Just enter C0C8340C as a pro action replay code in your emulators menu (SNES9X).


Hint: Learning spells:
Once the airship is obtained from Setzer,in the World Of Balance, go to a small triangular island and start a fight. Eventually a invisible creature called Intangir will be encountered. Cast Doom on the Intangir and he will use his final meateo attack on a single character, taking about 900-1200 HP. After he is defeated, 10 esper points will be awarded. Which is a good way to learn spells for your characters.

Hint: Healing with Doom:
You must have the Relic Ring to do this trick. Have one of your party members equip the Relic Ring. When you cast the Doom on the person wearing the Relic Ring, it will heal your entire party to full health. This trick is especially useful when you are fighting a Boss and are running low on HP.

Hint: Best spell:
The best spell is Vanish and Doom. If you use Vanish then Doom on 95% or more of the monsters, they will perish. Note: This is the easiest way to kill Kefka at the end of the game.

Hint: Random hat replacement:
Un-equip the hat of the character you like the most. Sell all other hats you have. Then, go to the hatless character's equipment screen and select "Optimum". Sometimes a random item (usually a Genji Glove) will be equipped as a hat, and boosts defense up to 255.

Hint: Getting another Genji Glove:
You can get another Genji Glove during your stay at Banon's Hideout. When Terra talks to Banon alone, he will ask you to be their hope, light, etc. Answer "No". Return outside and he will ask you again. Answer "No" again. You will do this three times, and Terra will come inside and ask how anybody could depend on her. Then a wounded soldier will come in. When you leave, instead of getting the gauntlet, you will receive the Genji Glove.

Hint: Unlimited Genji Gloves:
Place Locke in the party and go to the floating continent in the World Of Balance. Note: The floating continent can only be reached in the World Of Balance after taking Terra to the sealed cave, and before the world changes. Steal from the dragon monster that appears. Most of time, only a potion will be obtained, but eventually a Genji Glove will be taken. Repeat this process to collect as many Genji Gloves as needed.

Hint: Unlimited Muscle Belts:
Muscle Belts will double your maximum HP. Go to ZoZo mountain and the giant green monster that is similar to the monster was first fought when you arrived in ZoZo. It resembles an overgrown humans. Have Locke in your party with the Thief Glove relic equipped and can steal a Muscle Belt from it. Note: This takes some time, as most of the time you will only steal potions.

Hint: Unlimited Exp. Eggs:
Go to the small island in the World Of Ruin above the town where you get Strago and Relm. Use the Ragnarock Esper on a monster called Harpy to turn it into an exp. Egg.

In the World Of Ruin, go to Narshe with Locke and Edgar included in your party. Go to the weapon shop and talk to the old man. He will ask if you want the Ragnarok Sword or Esper. Choose the Esper and equip it. Then, fly to Eboshi Rock (on the small island north of Thamasa where you get Strago and Relm). Do not go into the cave. Instead, walk around until you fight a monster called Harpy. Have Edgar use the Noise Blaster on Harpy to confuse it, making it vulnerable to any fatal attack. Then, have whoever is equipped with the Ragnarok Esper use it on the Harpy. The message "Metamorphosis Better Off Exp. Egg" will appear, then the Harpy will die. Check your inventory and the Exp. Egg should be there. Note: If you do not use the Noise Blaster, the Ragnarok Esper will miss Harpy most of the time.

Hint: Unlimited Magicite:
Go to the Coliseum, then bet a Phoenix Down. You will have to fight a Cactuar. Make sure you equip yourself with Atma Weapon and you will defeat it easily. Everytime you win, you get a Magicite. Repeat the process to get as many as needed.

Hint: Cheap Saraphim Magicite:
If you do not buy Saraphim in Tzen before the world changes, you can buy it afterwards from the same man for only 10 gil.

Hint: Increase speed with Odin Magicite:
After acquiring the Odin Magicite, instead of immediately transforming it into Raiden, keep it with you as is. Not only will you be able to learn Quick without having to kill all the dragons, but the character equipped with Odin will receive +1 Speed every time he or she levels up.

Hint: Unlimited items:
Go to the island were you fight The Zone Eater. Allow it engulf the entire party. Go to the end of the cave to find a character named Gogo. He has a move called Mimic. He will copy anything used before him. You can also give him any other command besides Throw.

Hint: Finding the Magicite Palidor:
In the World Of Ruin, get off the island you start out on. Find Sabin, Edgar, and Setzer. Then, fly the airship to the abandoned island you started out on. Go to the beach, and you should find the Magicite Palidor washed up on shore.

Hint: Moogle Charm:
To get the Moogle Charm, you must be in the Second World. Go to Narshe and enter deep into the caves where the Moogles used to live at the start of the game. There will only be one remaining. Talk to him and he will join your party. Press A where he was previously standing to get the Moogle Charm. The Moogle Charm will prevent random battles.

Hint: Ultima Spell:
Get the Cursed Shield and the Rangnarok Sword (not the Esper). Break the spell on the Cursed Shield to learn the Ultima spell faster than by the Esper. Then, go to the coliseum and bet Ragnarok Sword. You will get a new sword. Try it out, and if it is not stronger go back and bet it. Do this repeatedly and you will eventually get a sword stronger than the Atma weapon.

Hint: Alternate Chainsaw:
If you discarded or sold your Chainsaw, you can get another one. Go to Kefka's Tower in the World Of Ruin and fight a Dueller (can be found in room with glass tubes). Keep stealing from it, and you may get a Chainsaw.

Hint: Alternate Air Anchor:
To get a second Air Anchor, you can initiate a system of trades in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum as follows. Tabby Suit for a Chocobo Suit. Chocobo Suit for a Moogle Suit. Moogle Suit for a Nutkin Suit. Nutkin Suit for a Air Anchor.

Hint: Unlimited Tintinabars:
You must be in the World Of Ruin have the Ragnarock Esper. Go to ZoZo mountain and use Ragnarock Esper on a monster called Spec-tor to get a Tintabar.

Hint: Get another Tintinabar:
Another Tintinabar can be obtained in the world of Balance. Once getting the Airship and at least 3000 GP to spare, fly to Mobliz and read the letter from Lola to the soldier. Then, send one for him to Maranda. Fly there and talk to Lola. Fly back to Mobliz, stay at the inn, and another letter should arrive. Continue to do this, eventually send a letter, a record, some tonic, another letter, and a Book. After sending the book, sleep in the inn one more time, then talk to the soldier. He will thank you for sending all the items in his name and give your character another Tintinabar.

Hint: Mithril Shield and Pike:
When you are protecting Terra with Locke and the Moogles, switch to the party with Mog in it. Get in your inventory screen and select "Equip" with Mog. He is wearing a Mithril Shield and a Mithril Pike. Unequip them, and at the end of the battles Locke and Terra will have the shield and pike with them.

Hint: Getting Ragnarok Sword and Esper:
In order to get the Ragnarok Sword and the Esper, simply choose the Esper when the man in Narshe in the World Of Ruin asks you. Then, if you want to beat Kefka easily, have Locke in you party when fight Kefka after going through his temple. When he makes you fight the three sub-Bosses after you talk with him, have Locke steal from the giant head on the third sub-Boss to get the Ragnarok Sword. This is a good way to teach your characters Ultima, and to easily beat Kefka -- have Shadow throw the Ragnarok Sword at Kefka in the final battle.

Hint: Getting Edgar's Bio Blaster and Noise Blaster in Figaro Castle cheaply:
After talking to Edgar with Locke in the beginning, go to the room with the Chancellor. Then go to the right (on the wall), then go south until the wall moves over more to the right. Move over more to the right (when the wall expands) and go north through a door. Talk to a man at that location to buy cheap Bio and Noise Blasters. The same thing can be done on the left side to find cheap items.

Hint: Getting Edgar's Drill and Flash:
When you get Edgar in the world of ruins, go to Figaro Castle. Keep moving north until reaching the room with the Chancellor. When first entering the room, go three steps north, then all the way to the right. Go north again to arrive at a door. Enter and talk to the man. After a a short conversation, Edgar's drill, flash, and one other tool can be bought.

Hint: Getting Edgar's Chainsaw:
Place Edgar in the party and enter the World Of Balance when looking for Terra in Zozo. Move all the way to the left and up to a man who says "This town is too dangerous". Enter the nearby door approach the clock. Enter the time as 6:10:50. The wall will move, allowing access to Edgar's most powerful tool, the chainsaw.

Hint: Getting Edgar's Air Anchor:
Go to the Kefka Tower in the World Of Ruins. Climb to the very top, defeat the Magimaster and get the gem box. Get down (an easy way is to give MOG the Moogle Charm relic which prevents random battles) and leave the tower. Save the game, then re-enter the tower. Walk inside, then go up the stairs. Enter the first door and move to the right of the chest. Press A, then leave and go down one flight of stairs to the door which just was enabled beside the chest. Edgar's Air Anchor tool is found at this location.

Hint: Getting the Excalibur sword:
Wait for the Boss "Goddess" to drop this sword.

Hint: Getting the Illumina sword:
To get the Illumina sword, bet the Ragnarok sword in the Coliseum and win the battle.

Hint: Getting Mog earlier:
To get Mog in the original world (before the events of the Floating Continent play out), complete the raid on the Magitek Research Facility and return to Terra in Zozo. After this, go to Narshe and talk to the elder. He will ask Terra to open the gate to the land of the Espers. Before you leave Narshe, go to the treasure house in the east of the city, by the house you woke up in after your magitek Armor was destroyed by the Esper. A man named the Lone Wolf will be there, and has taken the item in the locked chest. Chase him through the mines and you will eventually end up by the cliff near where you fought Kefka's army, and where Terra flew off. He will now have Mog hostage. Wait a little while and Mog will break free. He and Lone Wolf will fall on opposite sides of the cliff. Talk to Lone Wolf and you will receive the item, a gold hairpin that halves MP use; or talk to Mog and he will join your party. You can still get Mog in the Moogle Cave in the World Of Ruin if you took the hairpin. This is also where Mog rejoins your party in the World Of Ruin.

Hint: Getting Mog's Water Dance:
The only chance to get Mog's Water Dance is to get him before the world changes. Have him fight a battle in either the river where you first fight Ultros or the under water trench that Sabin, Cyan, and Gau take in Crescent Mountain (located to the south of the Veldt). Crescent Mountain is faster, because after arriving at the port town you can ride a Chocobo to the waterfall (the landslide is now clear). Then, cross the Veldt to the airship. The river requires you to go through Mt. Kolt.

Hint: Getting Sabin's Bum Rush:
Have Sabin in your party and take off in the airship in the World Of Ruin. Go near the Narshe, and search for five trees forming a plus sign like this:
    T    T    T
Land nearby and walk into the middle tree to find Sabin's old sensei (who he thought was dead). The teacher will teach Sabin the Bum Rush, an extremely strong, single person attack.

Hint: Sabin's easy blitzes:
Aurabolt: Press Down(2), Forward.
Dance: Press Forward(2), Down(2), Back.
Bum Rush: Press Forward(2), Up(2), Back(2), Down(2), Forward.

It is rather difficult to individually press the buttons for attacks such as the Bum Rush. Instead of pressing them individually, press Down at the starting point and just move your finger for the move combo without lifting it. This allows you to get diagonal directions for the moves without making a mistake.

Hint: Getting Shadow in the World of Ruin:
When escaping the floating continent in the World of Balance, you have to go to the east side of the island. You will see the airship and will be prompted to "Jump" or "Wait". Select "Wait", then select "Wait for Shadow" a second time with five seconds left. Shadow will appear and you will automatically leave the island. You can also find him in the World of Ruin in the Cave in the Veldt. You them have to go to the Coliseum and bet the Striker to get him to join your party permanently.

If you get Shadow back in the World Of Ruin, put him into your party and go to an inn. Eventually, Shadow will have a dream about his past. There are four different dreams, explaining how he became an assassin.

After you get the second airship, fly to the middle of the Veldt to the Cave on the Veldt (first go to the area of trees where Dunkin will teach you Bum Rush). When you go in, have Edgar, Gau, Leo, and Sabin with you. Make sure you save the game -- you will have to fight two Super Behomoths in order to save Shadow. Once you are in Relms town, leave and go to the Coliseum. Bet for the Slicer (you should have it after saving Shadow) and you will fight Shadow. He will join your team after you defeat him.

Hint: Keeping Shadow longer:
Shadow will normally run away from your party immediately before you face Dadaluma in Zozo (World Of Balance) . You can stop him from leaving by killing him (with your characters or monsters) just before you jump to Dadaluma's building. Do not revive him until during your fight with Dadaluma. He will stay for the fight and entire Terra scene, then leave you when the team decides to head to Vector.

Hint: Getting the Offering Relic:
In the world of Ruin, after you find Sabin, Edward, Setzer, and get the new Airship, return to Figaro Castle (the castle you just fought the Tentacles to Re surface.) Go to the man who operates the Engine to travel to South Figaro. Talk to him and select "Go to South Figaro". Wait a few seconds. About a quarter of the way through, you will be back to the man and he'll say "There's something odd about this Stratum... It's as if we've bumped into something..". Select "Stop And Explore". Go back up the stairs you came through, then down the ones opposite of the entry room, into the Prison. Enter the far right cell, and through the back. Make your way through the cave and find the Underground Castle. If this is the first time you have been here, a short intermission sequence will explain that it was a castle destroyed in the war of Magi. Approach the entry stairs, but do not go up. Instead, go to the left a few steps, then up through either of the two arches. There should be one chest. Heal and open it. It will be a Monster-In-A-Box. When you defeat it, you will receive the Offering Relic. This Relic Allows you to strike multiple enemies four times. If you want to do massive damage, equip this Relic combined with the Genji Glove, for eight strikes per Fight command.

Hint: Getting the Paladin Shield:
Get the Cursed Shield from the man in the relic shop in Narshe. Equip the Cursed Shield and a Ribbon on Locke (so the effects of the Cursed Shield are negated). Fight 255 battles with Locke in your party. After the 255th battle, a message stating the Cursed Shield has transformed will appear. The Curse Shield is now the Paladin Shield and will boost all of your normal and magic defenses. Note: When trying to get the shield, fight the enemies on the island where you first started in the World of Ruin.

Hint: Getting the Rename card:
Go to the island on Upeerof Veld's Island. Go to the forest and fight with the Brontosaur and get the Cat Hood. Go to the coliseum. Bet the Cat Hood and win ???????????? (as appears in the game). Bet the Relic and fight against Hoover to win the Rename Card.

Hint: Getting the Marvel Shoes:
There is an extremely helpful relic called the Marvel Shoes. To obtain them, bet an Elixir at the Coliseum. If you win that battle, you will get a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card and win the fight to obtain the Marvel Shoes. The Marvel Shoes cast Safe, Haste, Shell, Float, and Regen on your character at the start of a battle.

Hint: Getting the Economizer:
Either wait for a Brachosaur to drop one or bet the Gem box at the Coliseum. The Economizer cuts every spell used to only consume 1 MP.

Hint: Get a Thunder Rod early in the game:
When you go through the caves with Terra the first time (after losing your Magi-Tek Armor while communicating with the Esper), there will be a chest with a Fenix Down in it. Instead of taking it, leave and continue. Later, when Locke and Celes are fleeing through those same tunnels, go to the chest that was skipped to receive a Thunder Rod instead of the Fenix Down. Use it as an item to cast Bolt 2.

Hint: Getting Celes:
Go to the house besides the Bird Shop, then go upstairs to the room with the draft. Go behind the bookshelf and keep moving left. You will see stairs that go down. Walk down to find three bookshelves. Go to the right until you reach a wall. Answer "Yes" to the question, then go down and press A when you get to the first door. You will then see Celes.

Hint: Getting: Sraphim:
After the floating continent rises in the World of Balance, go to Albrook. There will be a an old man that you should talk to. He will tell you that someone tried to sell him a glowing stone and that person is now at Tzen. After talking to the man, go to Tzen. In the far right group of trees, there will be a hidden person, walking around. Talk to him and he will say some things about the Espers and the empire. Afterwards, he will ask you if you want to buy the glowing stone he is selling for 3,000 GP. The glowing stone is an Esper named Sraphim. Buy it. It is very valuable to your team because it has some new abilities to learn and will help you throughout your journey.

Hint: Getting Raiden:
After getting the Odin Esper in the underground castle (Take the Figaro Castle Trip after getting the second airship stop and explore. Go upstairs and down the other set. Enter the open prison cell and go through the cave.), go to the right throne. Walk down five steps and press A. Go into the room to the right and go down the stairs. Kill the dragon that is found there with the Vanish, Doom technique. Go up to the statue of Celes and press A. The message "Odin has gained a level revived Raiden" will appear. Raiden teaches Quick, which has the same effect as the Gem Box (lets you to cast two magic spells a turn).

Hint: Getting Ribbon:
The Ribbon is a treasure in the Phoenix Cave. You need the Ribbon to negate the effects of the Cursed shield when using it in battle.

Hint: Ghost on Doom Train:
On the Doom Train, go to the right at the beginning where you get on. There will be a ghost floating around. Talk to him. Sabin will say "Looks like he wants to come with us", and the options "Sure" and "No Way" will appear. Choose "Sure" and you will get ???? in your party, He can use Posses. It kills him, but the enemy also dies. You can then return to where you first found him and get him again.

Hint: Easy Air Blade:
Press Up(2), Left(2), Down(2), Forward.

Hint: Easy experience:
Save the game in the World Of Ruin while you have only Celes. Then continue without saving until you are able to fight the dinosaurs. Level only Celes up to level 99 then die. You should be left where you saved with just Celes at level 99. From here all characters you meet will be at level 99.

In the World of Balance, take Celes to the cave near Thasama. Cast Vanish on her and she will now be invincible to the monsters inside the cave. You then can kill the Adamanchts with only magic (physical attacks result in being sneezed away). Equip Double Earrings for stronger magic. When you are low on MP take your airship to Thasama for a 1 GP inn. Repeat the process until Celes is at level 99. Then, all the other members will be at 99 as well in the World of Ruin.

Hint: Defeating Kefka easily:
When facing Kefka, throw the Ragnarok sword (or perhaps the Illumina sword or Atma weapon). A "too much to count" message will appear at the bottom of the screen and Kefka will automatically die.

At the last battle with Kefka, make sure you have Shadow in your party. During the battle with Kefka, make sure he stays alive long enough to throw the Atma Weapon. When he throws the Atma Weapon at Kefka, it will instantly kill him. This is the easiest way to defeat the last Boss.

Hint: Defeating the Magi Master:
Use the following trick to defeat the Magi Master at the top of Kefka's tower easily. Equip everyone in your party with a Wall Ring and just stand there. His elemental makeup does not change unless you attack him. His spells will just bounce off your party and zap him well. If your party members do not have enough HP to survive his final Ultima attack (about 7,000 HP), then cast Life3 on your party.

When you fight the Magi Master atop Kefka's tower, use Berserk on him so he does not use any magic or use Wall Change. Then, use Rasp and Osmose to take away all of his MP so he cannot use Ultima. When all his MP is depleted, he will die. Note: This requires a very long time.

In The World Of Ruin, take the four characters with the highest magic power and place them in your party. Relm, Terra, and Celes as three of the four are recommended, as they have the highest magic power. The Magi Master will cast Ultima just before he dies and it will do about 5,000 to 7,000 damage; make sure you have at least one person with enough HP to survive the end of the battle. Make sure you equip all four members of your party with the Wall Ring relic. This will cast a permanent Reflect on them, bouncing away most magic attacks thrown at you. Begin to climb the tower. This should be easy with the Wall Ring relic. Once you get to the top and get the Gem Box, do not bother equipping it, as you will not need it for the battle. The Gem Box changes Magic into XMagic which enables you to cast two magic spells instead of one. At the beginning of the battle do not command any of your people to attack. Just wait there because the Magi Master will continuously attempt to attack with attacks like Bolt, Ice, and Fire 3 (and sometimes Doom, Bio and other spells). However, it will all bounce off of you and hit him. He will eventually kill himself and you will not have to do anything except stand there and wait.

Hint: Another Atma Weapon:
It is possible to get another Atma Weapon during the final set of battles. When battling the warrior with a woman's head above and behind him (just before god Kefka), steal from the woman's head. You should now be able to equip another Atma Weapon to a character.

Hint: Defeating Atma Weapon:
The easiest way to kill Atma Weapon on the Floating Continent is to use Vanish followed by Doom. It is an instant kill, and you will get all the experience and gil.

Hint: Boss battle strategy:
When fighting any tough Bosses or dragons, cast "Vanish" followed by "Doom" while still invisible. If done correctly, the Boss will automatically die. Note: Some Bosses will counterattack before dying.

An easy way to kill most bosses, including all the dragons, is done with this simple trick. First you have to cast Vanish on your enemy, then cast Doom or X-Zone. If you do not have Doom or X-Zone, use Mog's Dusk Requiem Dance until he uses Snare.

When fighting enemies that you cannot Vanish and Doom on, just use Reflect followed by Vanish on yourself. The Vanish will protect you from power attacks and Reflect will protect you from magic attacks. Note: You must use Reflect first -- Vanish will not get reflected.

Hint: Defeating Doomgaze:
Some a character a Gembox, use X-Magic, Fire 3 twice, then use Bumrush. Cure if needed, otherwise use Fire 3. Repeat this every time you see him (9999 a hit). He can be defeated after five to ten turns.

Hint: Finding Gogo:
To find Gogo, go to Triangle Island in the northeast of the map. Keep fighting until reaching the Zone Eater. Allow him to suck the party in to enter a cave. Go through the cave to find Gogo.

Hint: Give Gogo any commands:
Go to Gogo's status screen. Look at his commands. You will see Mimic and three empty slots below it. Choose one of the empty slots and a list of all of the commands from the other characters you have will appear. Choose the one you want, then do the same with the other two slots. For example, you can have Mimic, Blitz, Tools, and Swordtech all at the same time, if desired.

Hint: Strago DC:
Strago DC is the one of the most helpful people in the game. If you manage to find the Heal Rod, you can hit you own party members and heal them. It is as effective as a Cure 2 spell, or better. As Strago gets stronger, so does the attack power, and it will heal more. This is useful in the fights against Atma Weapon, final form Kefka, and all other Bosses before him. The Heal Rod is effective, but do not attack monsters with it. Also, depending on Strago's level, the rod can heal from 300 to 2,000.

Hint: Finding Umaro:
To find Umaro, go to where Mog was saved. The frozen Esper will be at that location. Win the battle and a hole will open. Jump down the hole and work through the cave. After reaching the end, a Skull Statue will be found. Examine it and take the Terrato Magicite. Umaro will appear and begin a battle. Defeat him and he will join the party.

Hint: Stronger Umaro:
Note: A lot of money is required for this trick. Buy 99 Green Cherries. During a battle in the World Of Ruin, have Umaro in your party. Use some Green Cherries on Umaro and he will become stronger without having to level up.

Hint: Better items:
In the caves of Narshe and Figaro (the one where Locke and Celes fight Tunnel Armor and connects Figaro Castle to Figaro Village), instead of grabbing the items in the chests when you first go through the area, come back later. For example, after the world has changed or earlier. They will have different items that are better than the originals.

Hint: Defeating the Magi Tower Boss:
After defeating the Atma Weapon the first time, cast Life 3 on everyone, have them all holding a Wall Ring as one of their relics (helps through the entire level), and have someone Berserk the Boss. After that he will only use regular attacks and will not change his weakness. Once defeated, he will use Ultima, the most powerful magic attack in the entire game, and it will most likely kill you.

Hint: Defeating Phantom Train:
To defeat the Phantom Train, simply use a Phoenix Down on it. If it works, he should flash and explode like any other Boss.

Hint: High number of EXP and MP per battle:
Go to the desert south of Maranda in the World of Ruin and fight Cactrots and Hovers on the west "island". Cactrot is not worth any EXP, but gives 20 MP and 10,000 GP. Hoover is worth up to 7000 EXP, 5 MP and 10,000 GP. Note: You can kill Hovers easily without its Sand Storm attack by casting Doom unit it dies.

When you have your airship and Doom in the World of Balance, go to Triangle Island. This is where you fight the Zone-Eater in the World of Ruin. And walk around until you battle a Behemoth. It should be invisible. Cast Doom instantly; if not, you will have a tough battle and get killed. After defeating it, most of the time you will get over 10,000 EXP, but at times get up to 999,999 EXP. Try going to the airship and put one person in your party. Make sure he has Doom, and fight Behemoth.

Hint: Easy MP:
In the World Of Ruin, go to Keftka's treasure tower that you can only cast magic in and not fight. Equip all your party members with Wall Rings and Gold Hairpins. Go to the room at the top of the tower where you got the Gem Box. Keep getting into battles in there. You will get between 5 to 9 MP per battle. A good number of the battles will be against Magic Urns that will heal you instead of hurt you. When you fight ''lvl 50 Magics", cast Life on them and they will die. When you fight "lvl 90 Magics" they also have Reflect on them. Cast Ultima on him or Fire3 on yourself for easy points. It is recommended that you be above level 30.

Hint: Large damage:
Get two Atma weapons. Equip the Genji Glove and Offering Relic, and then the two Atma weapons. The character that is equipped with this set up will do 9,999 damage eight times. Note: Your character must be at level 99 for this trick to work.

Hint: Easy levels:
Note: This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. After boarding the raft at the Returners hideout, surf along until reaching the first save point. Go into the "Config" screen from the menu and select "Memory". Set Edgar to "AutoCrossbow", Banon to "Health", and the other two to "Attack". Enable the turbo feature and keep it on for a few hours. In a few hours you should be at level 30-35. It takes awhile to get to level 99, but it is the easiest way at that point in the game.

Hint: Stat bonus when leveling up:
Have the character equipped with a Hyper Wrist and an Esper that bestows +2 to Vigor every time a level is gained. The permanent gain will actually be +3. This trick seems to work for all characters.

Hint: Early experience:
Fight all the battles you can at the start of the game to gain experience for the tougher battles that happen later. You can save, then use a tent. If you die and the game ends, you will start out with the same experience you had previously, plus you can aso use the tent again. Do not try to set any records by trying to die the least amount of times. It will only make things harder though the game.

Yet another way to gain more experience points early is in the World of Balance. Ignore almost all of the "Supporting Actors" (Vicks and Wedge, The Moogles, and The Phantom Train Friendly Ghosts). It is highly recommended, however, that you do not do this trick with Banon or General Leo. The less characters that you have in your party, the more experience points that those characters will then receive from battles. With Vicks and Wedge, kill them off yourself at the beginning of the game. Terra will then receive all of those experience points for the first few battles herself, since Vicks and Wedge are gone by the Tritoch Esper. With the Moogles, first unequip Mog of his Mythril Shield and Mythril Pike, then have he and his group enter the first battle. Then, kill his companions and have him end that battle himself. Mog will then receive all of those experience points for that battle himself and his first dance. Locke and his group should take on the rest of those next few battles. First, kill off his companions in his group and he will then receive all of those experience points for those next few battles. We never again get to battle with the rest of those Moogles anyway. Completely ignore that other extra fighting group of Moogles there. Do not bother picking up any of those Phantom Train Friendly Ghosts, allowing Sabin, Cyan, and/or Shadow to receive all of those experience points for those next few battles themselves. Those ghosts just go back into the train when your party gets close to the front of that train.

Hint: Getting high spell levels:
First, you must be in the World Of Ruin and have the airship. Take the desired character with a party of three others to the small desert that is near Maranda and the Colosseum. Fight in the desert to engage Cactrots -- use nearly any magic to kill them easily and gain 10 Magic Points. Using the Tritoch Esper, allow the desired character to learn Fire 3. Once they have, fly the airship to the island where Doma Castle is located. In the grassy areas on that island you encounter will groups of four TumbleWeeds. Equip the desired character with the two EXP Eggs you should have found prior and engage the TumbleWeeds. Use Fire 3 on all of them to kill them in one move and receive an absurd amount of experience (about 65,530 per fight). You will easily gain one or two levels per fight until you are past level 70, and you can continue this easily. A crucial stat-building element is to make sure that you equip the character with an Esper that boosts a stat that you want them to gain per level, such as Str +2 per level. At Level 99, you will have a ridiculously strong character. You can continue this method with every character, easily allowing them to achieve the highest levels. You can continue to fight the Cactrots as well to learn spells at an exceedingly rapid rate. With the level 99 Character with all of the strength and damage boosts, who can wield swords effectively, such as Celes, give her the Offering, Genji Glove, an Atma Weapon, and Excalibur. She will strike eight times, doing 9,999 each time. If you are frivolous enough you can try to steal an additional Atma Weapon from the female target on the third tier of the Final Battle and equip it before fighting Kefka. As Kefka has only 65,000 HP, by using the method above you can defeat him in a single "Fight" command. On the same note, you can also be exceedingly cheap by leveling up a character such as Terra, and giving her an Esper that offers Mag. Pwr. boosts per every level. Find an Economizer from the Brachiosaurs in the forest alongside the Crazy Guy's house. Equip Terra with the Economizer and Gembox and make sure she knows the spells Ultima and Quick. When fighting any enemy, have her cast Quick on herself, then Ultima; then Ultima twice more. Then on her move following immediately afterwards, use Quick and Ultima again. By using this method you can give Terra infinite moves to cast the most damaging spell in the game at only 1 MP.

Hint: Quick MP:
After getting the airship, go to Triangle Island and battle a creature called Intangir. Have Gau in your party and make sure he has learned Rhodox in the Veldt. Fight Intangir and use Gau's Rage. Use Rhodox, he will use Snare, and Intangir will not attack. If you have Mog he can do the same thing if he has learned Dusk Requiem.

After the Espers hit Vector and the Airship regroup, go back to the Esper Cave and gain your level to 99. It will help you learn your magic skills faster.

Hint: More prizes from Emperor Geshtal:
When your first airship is downed for the first time and you have to go to Vector to feast with Emperor Geshtal, he will ask you to talk to as many people as possible. Do this, and when you begin to feast again, he will ask you some questions which require you to choose from three possible answers. For example, Geshtal will ask you to make a toast to someone: The Empire, the Returners (the group Locke represents), or no one. The obvious choice would be Returners, but if you make him happy by selecting The Empire, as well as giving him answers that make him happy with all the other questions, you will get more prizes. This is especially true for when he asks you to go to Albrook with him. Agree with him the first time to get more prizes, which a guard will give you later. The prizes are useful.

Hint: Elixirs:
Press A in front of a clock. About 90% of the time, you will find an Elixir.

After talking to enough soldiers in Vector, go to Imperial Base and enter the house. In the basement, go to the very bottom right. There will be another chest with an Elixir at this location.

In the World of Ruin, after you get the airship and Locke, return to the very first island that you started from. Steal from monsters called "Poppers." They will always give you Elixirs.

Hint: Desperation attack:
To use a desperation attack, make sure your character is kneeling or almost dead as well has having a status change. Chose to attack on your next turn and the character should use their desperation attack.

Hint: Two Shadows on the Floating Continent:
As soon as you arrive to the Floating Continent, ignore Shadow and continue to move ahead find the statues. Fight and defeat Atma Weapon. Make your way back to the beginning where Shadow should still lying down. Do not touch the save point at the beginning of the island, because Shadow will disappear. Talk to Shadow and he will join you. Return back to the statues. After Kefka kills the Emperor and hits Celes, another Shadow will appear and traps Kefka in the statues while your party, including the first Shadow, will still be there wounded. Note: This trick works best when Shadow is the leader of the party.

Hint: Teleportation star at end of Phoenix Cave:
In the World of Ruin, at the end of the Phoenix Cave is a red star to the right of the screen while you are talking to Locke. This star is just a teleport.

Hint: Mine cart ride in Vector:
Choosing the correct lead character for the party in this game usually results in unexpected different outcomes with the events in this game. For example, choosing from Sabin, Cyan, Shadow, and/or the Ghosts to sit at the dining car's meal table on the Phantom Train will result in different reactions. If you choose Sabin to lead the party, instead of Edgar or Locke, before talking to Cid there and him pushing your party into the mine cart to escape, you will then fight both types of Mag Roaders along that ride instead of just the main type. This is most useful if you actually intend to get all of the Rages in this game for Gau.

Hint: Double experience with the Experience Egg:
Trade a Tintabar at the Coliseum. If you do not have one then you will have to go through the cycle to obtain one. (Bet an Elixir to get a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card to get the Marvel Shoes. Then bet the Marvel Shoes and you should get a Tintabar. If you do not get the Tintabar after the Marvel Shoes then just keep betting the item you get until you get the Tintabar) After trading the Tintabar, you will get the Experience Egg. The Experience Egg will double the experience the wearer earns and allows for quick level ups.

Hint: Nearly invincible equip combination:
Find any equip combo that raises a characters Magic Block % to over 100%. The best combo is to use the Illumina Sword, Bard's Hat, Force Armor, Paladin Shield, and any relics to increase Magic Block %. Get the Illumina by getting the Ragnarok sword instead of the Esper from the man in Narshe in the World Of Ruin. Then, bet the Ragnarok at the Coliseum. Note: Save the game beforehand, as it is a tough battle. Get the Paladin Shield by equipping the Cursed Shield and fighting 255 battles. This is easier if you equip the Ribbon to neutralize the effects of the Cursed Shield. Once the % is raised over 100%, any other things to boost the percentage has no additional effect. Equip whatever is desired rather than worrying about Magic Block %. Edgar is a good choice for this, but you can use whoever desired. Once raised over 100%, the character will block nearly every attack except for unfocused magic attacks (for example, Ultima). This makes him or her one of the strongest characters in the game and very useful for Coliseum battles.

Hint: Good experience area:
To get some good experience, head to the top east continent. There is a stretch of mountains iin the eastern part . Directly to the west of that is a batch of trees. You will fight one or two T-Rex monsters there. They will result good experience, but watch out for their Meteor spell. The best way to defeat them is to cast Vanish followed by X-Zone. You will also fight other monsters that resembles long necked dinosaurs. Try to steal from them to get a good item. They are also difficult to defeat. Equip the Experience Egg on each of your party members to allow them to obtain many experience points.

Hint: Hidden intermission sequence:
In the World of Balance, immediately after getting Sabin to join your party for the first time and after you have left Mt. Kolts, go right into the Returners Hideout and talk to the guard standing directly in your way. As soon as he and your party have really stopped moving there, go directly back to that exit of Mt. Kolts. Upon reentering that area, you will immediately notice an Imperial soldier standing next to one of those Magitek armor suits. Once you talk to him there, he will notice that you are actually Returners. He will jump into the Magitek armor suit and chase you in that armor out of that area, back towards the Returners Hideout. This is basically an extra scene. You then can note two other things about this intermission sequence. First, that you definitely cannot get back through Mt. Kolts, back to South Figaro at all now; and second, that what is indicated later in the Returners Hideout about the Empire finding out about them there was obviously, true.

Hint: Save item and magic use at the Coliseum:
Choose Gogo and equip him with the Genji Glove and Offering. Set all his commands to fight. He will strike eight attacks every turn

Hint: Coliseum items:
You can get the following items in the World Of Ruin, at the Coliseum.
Aegis Shield for a Tortoise Shield
Air Anchor for a Zyper Cape
Assassin for a Sword Breaker
Aura for a Strato
Behemoth Suit for a Snow Muffler
Bone Club for a Red Jacket
Cat Hood for a ?????
Chocobo Suit for a Moogle Suit
Coronet for a Regal Crown
Crystal for a Enhancer
Curse Ring for a Air Anchor
Curse Shield for a Cursed Ring
Czarina Gown for a Minerva
Doom Darts for a Bone Club
Dragon Horn for a Gold Hairpin (and vice versa)
Exp Egg for a Tintobar (and vice versa)
Falcion for a Flame Shield
Fire Knuckle for a Fire Knuckle
Flame Shield for a Ice Shield (and vice versa)
Force Armor for a Force Armor
Force Shield for a Thornlet
Gauntlet for a Thunder Shield
Genji Armor for a Air Anchor
Genji Shield for a Thunder Shield (and vice versa)
Heal Rod for a Magus Rod
Imp Armor for a Tortoise Shield
Imp Halberd for a Cat Hood
Magus Rod for a Strato
Memento Ring for a Memento Ring
Mirage Vest for a Red Jacket
Moogle Suit for a Nutkin Suit
Moogle Charm for a Charm Bangle
Murasame for a Aura
Ninja Star for a Tack Star
Nutkin Suit for a Genji Armor
Orge Nix for a Soul Sabre
Punisher for a Gravity Rod
Rage Ring for a Blizzard Orb (and vice versa)
Red Cap for a Coronet
Red Jacket for a Red Jacket
Rising Sun for a Bone Club
Saftey Bit for a Dragon Horn
Sneak Ring for a Thief Glove
Soul Saber for a Falcion
Striker (after you have Shadow) for a ?????
Strato for a Pearl Lance
Stunner for a Strato
Tabby Suit for a Chocobo Suit
Tack Star for a Rising Sun
Thief Glove for a Dirk
Thornlet for a Mirage Vest
Thunder, Blizzard, Flame Blade for an Orge Nix
Titanium for a Cathood
Tortoise Shield for a Titanium
Trump for a Trump
Valiantknife for an Assassin
Wing Edge for a Stunner

Glitch: Unusual items:
Have Relm and Gau in your party and go to the Veldt. Have Gau leap an enemy and wait for him to come back. When he reappears, but before he talks, have Relm sketch him. Most of the time it will miss, but after a while it should cause a glitch. If the game has not frozen, return into the item and equip menus and to find that your party will be equipped with items. The items list will also contain have an unusual list of items, some of which may be up to 255 in number. Caution: This glitch may scramble your saved games.

Have Realm in your party in the triangle island where you find GoGo. Fight the ZoneEater and sketch it. If you happen to see her move the brush but no picture and no miss, then a picture of Ultros comes out and the game will start glitching. Make sure to have a Smokebomb when you do this so you can escape. Check in your item list and you will have Illumina, rows of Dirks and other rare items. You can still equip it, even If it has zero next to it. Note: This will glitch the game to the point where it may not be able to be completed.

Glitch: Non-functioning Leap command:
After getting the airship in the WOB/WOR, try to take GAU alone to the Veldt. The Leap command must appear, but when you select it, the message "Cannot Dive" will appear.

Glitch: The Gambler's Slot:
When you re trying to get 777 (Instant Win Battle), the last slot sometimes will skip 7, even if it was right on target.

Glitch: Relm comment:
When you get to Ultros in Creasent Mountain, use the Vanish/Doom tactic on him. Relm will say she did a great job when you did not even use her.

Glitch: Psycho Cyan:
At the start of battle, have Cyan perform the "Retort" SwordTech (or SwdTech 2), then have another party member cast the "Imp" spell on him. Next, kill Cyan by attacking him with a physical attack in one blow or several magic attacks. This is to not trigger Retort and cancel the process. After he is wounded, revive him with a Life spell or Fenix Down. After any character/enemy attacks, Cyan should automatically and continuously attack all enemies uninterrupted until they are all dead. Use this process to instantly defeat Bosses and tough enemies, including Kefka.

Glitch: Glitched graphics:
Have Relm sketch an invisible Itangir. If she sketches nothing but it does not miss, the game will glitch.

Glitch: Name remains on screen:
When you are fighting a Whisper or Shawdow Guy, wait until they damage 5 HP. Then, wait until the end of battle. The Whisper or Shawdow Guys name will still be there.

Glitch: Half a door:
This following trick can be done in the Normal World or the World Of Ruins. Go to the rich man's house in south Fargo. Go to the place where the clock moves over when you wind it up. Go into the door, but not all the way (just open it). Stand in the doorway. Go to the menu and change the first member of the party, then get out. You should have half the door over you.

Glitch: 9999 health and 999 MP:
Note: This trick requires the Zsnes emulator. Save your state in any save slot. Then, gain at least one level for all the characters in your party. After that, save your game by going to the save star, then load your state. Kill yourself to glitch the game and get 9999 health and 999 MP.

Glitch: Walk around dead:
Choose any character and go in to the coliseum. Lose a battle that is not against Chupon. Afterwards, open the menu and your character will be wounded. However, you will still be able to walk around. If you go into battle you will be annihilated instantly.